Top 10 Poochy and Yoshi's Woolly World Boss Battles

Please don't add Bowser Jr. Because that's Bowser as a baby!

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1 Baby Bowser Baby Bowser

Deserves a high spot. Baby Bowser, the final boss and sorta main antagonist of this game and holds awesome bosses. I mean now first things first, it has two phases, the first one which is sorta like a warm-up, and the final phase which is like the "epic final battle". The first phase is a bit basic but it's quite cool and I love the soundtrack played there. Then there's the more epic final phase which is my personal favourite of the two phases, obviously. Not only is it more epic and has better soundtrack, but it's a bit harder and more original. I really like the whole aspect of that fight. I mean sure it's not nearly as epic as say the final boss of Yoshi's Island but it's still quite epic. At least for such a cute game, it is. - darthvadern

The main boss, I love him!

2 Miss Cluck
3 Naval Piranha (Yoshi's Island)

For me it's the best one. I mean he not only has the best and most badass soundtrack of this game and is very fun and original but, his setting is awesome as you fight him in the sewers and it's awesome. Sewer settings are in my opinion quite fun in video games and this was no exception and this guy is one of the harder bosses in this game as well. You have to be extra careful to avoid his attacks. Oh yeah and I like his design as well a lot so there's that as well. He's after all a classic in terms of Yoshi bosses. I won't really be too surprised if he reappears in Yoshi's Crafted World to be honest really considering how much of a classic he is, along with Burt the Bashful. - darthvadern

Yery hard

4 Bunson the Hot Dog

One of the game's cutelord characters. I mean these hot dog enemies, which are basically red dogs which giant heads that spit out fireballs were already cute enough and this is just so cute as well. This is one of those bosses you don't want to fight because of how cute it is and you immediately start to feel bad for them as you defeat him. But his cuteness is what makes me really love this boss battle. I mean it's an entertaining boss as well and really fun one, just don't like that I have to kill this one. His design is just so cute. The soundtrack is probably one of my least favourite of the game, but eh, this boss is still quite awesome in my honest opinion. So yeah. This one's on here surely. - darthvadern

One of my favorites

5 Burt the Bashful

He's basuc but then agian, he's the first world boss in the entire game. And to be fair, he's a classic. He and Naval Piranha (along with Baby Bowser) are the only boss battles in this game that originally had an appearence in the original Yoshi's Island and they have always been quite fun bosses. Burt is a bit basic, and a bit way too easy but you can't deny how catchy that soundtrack in the background is. I really like how after each time you damage him, he'll spawn two copies of him that he'll balance on kinda and makes the player perspective bigger and I really like that. So yeah Burt still deserves some love in my opinion to be honest really. - darthvadern

6 Sniffburg the Unfeeling

It's "Snifberg" but eh. He's one of the best. Especially in terms of its soundtrack. For such a cute and charming and nostalgic video game, this is some true badass heavy metal with different phases. I mean there's even a different phase that plays when the boss is vulnerable and the standard one and it's quite badass. Even the name of the boss is just epic. He is a large snifit surrounded by a huge ice cup that must be broken so that you can actually attack him and damage him and yeah I love it. It truly fits as the final "world boss" before the final world of the game and it gives a nice feeling that's quite epic in my opinion. Let's not forget how badass Snifberg the Unfeeling looks as well, I mean I really like that design. - darthvadern

7 Para Koopa Troopa

He's called Knot-Wing the Koopa. Anyway, so there's two mid-bosses in the game. There's Big Montgomery who's fought in the oddly numbered worlds such as World 1, 3 and 5, and then there's Knot-Wing the Koopa who's fought in the even numbered worlds such as World 2, 4 and 6. Knot-Wing Koopa is the better of them. There's no contest as he's actually good whereas Big Montgomery is after all the only bad boss of the game. I mean this one has the catchiest song in the entire game and the boss itself is quite fun and original. Knot-Wing the Koopa is one fat koopa with a huge belly to the point you have to ground pound on his belly in order to damage him. One thing for sure is that he's way better than the other mid-boss. He's actually a pretty good boss for a mid-boss and makes the fortress levels in this game much better than they'd otherwise be. - darthvadern

8 Big Montgomery

Of all bosses this is the only one I dislike. It's about as basic as it can get and is just a big monty mole made of wool and is the mid-boss of the oddly numbered worlds. Considering World 1 is an oddly numbered world that might explain why he's so terrible because he's supposed to be super easy. His soundtrack really isn't any better. It's rather basic and stale, even though I guess it's kinda catchy, but that's not saying much. Because of how basic he is, this is my least favourite boss in the entire game. - darthvadern

9 Big Montgomery Round 2

See my comment for Big Montgomery - darthvadern

10 Koopa Round 2

This is his best battle I think maybe - darthvadern

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11 Big Montgomery Round 3

See my comment for Big Montgomery - darthvadern

The ice is cool

12 Koopa Round 3

He's awesome here - darthvadern

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1. Naval Piranha (Yoshi's Island)
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3. Baby Bowser


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