Top Ten Starter Pokemon Type Combinations

This list rates the top ten most unique, interesting, controversial, powerful, sensible, or classic Pokemon starter type combinations when the starters reach their final evolution stage. This list also includes the type of the final evolution or the mega evolution.
The Top Ten
1 Water and Ground - Swampert

I like Water and Ground because it is a very sensible type combination and it relates to real life. Water mixed with ground relates to bogs, marshes, or swamps. I actually named my first Mudkip "Boggy".

I tried to use him, but my rival's Grovyle keeps murdering me! I think he is badass, but his typing makes the rival battles hard. I did beat the game with him though and that was awesome.

This thing is just invincible in-game. Grass is so weak, especially in Hoenn. You teach him Ice beam and BOOM! You got an invincible starter! In-game only, or course.

They have one weakness

2 Fire and Psychic - Delphox

There are only two Pokemon that have this type combination, Delphox and Victini. It may not be a totally unique type combination, but I really do like the idea of it. There is one elemental type mixed with a mental type. This can create awesome designs and Pokemon that could have varied moves.

Delphox is my pokemon and is officalially DA BEST! To be fair,Blaziken is epic too but I think delphox is my favourite blaziken is meh second favorite!

Delphox for the win

3 Water and Steel - Empoleon

This type combination is interesting for two reasons. It is totally unique. Empoleon is the only Pokemon with this type. And it has the highest defense stat out of all of the starters mostly because of the Steel-type.

Empoleon s my favorite Pokemon and his type suits him really good

4 Fire and Dragon - Mega Charizard X

Mega Charizard X is awesome. Its type is good to. Dragon, weak to ice, fairy and steel, has all of its weakness nullified by its fire type. (I think fire resists steel, and even if it dosen't, you can burn the heck out steel types with a flamethrower). Dragon also nullifies fire's weakness to water, and gives it two 1/4 resistances. Though its only problom is ground types, which it is weak to, but teach Charizard Fly, and it will be immune to ground for a while.

This is an awesome Pokemon type combination because it is so classic. I have no idea why there are not more Pokemon besides Mega Charizard X and Reshiram that have this type. Why are there not more classic fire-breathing dragons?

5 Grass and Ground - Torterra

Strangely enough no Pokemon shares this type combination with Torterra. I find that surprising because Grass and Ground is such a logical type combination.

One problem: It has lower speed than most Fire, Flying, Ice, and Bug types.

Ground can beat pretty much everything grass CAN'T beat.

6 Water and Dark - Greninja

I like this one because it was a risky type to bestow on a starter Pokemon. Starter Pokemon are your very first Pokemon that most people keep in their party all the time and gain amazing friendships with. But Greninja is half Dark-type also known as the Evil-type in Japan which is strange for a Pokemon that you grow a strong bond with.

Water and Dark is an interesting type combination...

7 Grass and Dragon - Mega Sceptile

While not as glamorous or classic as a fire dragon, a grass dragon sounds pretty cool also. Plus, I just love the design of Mega Sceptile.

My 2 favorite types!

8 Grass and Poison - Venusaur

Even though it is common, You can slay the Dragon-Killer Fairy type, and Bulbasaur is a grass-poison in it's normal evolution!
(if you didn't understand that, I'm saying that bulbasaur is 2 types even though it's only the 1st form)

This type combination is different from any of the other ones on this list. It is actually a pretty common type. I have always liked it because it is so controversial, but it is used very often. That always interested me because there are not that many controversial types, but this one is the type of a starter.

9 Fire and Fighting - Blaziken, Infernape, Emboar

The best offensive combination of the starters. Pretty good STAB combination that hits 8 types for super effective damage. Plus, all fighting Pokemon have access to rock type moves for coverage, guaranteeing neutral coverage against all Pokemons in the game.

Blaziken's type combination was unique, original, and interesting. The reason why I don't really like this type is because Infernape and Emboar had the same type combination making it a little boring.

Emboar sucks though. None of its evolutions (Or itself for that matter) are cute at all. They're also useless and stupid. But Infernape is epic. Blaziken is OK I guess...

10 Fire and Flying - Charizard

I really don't know why I don't really like this type combination. It's not that I don't like I; it just has no... Pizazz, if you no what I mean.

This isn't good, it is the reason Charizard sucks.

Charizard got great personalty he is not legendary but he is best Pokemon

Charizard and Moltres have the same type combination so its not really unique

The Contenders
11 Grass and Ghost - Decidueye
12 Fighting and Steel - Lucario

Since when is he a starter Pokemon?

Lucario us a starter

13 Grass and Fighting - Chesnaught
14 Water and Fairy - Primarina
15 Grass and Flying - Rowlet
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