Top 10 Pond Fish to Have In Your Pond

To be honest I think you can put any fish in a pond you just need to take precautions to keep them healthy and alive
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1 Tosakin Goldfish

The tosakin goldfish is a variety specifically bred to be observed from the top with their teardrop shaped bodies and elegant fins only keep with other tosakins for they are poor swimmers and other fish species will eat all the food before the fish can get there

2 Koi

Koi are basically large goldfish but require more care than a goldfish for starters koi can live up to two hundred years if properly cared for, koi are also jumpers which is the main cause of death for larger koi smaller koi are easy prey items for predators keep a mesh screen over the pond to prevent both issues and koi's are not recommended for the first timers as keeping koi happy and healthy is expensive

3 Pleco (Algae Eater)

This fish isn't really intended to be added for looks just to keep algae out but there are a few species with vibrant colors

4 Lake Fish

Some people catch fish from lakes and add them to their ponds common species include Bass, Bluegill, Sunfish, Catfish, Pike, and Carp however keeping wild fish in a pond can be illegal and is best to consult a ranger to see if it's legal another issue sometimes the fish won't eat which can lead to them starving to death never add lake fish to a pond with pet store fish as they can eat or pass foreign diseases and kill the fish

5 Oscar Cichlid

For any of you who's had a large Oscar can agree these fish can get very aggressive. Oscar's are the largest member of the cichlid family and since they get pretty good size there's no need to worry about predators this fish can scare off most intruders they are jumpers keep screen over pond

6 Archer Fish

Some exotic pet stores carry these these fish pretty much feed themselves by shooting a jet of water from their mouths to shoot down insects resting on leaves and flowers near the pond

7 Pacu

The pacu is the vegetarian relative of the piranha but instead of teeth for ripping flesh these fish have teeth for grinding however the still pack a nasty bite but the need all the bite strength to crack nuts that fall in the water nuts and fruit is the fish's favorite things to eat

8 Arowana

This fish isn't really seen in stores to often but when they are available they are expensive like Oscar's these fish scare off most intruders and they are jumpers keep screen over pond

9 Axolotal

I want one of these!

This isn't exactly a fish it's a young tiger salamander these things rarely mature to adulthood since they need to be in special water conditions

10 Lungfish

I personally have never heard of such fish being kept in a pond but someone did they are odd but nonetheless it's a fish that can take oxygen from the air and store the air in lungs they still need to keep wet or they'll form a cocoon out of slime which will harden and sleep until water returns they have a strong bite capable of breaking our finger if placed in their mouth

The Contenders
11 Catfish
12 Sturgeon
13 Heterandria Formosa
14 Carp
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