Michael Gove or Theresa May?

Recently Britain left the EU. The leave campaign won mostly through lies. And many people voted for them as a joke, thinking they wouldn't win. I was a strong remain supporter and actually had a sign saying "vote remain" in the days before June 23rd.

It was because of England and Wales that we left. In Scotland the majority voted REMAIN. And they want another referendum to leave Great Britain and remain in the EU. And now Norn Iron want to be a part of Ireland again. So basically, now that David Cameron has resigned, we're not a United Kingdom anymore. We're just a Kingdom ruled by an unelected monarch. All because we left the EU.

Ah yes, because we left, David Cameron has resigned as PM of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Boris Johnson, a strong leave campaigner was originally one to place a bet on being the next PM. But he never expected leave to win either, and isn't going to run for Prime Minister. Leaving the candidates open for Michael Gove and Theresa May.

Now, David Cameron was with the conservative party, meaning only conservative ministers can run. Michael Gove was the former education minister, and speaking as someone who goes to school in England, I've been at the butt of his terrible policies that would've badly affected my generation had they been passed. (He was voted out of his position in July 2014)He's also for the death penalty. Theresa May, former minister for women's equalities is also running. Support is growing for her.

Now, I'm not exactly right wing. I'd rather Labour or Green were in power. But they're not, and as much as I like Corbyn, his days are numbered. He can't lead the country when most of his MP's want him removed as leader of the opposition.

But, these are the choices. I don't really agree with all of May's stances, but I didn't with Cameron either. You'll get more of the same with her, which is why I support her, because Cameron all of a sudden seems great. Honestly the thought of Gove being Prime Minister scares me. That man's a s***. I hate him both personally and politically. He made British schools as terrible as they are. He's a traitor to Europe, and he expects to be Prime Minister.

So yeah, comment which one you want to win (Gove or May). This post is mostly for UK users, but you can still comment if you are any other nationality. But please research the candidates beforehand. Comments like "Britain were right to leave the EU" won't be approved.


You see, no one will care as much because of trump running for president(who I hope wins) - Therandom

IK. But I just wanted to do this and stand up for my country lol. And it kind of does matter because whoever becomes PM will have to work with your President.

Huh, if it pans out how I want it to, they'll both be females... - IronSabbathPriest

Hillary shouldn't even be allowed to run. Besides, trump would make America great again(jk, but he'd be better than crooked hilary) - Therandom

I actually don't like Hillary all that much. I liked Bernie, but he's out now. So I support her. Could go either way for Trump making America great again. With Hillary you'll get more of the same.

Do you have thoughts on the EU referendum? - IronSabbathPriest

Which is bad. May sounds better, except for not having the death penalty. - Therandom

Truth be told I don't know a hell of a lot about May. But her policies sound better. We haven't had the death penalty since the 50s lol. - IronSabbathPriest

Oh. Didn't know. See how uncultured I am? - Therandom

Michael Gove because he has a penis - Puga

Theresa May. Gove destroyed the UK's education system. - Wolftail

Seems Andrea Leadsom has beaten Gove to the PM race against Theresa May. Don't like Andrea that much, bit too Margaret Thatcher for my liking. Next PM is definitely gonna be a female though @Puga. And our first one if May gets it! Margaret Thatcher was more manly to me. - IronSabbathPriest

Die @britain - Puga

Horrah for Theresa I guess... - IronSabbathPriest

I think our prime minister should be 100% Coloccini - gemcloben

So happy she didn't get the majority. - IronSabbathPriest

Need Boris Johnson as PM lol - visitor

Not that entitled baby - IronSabbathPriest

Throwback to when I wanted Theresa May as leader. To be fair when Michael Gove is your other option... - IronSabbathPriest

Imagine Farage as PM. That would be great! - visitor

Think that through - visitor

Theresa May. She sucks but Gove is worse. And can't forget Mr Javid. - iliekpiez