Top 10 Political and Economic Ideologies

Ideologies lay the foundation of a nation's economic and social policies in accordance with its ideals. Over the past few years, political thinkers and minds have devised a series of political theories that would "suit" the people's needs inside the government. We will cover just that.

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1 Social Democracy

I support this ideology the most(At the moment). The main reason why is because of the economic system. It's a nice middle ground between Capitalism and Socialism(Although it was more Socialist in early days).

Social democracy is the Scandinavian model for the economy. It gives all citizens welfare in the shape of education, healthcare and economic support by the government which is payed for through tax. All citizens have the same basis for success, combined with capitalism it lets you spread your wings and get rich, or maintain an average wage.

I am a social democrat. This is really the best if you want people to be happy, free and equal.

My opinion is it's very good ideology both for the Government and the people

2 Capitalism

Worst system possible
Chief principles
1.exploit and enslave lower classes
2.discriminate as many as you can
3.spread lies about communism
4.Try to snatch and collect all the money that you can
5.let the poor suffer, we will take the money they have earned.
6.own all private property and leave nothing
For others.
7.let the businessmen control the government and fool the people into thinking that they have a democracy.
8.right right and right.
9.disguised slavery.
10.enjoy until comrades takeover.

Advocates for private ownership of goods and capital as opposed to being owned by the state. Following a market economy, the owner's wealth affects the investment and decision-making or having prices and wealth distribution being determined by market competition in goods and services.

This is the best because it promotes independance. In this system as long as you work hard and have good business skills you can make it. It's the people who don't work hard that fail in this system because at the end of the day people ultimately decide where they end up in life.

It is the perfected form of government. In fact, in some ways, it is the perfected form of socialism.

3 Libertarianism

Calls for a smaller government without interference towards their daily lives. Places the importance of political and individual freedom on top, and is skeptical of any authority and state power.

I hate politics but this ideology isn't as bad as other ideologies.-DarkBoi-X

Social Democracy and Liberalism above libertarianism? Gtfo

4 Political Humanitarianism
5 Progressivism

Way of Human Development economically socially religiously without harm of environmentvironment

6 Liberalism

The ideology that gave us ideas and concepts such as freedom of speech, free markets, egalitarianism(Equality, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc), democracy, etc.

Strongly supports liberty and equality as well as the creation of a welfare state in our modern era. Liberalism varies by region but generally, it is firmly opposed to authoritarianism and seeks to increase civil liberties as well as socio-economic equality.

Mild to moderate liberalism is good, but extreme liberalism is bad.

Not leftism like cuckservatives try to imply but real liberalism

7 Classical Liberalism
8 Centrism
9 Conservatism

Believes that socio-economic differences and hierarchies are only natural and a part of the human essence. And is cautious towards social change and prefers to uphold traditional values, basically.

10 Constitutional Democracy

The Contenders

11 Environmentalism

With climate change being a big issue, this ideology is more important and beneficial than ever. Also, in my opinion Green Party is much better than either Republicans or Democrats.

Really the only option if you want people to survive for the next thousands of years. Also, think about the Greens, the are the best party that cares about our people and the environment we live in.

12 Democracy
13 Social Liberalism
14 Democratic Socialism

This Is 2nd Beautiful!

15 Populism

Calls for the leader of a country to do exactly what is in the best interest for the country. this is their job but many democrats don't want to do this.

16 Monarchism

Quite obviously the best system. All of the greatest empires and nations were monarchies. It's also the oldest ideology.

For King and fatherland

17 Anticommunism
18 Constitutional Monarchy
19 Anarchism

If you want be equal, live in with justice, live with no exploit, live with no hierarchy, live with no authoritie's oppress you HAVE choose anarchism and go for Revolution!
Long Live Anarchism!

The most basic way to summarize it is that anarchism is opposed to the idea of a state and seeks to eliminate all forms of hierarchies. Personally, I'm an Anarcho-Syndicalist.

Works perfectly for those individuals who are well-armed and well-fortified. For the rest, not so much.

The worst generates crime and shortages

20 Liberal Internationalism
21 Communism

Devised by Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto. Communism argues that through class war against the upper-class; private property will fall under the hands of the people and its resources managed by the people themselves (or the state for the people's interest). One line perfectly describes communism as stated by Marx: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs". Which means free access and distribution of goods, capital, and services.

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" is a quote which is actually a lot closer to capitalism than you think; you produce something you're good at, sell it for money and then buy what you want

One day the comrades will take over and drive out the greedy capitalists.

A hammer to beat up capitalists.
A sickle to finally slash them out.

Its not ideology... it s criticism of the other ideologies

Excuse me but what? It is still an ideology even if it's the antithesis or a critique of modern capitalism.

22 Mutualism

Best Left Wing Ideology Ever

23 Syndicalism

Syndicalism advocates for the public ownership of industries by the workers through a confederation of syndicates. These syndicates would cooperate with others through exchange of resources to help each other out.

24 Marxism

Marxism is Best Communism!

25 Socialism

Has various sub-ideologies and different interpretations surrounding it; socialism believes that the means of production should be controlled by the common people. Be it through public, cooperative, or collective ownership.

Number 1 ask Nordic countries and also the workers get the same amount of credit as the executives, and creates equality and I trust the public with my wages more than my employer or CEO and also it is cooperation

This Is Beautiful!

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