Top 10 Reasons Adam Schiff Should Step Down

Adam Schiff is a leading House Democrat from California. He led the 2019 Impeachment of Donald Trump. He had the most talking time of anyone in the trial. Honestly, he looked like a tyrant and now we figured out he lied about Russian Collusion. In this list we will look at why Adam Schiff should step down not only from the House Intelligence Committee, but also the House as a whole.
The Top Ten
1 He Lied About Russian Collusion

After years of stating that he had "compelling evidence" of Russian interference in the 2016 election, the recent Mueller Report and the quoted words of the Obama staff it is proved wrong. Adam Schiff blatantly lied to the American people. He claimed their was evidence of Collusion when Obama officials said there was not. Now he can no longer say that, because there is proof there wasn't. He should also now pay for his crimes.

2 He Led a Partisan Impeachment

He was the ringleader in the ridiculous Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump. He wasted taxpayer money just to get nowhere. He wasted our time and also he got America focused on this Impeachment when we could've been preparing for the Coronavirus outbreak.

3 He Acted Like a Tyrant

He literally got in his big chair at the trial and constantly banged with his gavel. He was constantly silencing people and telling them they were not allowed to speak. Chief Justice Roberts didn't do that and in my opinion he is one of the only people with the authority to do that. What happened to check and balances? Schiff should not of had that much power.

4 He is Hypocritical

What a hypocrite. What I am about to say is just a example, but he has done a lot of stuff like this. When Trump didn't release the documents asked for in the Trial, Schiff focused on that. Made it a main staple of the prosecution. However when people asked Schiff for the papers on Russian Collusion, where most of this bullcrap came from, he refused. That is outright hypocritical.

5 He Will Do Whatever Necessary for Power

This is something Tucker Carlson recently spoke about and I completely agree with him. Literally he used that trial as a platform for his Senate run. How pathetic.

6 He Openly Calls People Russian Spies
7 He Wanted Media Attention

While I don't believe that is the sole reason he pushed the trial, I do think part of it was for attention. Remember if you put all the trials and inquiries together, he had the most talking time and it's not even close. Remember when he was mad at Nadler for making the closing statements.

8 He Was After Trump Before Trump Was Even President

You can find videos on YouTube of Schiff saying he will impeach Trump and those videos happened when he was president elect. It was over Russian Collusion and that has obviously become disproven.

This just sticks out to me the most. He didn't want Trump impeached because of collusion, he just wants Trump impeached because he hates him.

9 He Has Said Very Unconstitutional Statements

Remember he said Trump will have the heads of Congress members and he has said multiple times Senate Republicans were being controlled by Trump. Almost everyone agrees, besides libtards, that those words are unconstitutional and inappropriate. He has also openly called people Russian Spies.

10 He is a Sociopath

I am honestly starting to think he is a legitimate sociopath.

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