Top 10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Lost the 2020 Election

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1 Trump intentionally downplayed COVID-19 and let it ruin the country

If COVID-19 is to be suppressed, lockdowns and wearing masks should be mandatory. Voting should be mandatory too, then just maybe people who don't normally vote, might take an interest in who's running the country. However, Trump has addressed none of these issues - he doesn't regard COVID-19 as being a big deal and it's cost him the election. There is no one to blame but himself.

It is true that other countries are having a worse time than the U.S. On a "per capita" basis, Belgium is by far the worst in the world, and has almost double the death rate of the US. With Spain, Italy, Great Britain, and even Argentina being worse "per capita", which is what matters. France is just fractionally better "per capita".

Can this please be the number one entry? This one actually ruined everyone's lives and set them off course. Sure the whole conspiracy thing stuff was worrying, but it wasn't as easy to believe as true as much as downplaying the pandemic.

Deserves to stay at #1. There is not one single way anyone can deny this reason. If so, I refuse to believe it.
If you're gonna stick up for Trump, then you better know what you're advocating for. Period.

2 Biden got more votes

Yes, he got way more votes, about double of Hillary Clinton's popular vote margin, but she lost the electoral college vote, with Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania razor thinly favoring Donald Trump by less than zero point eight percent.

True but this is kind of a pointless reason when the list is supposed to be about why Trump didn’t get enough votes to win the election.

This is probably the main reason

3 He is a bad person
4 Trump broke several of his most significant promises

Didn't he promise to release a wonderful healthcare plan in just two weeks? That never happened, and it wouldn't ever.

You can't pass a Healthcare Bill if Congress doesn't help you.

5 He nearly started a war with Iran

This guy should be dead in the future because he nearly started a war in Iran

6 He turned establishment when he promised to be anti-establishment
7 Trump blew the chance that many voters in 2016 gave him
8 Trump did not have a fresh message going into the election

Despite the amount of rallying Donald Trump did, he still ran a pretty terrible campaign. They are wrong on the issues and messages. Nobody cares about Hunter Biden, and there isn't a clear path as to why he wants four more years.

Trump entered the 2016 elections as an anti-establishment and outsider who captivated voters. He doesn't have that same charm in 2020 after he's in power.

9 People were tired of Trump

More people oppose Trump than support him, but Republicans have done an okay performance in the house, most likely because people tend to prefer their policies than what a few Democrats tried to push, such as Medicare for all. Since Democratic turnout was slightly lower than what they did in the midterms, you expect them to perform a bit worse and lose a few seats in the house.

10 Not starting a war with China
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11 Trump made no effort to properly work with moderates and liberals

I agree with this, but then again it's not like you guys have him a chance.

Doesn't know how to bring out bipartisanship that much.

12 Trump is at the center of multiple large scale scandals
13 The American people wanted to see his taxes
14 Trump weakened the respect of our closest allies

The world almost no longer respects us, and strongmen coddle with Donald Trump.

15 Trump constantly touts divisive rhetoric and conspiracy theories

I agree he is the most divisive president we have ever had, but the media didn't help him at all.

16 Trump called fallen war veterans losers and suckers

This is false.

17 Trump faced a much harder opponent than Hillary
18 Biden is a more trusted politician
19 Trump politicizes everything for his own benefit

True, but there are many politicians that do it more than him.

20 Trump separated migrant children from their families and put them in cages and some died in custody

Continuing the policy of, and using the cages built by Biden/Obama.

21 Trump didn't repeal and replace ObamaCare
22 Trump fell in love and send love letters to Kim Jong Un
23 Trump is very egotistical
24 Trump did not retaliate against ANTIFA
25 Trump tried to get rid of DACA
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