Top 10 Reasons Why Libertarianism Won't Become Mainstream

While the Libertarian Party has its merits, it will likely always remain a minority party, even if millennials are keen to it.
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1 People Want Free Stuff

This is the bottom line. People want government because government steals money (taxes) and gives it to them by roads, defense, welfare, schools, and so forth. And in a free market, it's every man for himself, and dumb people know they won't do so well. So they want government involvement, because government is immune to the market forces. Political debates are often so heated because it literally is, for many, a battle of life and death. I mean, look at the leftists rioting recently. They aren't rioting just because they are offended, they're rioting because in a free market, they would be out-competed. Fundamentally, they need government.

As an estimate, 3 - 4% of Americans are principled, strong libertarians, and about 8 - 12% lean libertarian. I think that because the media pushes the left - right paradigm, and people hear only liberal and conservative arguments, some have not even encountered it. I think the media's exclusion of libertarians is part of the problem. Also, many people are unwilling to consider the arguments of libertarians. I have found that some conservatives are willing to at least examine the arguments, but liberals will just say we hate poor people and old people.

2 Some Extremists

A portion of Libertarians believe roads should be private and blind people should be able to drive.

3 Social Issues Won't Matter Much

Gay marriage and abortion are pretty much solved. Marijuana will be legal soon.

4 Inflexibility

While many politicians bend in order to reach to new demographics, Libertarians are firm in their beliefs.

5 Liberals Will Never Like Their Economic Policies

No matter how much they agree on certain, they'll never be okay with cutting tax rates for billionaires.

Liberals and Libertarians don't agree on social views either though. Libertarian parties tend to be far more extreme in their civil-righteousness

6 Foreign Policy is of Limited Relevance

As abhorrent as American foreign policy abuses are, people will always care about domestic issues more.

7 People are Partisan

Democrats vote Democrat. Republicans vote Republican.

8 They're More Philosophical Than Political

Some will be offput by the fact that they care more about meeting a simple philosophy than having intricate solutions to real world issues.

9 Most People are Partially Libertarian, but Not as a Whole

Everyone is libertarian on something, but not on everything.

10 Doing Nothing Isn't Sexy

No matter how you slice it, it's hard to get excited for a politician who says "Let the market figure it out" whenever they're pressed on a question.

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