Top Ten Best Poor Girl Rich Guy Korean Dramas

The best korean dramas with poor girl rich guy cliché.

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1 The Heirs (2013)

All characters except the female lead are rich. There are multiple plots so it never gets boring. Love it when the school bully falls for the good girl.

Park Shin Hye is a very good actress. The plot is good. It combines comedy and drama seamlessly. Casting was excellent. So is the direction. And Lee is very good looking

The best Korean drama every watch. I never get bored of watching it

Great T.V. show and very funny and romantic at the same time in some of the scenes

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2 Goong (2006)

This is the best drama.

Really enjoy watching this drama. love it very much. you must see

I love it

Best Korean drama ever 😍

3 Secret Garden (2012)

The best thing about this drama is that although they used a lot of the typical clichés, the writers did a great job with twisting things around so it had an unexpected outcome. I found it rather hard to get attached to this drama at first, but I'm so glad that I stuck with it. This is without a doubt one of my favourite romantic dramas ever!

This drama is good. But the first

Sorry for the first comments?
But the first episode the girls shows my felling turn down like I'm quite watching this drama but of you continue watching this you can learned how to seduce girls if its work good for you but if its not work bad for you anyway this drama good and romantic

This is the best in this category! The Super Rich CEO of a Department Store falls head over heels on this super captivating poor stunt woman,The Drama was excellently executed.You'll definitely love both leads, the chemistry is super undeniable.!

The Best K-Drama ever!
Trust me

4 My Princess (2011)
5 Boys Over Flowers (2009)

I'm currently watching this and I legit am watching multiple dramas so I don't finish it quickly because it's too good, I want to cherish it and savour the taste of the drama. I fall in love with Lee Min Ho then hate him after one episode then love him again then hate him again and it's an endless cycle, Boys Over Flowers IS A MUST WATCH!

A classic and a must for anyone looking into Asian dramas. Rich bully of the school gets knocked down (literally) by the poor girl. He begins to fall for her.

This is the best drama I have ever seen. The love of rich to poor girl and her boldness is very cute.

It bought out all my emotions. Its hilarious and serious at times but the background music doesn't suit the drama at times.
After watching this, I started watching all of Lee Min Ho's T.V. Shows...

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6 The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (2007)

Best Romantic Comedy drama. Goong Yo is amazing and his leading lady is very pretty.

7 Emergency Couple (2014)

It didn't really imply that she was poor but he was rich. - Bevy12

Best drama that I've watched till now!

Really love the story

I love how song ji hyo acts

8 Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011)

This is a cute drama. I love this drama so much. It made me laugh but it also made me cry. That's what makes it a good Kdrama

I love this kdrama! It doesn't get enough love in my opinion. I can see 2 very distinct scenes in my head when I think of this show. 1 is when he smacks an egg on his head thinking it's hardboiled and gets yolk all over him and the 2nd is the dramatic kiss scene. A great cast of characters in the leads. - NerdBunny

9 Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

This Drama is multiple genres to me, thriller, mystery and romance. This drama helped me find my favourite genre, and the leads are an actual couple so the chemistry is there.

Wow this is my very favorite k-drama because the lead actress is very strong and the lead actor is very handsome and rich so I like the plot of this story... is very funny and very entertaining... best korean drama ever 2017

Best drama ever

One of the best kdramas I have seen so far... I Absolutely love it.

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10 Inspiring Generation

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11 My Secret Romance

This is just too cute.You must see the drama. It makes you wanna wish you could live that romance.

Amazing and funny drama. One of my favorite. Though some jokes r a bit for “older” audiences.

12 Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Love this so much... I want to see part 2

Amazing and sad love story

Touching story

13 Dong Yi (2010)


14 Noble, My Love

Really cool and nice drama

On of my favorites

One of my favorite kdramas of all time. I recommend to those who have not watched it yet!

I have watched many kdrama, Lakorn etc since I first fell in love with it and Noble My Love is 1 of those that stands out in the bunch..

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15 My Girl (2006)

Really the best! Everything about it! I watched many dramas but this one is the one, where I can laugh after 100 times watching it!

Oh really, the past dramas are the best

Best ever drama

One of the best

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16 My Love from the Star

One of the best

Loves can bring people of the two old together.

I So Love This One! the guy is so Cute

Cheon Song Yi was also rich though...

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17 Fated to Love You

Cute and funny drama. Love it!

Absolutely LOVE this drama jang hyuk & jang na ra were perfect in their roles ugh it's so good I want to watch it again bless this drama

Its really awesome..the chemistry between the leads are really magnificent

18 Master's Sun (2013)

This is my favorite drama because the girl can see ghosts but whenever she touches the main lead they go away

Best Drama Ever... love the actors, their play is on top, everything is done perfectly.

One of my favourite

It is really a great drama.😂

19 Oh! My Lady (2010)

Rich actor and his divorced classmate

20 Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)

AHH, one of my favorites! I wouldn't really consider this a poor girl, rich guy plot...but nevertheless, it's a superb drama. Characters are well-developed and the twists & turns will pull you in.

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