Top Ten Polite Things We Shouldn't Need to Be Told to Do

A slight rant list... Not saying I have perfect manners (far from that! ), it's just basic social rules we shouldn't have to be taught to do!

The Top Ten

1 Saying "Please" and "Thank you"

Sometimes we are reminded to say please and thank you because a lot of people don't even have good manners at all.

My high school special ed teacher tells us to do that all the time. WE AREN'T STUPID! >:(

I must say, I'm guilty of forgetting these words, but I promise, I'm saying them in my head! - keycha1n

I repeatedly have to be told to do everything on this list. - RockFashionista

2 Saying "Excuse me"

When someone just pushes you and doesn't say "Excuse me"? Just FEELS so much ruder! And then I jump to the conclusion that they hate me or something! Gah! - keycha1n

3 Holding the door

Ever so polite when people do this for me. - keycha1n

4 Chewing quietly

I don't really think it matters. If they dislike the sound, they can cover their ears or go elsewhere.

I'm the most obnoxious chewer sometimes, sorry! (not sorry) - keycha1n

5 Offer your seat to someone else

Typically an elder. But alas, my laziness surpasses any desire to be polite. - keycha1n

6 Let someone sit next to you

On the bus, in school... Etc - keycha1n

7 Don't leave the toilet paper roll empty

As a victim of this heinous crime... I don't understand why I commit it! Oh, this list is so hypocritical of me... - keycha1n

That moment afterwards for the next individual. We've all been there, so minimise it as well as you can. - PositronWildhawk

8 Say hello back

It hurts when people don't say hi back! - keycha1n

People seem to do this when they think they are superior to you. It's arrogant.

9 Don't park diagonally

Great, now the entire line of cars has to park diagonally, and I will be throwing up in my head because that is just so uncomfortable to look at! - keycha1n

10 Say "have a nice day"

And be sincere about it, of course! - keycha1n

The Contenders

11 Leave the toilet seat closed

Our family doesn't do this.

12 Flush the toilet

No one in my house does this and it's gross! - ToptenPizza

13 Apologize
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