Top Ten Most Poorly Made Roblox Games

The Top Ten Most Poorly Made Roblox Games. Please make sure that this place is really poorly made!

The Top Ten

1 Roblox Mega Game Hub

My game. Yes, this is poorly made for now. - packid851

2 Ytp World

Just pictures of ytp characters on a boring baseplate - packid851

3 All Place Games

You didn't do anything! - packid851

4 Clickbait Games

Then they teleport you to "Youtube tycoon"

And they're usually some boring tycoon! - wrests

All they use are pre-made models or kits. - packid851

5 Games Claiming to Give Robux

Hackers written all over it. - packid851

6 Some Area 51 Games

Not all, but some. - packid851

7 Short Obbys

What do you even get as a prize? Nothing. - packid851

8 Most Rollercoasters

That Django

(#= some random number) guy does make some good coasters! - packid851

9 Climb the Tallest Building in Roblox

Sooo boring. - packid851

10 Games that Rip Off Famous Games

Cheapo is its name-o. - packid851

The Contenders

11 Roblox

Lol burnn - YouShallEatPoopy

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