Top Ten Unused Pokemon Types

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1 Bug / Dragon

When you look at Flygon, it just seems like a Dragon/Bug.

Yanmega should be this.

WHYYY YANMEGA?! WHYYY?! WHY ARE YOU BUG/FLYING?!?!?! WHYY!?! This is the ban of my existence!

2 Normal / Ghost

This type of Pokemon would probly would be light pinkish purple his pre evolution would be cute but his evolution would look scary and his evolution line could transition from normal,normal-ghost,
And ghost. And would originally have high attack then slowly gain high special attack. That's what I think this Pokemon would be like

One weakness, two resistances, three immunities. Sounds pretty good to me.

Levitate/flash fire/lightning rod? Make that 4 resistances

Has no one else looked in the charts

3 Bug / Dark



Legendary, no evolution

This thing, oh snap, is fear unleashed. It's madness.

Aren't bugs evil looking enough?

An earwig would be good

I used this often

4 Fire / Grass

This would be interesting... What meets life mets disaster

It'll be a torch pokemon

We need this!

So... This is a bit of a bushfire Pokémon, right?

5 Electric / Fighting

They missed that opportunity with Zeraora. Zeraora is unfortunately just electric.

This Pokémon could electricute and knock out another Pokémon at the same time!

6 Normal / Bug
7 Poison / Steel

It would be probably the most not-taking-damage dual-type pokemon, like it'll have 10 type-resistance, which is amazing characteristic.

Yeah there are poisonous metals

Maybe a legendary based onPowerplants

8 Fighting / Ground

Such a cool type! I think it would be awesome if game freak made a branched evolution for Bunnelby that was really cool to give my favourite Pokémon some love!

That would be the most offensive type ever!

Better watch out, Rock-Types and Steel-Types.

9 Rock / Ghost
10 Fighting / Fairy

Ninjairy - The Ninja Pokemon.

When performing it's all-out ninja moves, it is the master of maneuvers. It can overwhelm even Grimmsnarl.


HP: 81

It would be deadly with a STAB Close Combat and a STAB Play Rough.

A Tai Chi or QiGong martial artist (though it would have to be (Fighting/Fairy)

Like Sylveon with fists on the end of it's ribbons.
Not really.

Killer fairy punch yo face off

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11 Normal / Rock
12 Fire / Fairy

Maybe a Mystic pokemon based on Leprachaun

13 Ice / Poison
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