Top 10 Most Useless Pokemon + Item Combos

This list was inspired by a video made my the youtuber PIMPNITE.
The Top Ten
1 Shedinja with Leftovers

Shedinja has the lowest HP stat out of any Pokemon, that total literally being 1. Thankfully, Shedinja has the ability Wonder Guard, which makes all moves that aren't super effective have no effect on it. Leftovers are an item that recovers a little bit of a Pokemon's health. Since Shedinja has a HP stat of 1, the leftovers literally do nothing. A better item would be a Focus Sash, because it would be able to take one extra hit before it inevitably faints from a super effective move.

2 Shedinja with Toxic Orb/Flame Orb

Guess who's back? Shedinja. These orbs will either poison or burn Shedinja, (unless it uses trick) depending on which orb it is holding. If you don't have Trick, having it hold one of these orbs is basically like Explosion missing or something, I don't know.

3 Ditto with Assault Vest

Assault Vests are items that raise the holder's Special Defense by 50%, but also prevent the holder from using
status moves. If you have a Ditto has an Assault Vest, it is forced to use struggle, a weak move that makes the user receive recoil damage. (unless the ditto has the hidden ability imposter) Struggle is pretty much trash. DON'T do this unless you for some reason want your Ditto to deal practically no damage to the target and receive recoil damage. If you like doing that, then we can't be friends. Whatever, next item.

4 Shedinja with Life Orb

Yay! Shedinja! AGAIN. Don't worry, there won't be anymore Shedinja after this. Anyway, the Life Orb is an item that makes the user's attacks stronger, but costs HP after each attack. What's that, you ask? Why is this useless? OK, you wanna know? Do. The. Math.

I can't wait to use my life orb shedinja with final gambit!

5 Blissey with Focus Sash

Blissey has the highest HP stat out of ANY Pokemon out there, at a whopping 255! The focus Sash is an item that that prevents the holder from fainting in one hit. However, since Blissey's HP is so high, Blissey is basically guaranteed NOT to faint in one hit. That's how high it's HP is.

6 Pidgeot with Air Balloon

Pidgeot is a flying type. Flying types are immune to Ground type moves. The Air Balloon makes the holder
ungrounded, immume to Ground type moves. Enough said.

7 Speed Form Deoxys With Quick Claw

A Quick Claw is an item that allows the user to move first in turns randomly. Speed Form Deoxys is the fastest Pokemon, with a Speed stat of 540. This is useless because it will outspeed everything already.

8 Magikarp with Black Belt

Black Belts are items that increase the power of fighting type moves. Magikarp can't learn a single fighting type move! Therefore, Magikarp will not receive a boost for any of it's moves. Also, Magikarp is useless anyway, so...

Imagine a Magikarp with a fighting type move.

Would not work.

9 Munchlax with Iron Ball

The Iron Ball makes a Pokemon slower. Munchlax is already the slowest Pokemon (although it is tied with Shuckle). I don't even see a good use for making your Pokemon slower, except to make moves like Gyro Ball more powerful. Since Munchlax can't learn Gyro Ball, there is really no good use for it, except for flinging, but Munchlax is already pretty weak.

10 Wobbuffet with Life Orb

Wobbuffet can't learn any attacking moves. Do the math.

The Contenders
11 Farfetch'd with a Piece of Celery
12 Spritzee with Black Sludge
13 Rotom Fan with Air Balloon

Rotom Fan is a flying type, it has the levitate ability.

14 Charizard with Hard Stone

The only move this Pokemon can learn that is a rock type move is rock slide, and that is from a TM! To add insult to overrated Pokemon, it has a 4x weakness against rock type moves, so what would be the point?

15 Deoxys Defense Form with Focus Sash

Deoxys Defense Form has the highest Defense out of any other Pokemon.

16 Magikarp with Charizardite
17 Machamp with No Guard Holding Blunder Policy
18 Ralts with Gengarite
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