Three Cheers for their Lordships

IronSabbathPriest Damn you Corbyn! Why didn't you bow low enough at remembrance Sunday! Surely if you bowed any lower then people wouldn't think you were being sarcastic at all now would they? Because not a lot of people see what a good leader you are. And are constantly trying to point out the small things.
I live in a conservative fueled area where stupid comments like these are made all the time. There are too many conservative supporters for my liking. Face it, you only like them because Thatcher gave you a load of money in the 80s. But the conservatives have all the wrong ideas!

E.g. A couple of weeks ago, a shameless tory talked for NINETY MINUTES, stating that hospital carers shouldn't get free parking. I'm sorry, but I will campaign until I'm in a wheelchair or until I see that man and his party defeated at the next general election.

I have faith that Corbyn will lead our country to power. Yes, I know some of his ideas are far fetched, and I don't agree with all of them. But sometimes you need a bit of pro activity. I especially like his point on the Greek economy (see my profile picture). Although it's true they are always going bankrupt.

I mean for God's sake, David Cameron wants to bring down the NHS. Who doesn't like the NHS? You get free care. But as pointed out by the example a few paragraphs ago, Torys tend not to care about free things. And just because your son died doesn't mean you need to take it out on the rest of our health care...

Overall, the tories can shove my vote up their ass. I don't see why anyone would want to live in a conservative fueled country with a coward like David Cameron in office.

You're doing OK Corbyn, you're doing great.


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Screw tories. - gemcloben

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