Top Ten Best Poor Girl Rich Guy Korean Dramas

The best korean dramas with poor girl rich guy cliché.

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1 The Heirs (2013)

This is the drama that got me hooked to the K-dramas. The amazing cast and the unique concept sets it apart from other dramas and is a must watch

The first kdrama I saw.. kim woo bin is so hot I even can't... - sissy

All characters except the female lead are rich. There are multiple plots so it never gets boring. Love it when the school bully falls for the good girl.

Just finished this drama and it is by far the best poor girl rich guy cliche drama. The basic storyline is a love triangle that consists of 2 super rich 17 year old guys and a very poor 17 year old girl. It's hilarious and also great romance as well. I recommend it as this kind of cliche drama, and you should totally watch it!

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2 Goong (2006)

This is the best drama.

My most favorite kdrama along with stairway to heaven! To-watch drama when I'm in the mood to be inlove haha I love eun hye and ji hoon!

Really enjoy watching this drama. love it very much. you must see

I love it

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3 Secret Garden (2012)

This is by far the best rich guy poor girl drama out here. 2019 and still undefeated in my heart and trust me I've seen tons and tons of dramas but this one is still so fresh in my memory. It takes quite a few episodes to really get into the main story but I stuck with it and it was so worth it. The chemistry between the leads was incredible, and so is the entire OST. Made me laugh and cry buckets. The secondary characters also gets the spotlight in this one. It's one of the most beloved and iconic dramas in Korea, parodied and referenced countless times for a reason.

The best thing about this drama is that although they used a lot of the typical clichés, the writers did a great job with twisting things around so it had an unexpected outcome. I found it rather hard to get attached to this drama at first, but I'm so glad that I stuck with it. This is without a doubt one of my favourite romantic dramas ever!

This drama is good. But the first

Sorry for the first comments?
But the first episode the girls shows my felling turn down like I'm quite watching this drama but of you continue watching this you can learned how to seduce girls if its work good for you but if its not work bad for you anyway this drama good and romantic

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4 My Princess (2011)
5 Boys Over Flowers (2009)

I love this drama I want to see new parts also

It is pretty if you haven't watched it give it a go ahead and lee min ho is in it

One of the best

Very nice drama until I'm still watching..

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6 The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (2007)

Best Romantic Comedy drama. Goong Yo is amazing and his leading lady is very pretty.

7 Emergency Couple (2014)

Best drama ever and the plot is so special... I love it

It didn't really imply that she was poor but he was rich. - Bevy12

Best drama that I've watched till now!

Really love the story

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8 Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011)

Loved Jung Il Woo here and I actually like the comedy part.

This is a cute drama. I love this drama so much. It made me laugh but it also made me cry. That's what makes it a good Kdrama

I love this kdrama! It doesn't get enough love in my opinion. I can see 2 very distinct scenes in my head when I think of this show. 1 is when he smacks an egg on his head thinking it's hardboiled and gets yolk all over him and the 2nd is the dramatic kiss scene. A great cast of characters in the leads. - NerdBunny

9 Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

love love

I love this drama. Waiting for season 2. They both are great couple.

This Drama is multiple genres to me, thriller, mystery and romance. This drama helped me find my favourite genre, and the leads are an actual couple so the chemistry is there.

Wow this is my very favorite k-drama because the lead actress is very strong and the lead actor is very handsome and rich so I like the plot of this story... is very funny and very entertaining... best korean drama ever 2017

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10 Inspiring Generation

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11 My Secret Romance

That shows was awesome. Also heartwarming.

It's so dope

It's a beautiful drama, I love it. It's adorable and funny and it's suck in my head. The lead characters are so perfect in so many ways

New and looks promising

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12 Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

I want part 2

The ending is so sad. But I am looking forward to part 2. This Is the BEST drama I have watched. With the lead character wang so who is cold. Ugh my favorite

The ending broke me to the core,but it was a drama I would always recollect back to.
Wang So had the scary vibes,though,in an another way, he was so vulnerable,too.
Hae so was such an exceptional character.

I can't put in words how beautiful this drama actually is. I’ve been watching so many dramas from Turkish to Japanese to Korean to German to American, but this one is by far one of the most beautiful and breathtaking dramas, which shows all sides of true love. Just amazing. I really hope the producers see the potential in the plot, actors and actresses to produce a second season. No words. Definitely underrated by no reason.

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13 Dong Yi (2010)


14 Noble, My Love


The best

Really cool and nice drama

On of my favorites

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15 What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

Mi so was very beautiful and elegant and great chemistry between them

Absolutely one of my favorites. She is BEAUTIFUL and it's a good drama!

I really love this drama as the ceo's mother isn't the type of woman who would oppose her son's relationship with a girl who isn't rich.

Best movie ever

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16 My Girl (2006)

Lee Dong Wook as Seol Gong Chan is just so handsome and rich. =D

the best

Bestt drama I have ever seen!

Really the best! Everything about it! I watched many dramas but this one is the one, where I can laugh after 100 times watching it!

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17 Cinderella and four knights

I love it

Its amazing! I love the girl she is funny! my favorite part in the show is when she drinks the rice wine instead of the milk on accident and gets drunk and says funny stuff wach it its amazing

I really like son naeun and ahn jae hyun together
one of my favorite couples

One of my favourite dramas. Told the story beautifully. The female protogonist is my hero. The characters are well developed. Great show!

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18 Fated to Love You

So sweet. Love love love this drama.

Best comedy drama

Yes - Lol43211

Cute and funny drama. Love it!

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19 My Love from the Star

Love this drama

One of the best

Loves can bring people of the two old together.

I So Love This One! the guy is so Cute

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20 1% of Anything

Best drama I’ve watched. Wishing that its episode last longer.

Among this rich guy pot I love this drama very much worth watching

This is a must watch drama to those who love rich man poor women kind of plot.

Really nice drama

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21 Master's Sun (2013)

This is my favorite drama because the girl can see ghosts but whenever she touches the main lead they go away

Best Drama Ever... love the actors, their play is on top, everything is done perfectly.

One of my favourite

It is really a great drama.😂

22 Me Too Flower (2011)
23 Playful Kiss

I've watched this drama in full a couple *dozen times and episodes far more. One of my first dramas and I fell in love with it. Watching again NOW as I type...great romance--he doesn't want to love her but against his will falls hard!

This version of Itazura na kiss is the best one so far! I really liked the lead actor who's cold at first and gradually melted the ice in his heart and turn to be a sweet husband to Oh Ha Ni.

My fave drama

This drama is funny and quite romance please enjoy this drama

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24 That Winter, The Wind Blows

The best drama ever for me..

Nice drama

25 Oh! My Lady (2010)

Siwon is so handsome and cute here

Rich actor and his divorced classmate

26 Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)

Best drama ever, more than perfect

AHH, one of my favorites! I wouldn't really consider this a poor girl, rich guy plot...but nevertheless, it's a superb drama. Characters are well-developed and the twists & turns will pull you in.

27 Uncontrollably Fond

Kim woo bin oh gawd - sissy

I am in love with kim woo bin

One of my favorites, it's a must see... but I cried a lot … and even more when I found that he is having cancer in real life

Awesome...perfect...must watch

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28 Protect the Boss

It's very nice and has a good comedy. the love-triangle is so funny❤️

29 Lie To Me

One of the best drama, yoon eun-hye and kang ji hwan played really good, I love their chemistry and I guess I'll be rewatch this drama soon xo!

Sooo funny and romantic

30 Cheese in the Trap

Really loved this drama

It was very nice and sad drama

31 The Legend of the Blue Sea

I love this drama...

32 Brilliant Legacy

You wont regret, definitely one of the best!

33 W - Two Worlds

The best one out there! This is definitely a must watch!

Cutest love story
Lee Jong Suk is way too romantic
A must watch
Full of romance, thriller and twists

34 Meteor Garden

Origianl Meteor Garden 2001 (Taiwan) is the best of the best! Jerry Yan is a great actor and so is Barbie Hsu and Vic Chou, Vaness Wu and Ken Chu. Watch is guys! It's a classic treasure!

35 Heartstrings

If you a fans of Jung Yong Hwa, Cnblue.. You need to watch this drama. This is the best drama ever!

If you are a fan of musical dramas, it is a must watch. The OSTs are great!

36 Prime Minister and I

It’s the best show really no kidding. The prime minister and a reporter it’s like amazing

37 Reply 1998

Best drama ever made... so realistic... teaches us the way the care and love people around us... ordinary people with extra ordinary heart... made a difference in my life

It has a great storyline and best plot
Way to go...ongoing

38 High Society

loved it

Its about two couples and both couples are hella cute!
Everyone should watch it! Especially fans of hyungsik SHOULD watch it!

39 My Lovely Sam Soon

Most relatable female lead in a drama hANDS DOWN. so so will laugh and laugh. Totally a classic

40 Cheongdam-dong Alice
41 High-End Crush

It's awesome! And funny...If you are a Jung ll woo fan..This is a must watch!...But it's a web series...About kinda short...20 to 15 min each...But it's worth it.

42 The Beauty Inside

I love this drama...

43 Click Your Heart

You must watch it

44 The Greatest Love
45 I Have a Lover

After the first 10 episodes of affair, husband tries to win back his divorced wife. Best screenplay and best romance.

46 Radiant Office

Love this movie..i dun mind watching it again.

47 Well Intended Love

The drama starts with a "poor" girl with cancer and the only person who can save her is a rich ceo of her company. So to convince him to help her she has to chase him a few times and acept his deal!

The deal is, she must marry him, but the two of them have conditions! �'

My personal opinion: he seems cold outside but more episodes you watch you will see how he cares about this deal and her. In otherhand she is not easy to amuse with the money but she feels thankfull for him had gave her a change to live.

48 You're the Best!

It is has got 50 episodes but it was worth watching. It features a girl finding out about her real mum and the truth about her dad. It is a cute romance/comedy kdrama. I live it so much!

49 Cunning Single Lady

Watch it, watch it, watch it

50 She Was Pretty (2015)

About a girl Kim Ki Ji Won who was once pretty when she was young but later on her appearance change when she was becoming a teenager. It was her genes in which she got from her father.

Kim Ji Won (The leading female character) had a neighbor/ boy best friend. He was fat and cute and they became friends. Later on, he migrated to the USA with his father leaving Ji Won behind who are now facing bankruptcy.

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