Best Polytechnics In Bangladesh

It offers Diploma Level Programmes for Diploma-in-Engineering in many different technological areas, each required to study for a 4 years long curriculum.

Students can participate in:

1. Automobile Technology.
2. Architecture Technology.
3. Civil Technology.
4. Chemical Technology.
5. Mechanical Technology.
6. Food Technology.
7. Electrical Technology.
8. Power Technology.
9. Electronics Technology.
10. Automob monid survey
11. Computer Science Technology.
12. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology.
13. Graphic Reproduction.
14. Surveying Technology.
15. Glass Technology.
16. Ceramic Technology.
17. Offset Printing.
18. Civil (Wood Specialization) Technology.
19. Mechatronics Technology.
20. Computer Science and Engineering.
21. Data Tele Communication and Networking Technology.
22. Electromedical Technology.
23. Mining and Mine Survey Technology.
24. Mechanical Technology.
25. Environmental Technology.
26. Instrumentation and Process Control Technology.
27. Construction Technology.
28. Telecommunication Technology.
29. Textile Technology.
30. Architecture and Interior Design Technology.
31. Garments Design and Pattern Making Technology.
32. Graphics Design and Auto CAD
33. Auto Folding Engineering
34. Nano Technology
35. Silicon plant Technology
36. LCD monitor making Technology
37. Lathe machine Operator

Comparison and opportunity[edit]

After completing SSC level (10th grade, also known as 'O' level, SSC Vocational or 'Dakhil' level) a student can pursue his or her educational carrier for obtaining a "Diploma-in-Engineering" diploma degree which falls in "Technical Education System" from Polytechnic Institutes, or they can obtain HSC (12th grade, also known as 'A' level, or 'Intermediate' level, or 'Alim' level) certificate degree, which falls in "General Education System", from various other academic colleges, and HSC being the mainstream study line in South-Asian countries. HSC courses focus mainly on various Science, Arts, Commerce, Business, Law, Medical, etc. various areas, whereas Diploma-in-Engineering courses in Polytechnic Institutes focus mostly on Technology (Applied & Practical Science) areas, see above Academic Programs section for further.

The "Diploma-in-Engineering" diploma degree level is rated higher than the HSC certificate degree level, and both are lesser than a formal Baccalaureate or BSc (Bachelor in Science) degree, and both are also the entry level for enrolling into any B. Sc Engineering degrees. Students when complete the Diploma-in-Engineering (4 years long curriculum) courses, they acquire educational level equivalent to grade XIV (14th grade), [1] and students who complete HSC level (exactly 2 years long curriculum), they acquire educational level equivalent to grade XII (12th grade). Most of the diploma-in-engineering curriculum were extended from a 3 years study period to a 4 years long study period. In "Madrasah Education System", the 14th grade is also known as 'Fazil' level.

"Diploma-in-Engineering", a diploma degree should not to be confused with a European, American "Diploma", which usually has only 1 year or less long educational curriculum for obtaining a (Diploma) "certificate", not a Degree. In those geographical areas, various Science & other Academic & Technical field subjects are offered for obtaining an "Associate" degree which includes a minimum of 2 years long curriculum, and also transferable toward obtaining a Bachelor degree, comes closest to a South-Asian "Diploma-in-Engineering" degree, where such "Associate" degree is still 2 years less than a South-Asian degree. Even though there are few other type of "Associate" degrees (1 yr, or, 2 yr) are offered in some Occupational or Vocational or various Trade Training areas, but since those are (usually) nontransferable, [2] so such "Associate" degrees are also much lesser than and not equivalent to a South-Asian "Diploma-in-Engineering" degree.

After completing Diploma-in-Engineering from Polytechnic Institutes or HSC from other colleges (in South-Asian countries), students from both side can further pursue their educational carrier for obtaining a formal Engineering, Medical, Education, Business or Commerce etc. , Bachelor degree in one of the following two categories, "Pass" (3 years) or "Honours" (Hons) (4 years) category, from various Public or Private Universities. Diploma Engineers can also enroll in Technology Universities for obtaining the BSc (Tech. Edn) or BSc. Eng (Engineering) degree, which includes 2 and a half years to 3 years long shorter curriculum, because students have already completed various required subjects in Dipoma-in-Engineering level during their 4 years long courses, then after completing this BSc level, students reach at grade XVI (16th grade). Diploma students, if wants to, can also enroll in any other Public or Private Universities. Likewise, when HSC degree holders complete a formal Bachelor (Hons), BSc. Eng (Engineering), BSc. Agr (Agriculture), BSc. Text (Textile), BSc. Leat (Leather) or LLB (Hons), etc. , then they reach at the Grade XVI (16th grade) level, which have at least 4 years long curriculum. Many HSC degree holders decides to obtain a formal BSc or Bachelor degree with "Pass" only, in available various subject areas, which are actually 3 years long courses (15th grade). In "Madrasah Education System", the 16th grade is also known as 'Kamil' level.

One of the professional society of engineers, the Institution Of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB), conduct a specially designed engineering course, upon completion of which trainees can appear at Associate Membership Examinations Part A and Part B. And after qualifying in these examinations one becomes an Associate Member of Institution Engineers (AMIE). The certificate awarded to those who pass this examination, is recognized by public and private sector organizations in the country as equivalent to a formal degree in Engineering. With an AMIE degree one can get the same type of job as the engineers holding Bachelor's degrees. Other engineering associations and societies are the Institute of Diploma Engineers, Bangladesh (IDEB), the Association of Consulting Engineers, Association of Self-Employed Engineers, Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society of Geotechnical Engineers. These are options for Diploma-in-Engineering degree holders, beside other Public and Private Universities

The Top Ten

1 Dhaka Polytechnic Institute

Dhaka is the best diploma education center in Bangladesh

Dhaka polytechnic is the best polytechnic..

Best polytechnic institute of Bangladesh. I love this institute very much.

I think Dhaka polytechnic is all of the best polytechnic in Bangladesh.

V 25 Comments
2 Bangladesh Sweeden Polytecnic Institute

Best polytechnic, nice environment.

Best polytecnical institute of bangladesh

Best polytechnic for studying...

The beautiful polytechnic institute in Bangladesh.

V 20 Comments
3 Dhaka Mohila Polytechnic Institute

Best than all.

4 Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute

Best polytechnic in Bangladesh

This is a best polytechnic in bangladesh

I am proud...

I proud that I am a student of Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute

V 10 Comments
5 Bangladesh Institute of Marine Technology


Please! can you tell me about your marine institute

I want read here

Not bad

6 Sylhet Polytechnic Institute

Sylhet Polytechnic is the best and nice polytechnic in our country

Good for electrical

It is my institute


V 1 Comment
7 Kushtia Polytechnic Institute

Best result in kushtia Polytechnic.

Best polytechnic of Bangladesh...

Kushtia polytechnic is best..

Kushtia polytechnic institute is best no one

V 7 Comments
8 Chittagong Polytechnic Institute


Best one.. I am a student of this institute..

I am very proud

It is second best polytechnic in Bangladesh now.

V 3 Comments
9 Bogra Polytechnic Institute, Bogra


Best polytechnic institute in bangladesh..We are proudy as a Bangladesh.Its teaching quality looks like development country...

Bogra polytechnic Institute is the best polytechnic of Bangladesh...!

Without Politics Polytechnic in Bangladesh.

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10 Mymensingh Polytechnic Institute

Very Good

Excellent location

Mymensingh is the modern polytechnic

Mymensingh is the modern polytechnic

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The Contenders

11 Pabna Polytechnic Institute

I am proud

The best polytechnical

It is the best polytechnic institute

The best Polytechnic in Bangladesh

V 8 Comments
12 Tangail Polytechnic Institute

This is best place for Diploma Engineering. I am proud of my Institute.

I Think it's a Best polytechnic in Bangladesh.

Tangail polytechnic is best

It's The Institute of peace

V 3 Comments
13 Nazipur Institute of Engineering Technology

We are offerings diploma-in -engineering programs

This is a best place for technical education

Heirin a excellence future...

Heirin a excellence future for you...

V 1 Comment
14 National Polytechnic Institute

I am happy & I love my polytechnic

It's a best lab facilities

Great polytechnic

Sei polytechnic

V 9 Comments
15 Comilla Polytechnic Institute

Comilla polytechnic is one of the best polytechnic in Bangladesh

I remain it is best polytechnic over all Bangladesh.

Best polytechnic

Its best polytechnic

V 6 Comments
16 National Institute of Engineering & Technology (NIET)

It the best polytechnic for mechanical department

Best polytechnic institute in bangladesh

Best polytechnic institute of Bangladesh. I love this institute very much.

This is the best institute of bangladesh, I thinks

V 10 Comments
17 Dinajpur Polytechnic Institute

Best Polytechnic

I think that Dinajpur polytechnic Institute is one of the best institute. Here every students learned well and in job marketing they cut a good figure.

Dinajpur polytechnic is a most popular institute in our country, so I think it's best polytechnic all of them.

This polytechnic is my future and the bast polytechnic institute. I love this polytechnic very much.

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18 Feni Polytechnic Institute

This institute should be in top 10

I am proudful for study in this polytechnic.

My son Is New Here

Feni polytechnic is the number one

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19 Faridpur Polytechnic Institute

Best polytechnic

I love my college...

I mean best polytechnic is faridpur polytechnic institute,This campus teacher is always awesome

I'm Tuhin Mia ( From Madhukhali)
FPI was my favorite campus. I'm very very missing my campus life,
Very missing Sobahan Vi (Shopkeeper)
missing Ismael Vi (shopkeeper)
baitul aman bazar all was fantastic
everything I will remember until my end
Love You my Favorite campus.

20 Jessore Polytechnic Institute

Top 10

That is very good institute for learning

Best Institute

Best polytechnic in Bangladesh

V 3 Comments
21 Barisal Polytechnic

Really it's a good polytechnic Institute

On of the best Polytechnic institute in Bangladesh

Best Polytechnic Institute in Bangladesh

Good Polytechnic

V 3 Comments
22 Mawts Institute of Technology

I was a student of MAWTS.
MAWTS is the best learning place for a diploma student.
it's best for its practical classes
i am very lucky to be parts of MAWTS
and I am proud to be a MAWTS student.

I aw very happy that I am student at Mawts!

Best institute

Mawts is one of the best tcchnical institute of Bangladesh.

V 2 Comments
23 Khulna Polytechnic Institute, Khulna

Its very good, and nice environment in education

One of the best polytechnic for electric eng

This is best polytechnic for electrical

Best polytechnic

V 1 Comment
24 Bangladesh Polytechnic Institute Rajshahi

Nice polytechnic

I'm studying hear. I love Bangladesh polytechnic institute. I know Bangladesh polytechnic is best polytechnic in bangladesh

Very good polytechnic in Rajshahi

It's a fantastic Polytechnic Institute

V 6 Comments
25 Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology

Best polytechnic in Bangladesh

Please admit me.I got GPA SSC exam

I am loveing it


26 Bangladesh Servey Institute
27 Patuakhali Polytechnic Institute

Electrical technology

I am a student of electronics technology.
It's on of the best polytechnic in our country.

28 Infra Polytechnic Institute, Barisal

This is the best private polytechnic collage in Bangladesh.

29 Bangladesh Institute of Glass & Ceramic

I love Thakurgaon Polytechnic

Best ceramic engineer maker

30 Greenland Polytechnic Institute

Should try for being best polytechnic institute.

Very good institute,one of the best institute

Very nice


V 2 Comments
31 Thakurgaon Polytechnic Institute

I love thakurgaon polytechnic institute


The best

32 Habigonj Polytechnic Institute

This is one of the best polytechnic

I love Habiganj polytechnic institute.

I love HPI campus

33 Sherpur Polytechnic Institute

I love my institute...


34 Government Graphic Arts Institute

Best polytechnic in Bangladesh...


I'm Arafat ali adnan. I'm a graphic designer.GOV'T GRAPHIC ARTS INSTITUTE is one of the best institute in Bangladesh.

Graphics is one of the Best Option For students. I just love my Institute 💜

35 Bhola Polytechnic Institute, Bhola

This is the best polytechnic in Bangladesh

36 Magura Polytechnic Institute


37 Royal Institute of Technology, Gazipur
38 Shyamoli Ideal Polytechnic Institute

It's a good quality institute of bangladesh.

39 Saikat Polytechnic Institute Cox's Bazar
40 Munshigonj Polytechnic Institute

The best polytechnic

Very good Campas but not good study

so nice

Very nice & good

V 1 Comment
41 Chittagong Science And technology Institute (CSTI)



42 Rajshahi Engineering Institute
43 Deshari Institute of Science & Engineering
44 Chittagong Mohila Polytechnic Institute

This is the best institute of Bangladesh...
We have 4department, 3department are diploma in engineering and other one is diploma in textile engineering.
We love our polytechnic

45 Chapainawabganj Polytechnic Institute

It is the best polytechnic institute in bangladesh
i love so much cnpi

46 Rangpure Polytechnic Institute
47 Aptouch Polytechnic Institute

Best Private Polytechnic In Bangladesh.

48 Lakshmipur Polytechnic Institute

Very expensive
Best polytechic
Best teachers
Best lab

49 Empac College Of Technology
50 Progressive Polytechnic Institute

"It's 1st Polytechnic Institute in Chittagong"
"Love our polytechnic"
"Good Teacher"
"Permanent Campus"

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