Top 10 Reasons Why the U.S. Republican Party is Failing

After Reagan, the Republican Party in the United States has taken a turn for the worse.
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1 Trump’s influence is still around
2 Some won’t move on from Trump
3 Crazy people like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, and Matt Gaetz
4 Republicans are never united
5 To most Republicans, the Constitution is about free speech with no consequences and 'keeping their guns'
6 Republicans are lacking honesty
7 Republicans use "Communism" as an insult to Democrats, even though most of them are not Communists

And Democrats use "Fascist", "Nazi" among others. If that doesn't show how stupid both sides are then I don't know what will.

8 Republicans acquitted Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial

I wonder what he was so guilty of that he desvered it. Probably every other reason on this list probably. Although I did miss the part where he shot someone down the street.

I've commented on this not long ago, and they are forever cowards, except for those who did vote to convict him.

9 Trump won’t shut up about the 2020 election
10 Many Republicans seem to only be politicians for the power

And democratic politicians do the same thing.

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11 Republicans only help the rich
12 Republicans always use the Constitution for their arguments, whether it is relevant or not

So do Democrats... and what it depends on what you mean by "irrelevant."

13 A Republican politician could shoot someone in the street, and still get votes

If the intent was murder then no. If however said politician had to shoot in said defense, most people would still vote.

...No? That's false. By that logic, a democrat could also shoot someone and get votes. Also, ever heard of "self defense."

14 Republicans most likely will never win the popular vote again, and are going to be dependant on the Electoral College

The GOP is a very unpopular party who are trying to suppress the vote and gerrymander their districts.

I'm sorry, If you want to win Presidential elections, then repeat after me, the electoral college is the only game in town.

Don't get me wrong, the electoral college is very undemocratic, but the sad truth is that it'll be hard to overturn it, because it's stated in the Constitution.

After Biden's presidancy, Democrats will also never win the popular vote again. I'm telling you.

15 Republicans don't believe in science

Here we are several years down the line from covid, and it looks like the science says that whole mask thing really did not do much good.

"We don't need to wear masks, god (a fictional character) will protect us." Really? Then why do you need your guns?

And now contards are eating dewormer for horses and sheep as an alternative for the covid vaccine and not wearing a mask. You can't make this crap up.

16 They want it to be a Christian country, despite there being a "freedom of religion"

Well, Democrats want the country to be atheist so...

17 Republicans support seditionists in order to keep their jobs.

Yeah, we're going to talk about the seditious caucus from all of those Republicans who did vote to object millions of votes in several key states.

There were a few Republican lawmakers giving tours before capitol hill got stormed.

18 Most Republicans are homophobic which is why LGBTQ+ usually vote for Democrats

Most Republicans / Conservatives I've seen or met are tolerant and have no issues with LGBTQ+ people. This is, and I can't even count how many times I've had to say this: a stereotype. It's 2021, the majority of people, regardless of political views, don't give a crap about people's sexuality.

19 Republicans live in the past

As a Republican myself, I can confirm this.

20 Republicans cherry pick things from the Bible, take it out of context, and make it into a different meaning of their own, while also ignoring other things said in the same book.

So do democrats, but they instead use the bible lines as childish insults.

21 Republicans try to prevent legal voters from voting

Contards pass bills to make it harder for minorities to vote despite never supplying any evidence of major voter fraud(except when Trump supporters tried to vote more than once). However, when it comes to gun violence these same people try to make it easier for nuts to get their hands on guns. At the same time they try "whataboutism". "What about cars? Cars kill people! Should we band cars?!" We can't use a car to kill 10 people from the tenth floor of a building. Morons.

So do Democrats. They think that if you are a straight white male, a christain, or even a Republican, or if you never supported Obama (Who is a good president, but not everyone supported him), and Hillary Clinton (Who is plain garbage), you shouldn't be able to vote at all.

22 Republicans think that every amendment is absolute
23 Republicans hate education
24 They want it to be a straight country
25 Republicans hate math
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