Top 10 Reasons Why Biden Will Win If He Runs for Reelection Against Trump in 2024

The Top Ten
1 Everyone will remember the insurrection that occurred on January 6, 2021, which was instigated by Trump.

Can't wait for all those commercials in 2024 that will go, "Hey, remember when Trump did this, and THIS happened?" This and the impeachment trial will probably leave a huge impact on the next few elections.

His popularity dwindled when this happened, and thousands of Republicans have already left. They are not gaining voters at this moment.

2 Biden possesses a superior character compared to Trump.

No question about it when comparing this man to a malignant narcissist who acts childish.

3 Biden is significantly more popular than Trump.

He did get to hit over a fifty percent approval, something Trump never hit in his presidency in nearly every single poll.

Just for the in-general answer.

4 Biden has managed the coronavirus pandemic, a major issue, more effectively.

Yes, and he does have a vaccine rollout plan, even before he was President, which he already had a team.

5 Trump never won the popular vote and only secured the electoral college once.

I don't think he will ever win the Electoral College.

6 Trump may be caught committing election fraud again.
7 The Democrats could invoke the 14th Amendment, Section 3 against Trump.

It's not likely to work, and I only expect a few to follow this, like Ben Sasse. The rest of them would have already retired or lost in a primary. Mitt Romney will probably lose next year because of his courage.

8 Texas, North Carolina, and Kansas are gradually turning blue, states that Republicans must secure.

Texas is trending bluer. North Carolina has usually been a very purple state in the past decade, and voter suppression is extreme in that state. Kansas isn't trending blue in any way. I would keep an eye on Georgia, Arizona, and Stacey Abrams.

9 Trump is disliked by the majority of the country.
10 Since 2004, Republicans have been unable to win over Americans with their policies, resorting to suppression tactics instead.

The last time a Republican won the popular vote was sixteen years ago. The Electoral College is affirmative action for Republicans, and almost nobody uses an electoral system like this.

And this is starting to come to light and therefore causing people to go Democratic.

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11 Older voters, who are a dwindling demographic, typically vote Republican, whereas younger, soon-to-be voters, usually vote Democrat.

This one is correct, as the saying goes, if you are under 35 and don't vote Democrat, you don't have a heart. If you are over 35 and don't vote Republican, you don't have a brain.

12 People will never forgive Trump for downplaying the coronavirus pandemic.

There was even a recording of Trump saying that he always wanted to downplay it.

13 There are more Republicans who respect Biden than Democrats who respect Trump.
14 Trump is an easier target for Biden to attack.
15 Trump is a catalyst for Democratic voter turnout.
16 Biden has demonstrated superior leadership compared to Trump.
17 Trump is friends with Kim Jong Un, unlike Biden.
18 Biden did not have close ties to Jeffrey Epstein.
19 Trump may choose Marjorie Taylor Greene or Kari Lake as his running mate.
20 Trump is racist.
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