Top 10 Most Political Green Day Songs

Green Day can be very political and they have been political ever since 2004's American Idiot. If there's any political GD songs I missed? If so then add them.

The Top Ten

1 Holiday

The whole song is about politics. Especially the middle part (Mike Dirnt's bass riff) lines. - zxm

Political from beginning to end.

2 American Idiot

It's quite a political song.

The most ignorant piece of moronic left-wing political revisionism since the late 60s.

3 Troubled Times Troubled Times

Listen to the lyrics and you'll see why it ranks so high.

4 Revolution Radio

It has a very political message to it.

5 99 Revolutions

It's political with the lyrics and message alone.

6 Forever Now Forever Now

No explanation needed.

This is about Billies adventure theough rehab. This is not political. It's still a great song

7 Minority

Kind of political but their are more political GD songs.

8 Peacemaker

Kind of...

9 Governator

Some- what political.

10 Nuclear Family

Self explanatory.

The Contenders

11 21st Century Breakdown
12 Favorite Son

Not really polictical.

13 Jackass

Not polictical.

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