Top Ten Best Poor Girl Rich Guy Korean Dramas


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21 Cinderella and four knights

One of my favourite dramas. Told the story beautifully. The female protogonist is my hero. The characters are well developed. Great show!

22 1% of Anything

This is a must watch drama to those who love rich man poor women kind of plot.

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23 Reply 1998

Best drama ever made... so realistic... teaches us the way the care and love people around us... ordinary people with extra ordinary heart... made a difference in my life

It has a great storyline and best plot
Way to go...ongoing

24 Playful Kiss
25 My Secret Romance

New and looks promising

26 Cheese in the Trap
27 The Legend of the Blue Sea
28 High Society

Its about two couples and both couples are hella cute!
Everyone should watch it! Especially fans of hyungsik SHOULD watch it!

29 Cheongdam-dong Alice
30 Heartstrings
31 Uncontrollably Fond
32 My Secret Romance
33 Brilliant Legacy
34 Lie To Me
35 Click Your Heart

You must watch it

36 Prime Minister and I
37 Protect the Boss
38 My Lovely Sam Soon
39 High-End Crush

It's awesome! And funny...If you are a Jung ll woo fan..This is a must watch!...But it's a web series...About kinda short...20 to 15 min each...But it's worth it.

40 The Greatest Love
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