Top 10 Political Parties of the United Kingdom

It's the voting day today, who are you going to vote for? Who is currently you're favourite British political party?

The Top Ten Political Parties of the United Kingdom


A bunch of homophobic racists.

They've got my vote - TwilightKitsune

These people are full on retards.

Because we want independence we don't want to be controlled under a dictatorship

Labour Party

I think they're probably the best - iliekpiez

Much better than the Conservative party.

Should be #1!

Good without Corbyn - vvmax

Green Party

Green are better than Labour because Labour support Article 17 of the EU Copyright Directive - Liam31idents

Democratic socialist. Look after the planet because we can't live without it.

Wrong in the head - vvmax

British National Party

Racist, white nationalist, anti-Semitic, terrible. Only thing good about them is the death penalty. - vvmax

You got to be kidding me - TechMountenDew

We don't want Britain invaded by terrorists

BNP? Number 1? Seriously?! - gemcloben

Monster Raving Loony Party

Mad, but better than the Conservative party.

It's the best

Respect Party

Socialist Ani-Semitic asses - vvmax

Conservative Party

Very very overrated, and only work for rich people. Labour, greens, and Liberal Democrats are much better.

Oh god no oh god no oh god no - iliekpiez

Good if your rich and have the word ‘sir’ at the beginning of your name - vvmax

Britain First

These guys are Far right and not racist. - vvmax

Liberal Democrats

Possibly the best political party.

They're not bad. They're OK but Clegg tried to murder them. - iliekpiez


Liberty GB

The Contenders

Scottish National Party
National Front
Communist Party of Britain

Lenin Cat:Purrletariat of the world UNITE,meow! - CerealGuy

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