Most Pop-Like Metal Bands

This is a list about metal bands (or at least bands that are considered as metal), who have a strong Pop-influence, such as very catchy and radio friendly choruses, easy-listening, many ballads and sing-along songs.

Vote for the most pop-like metal band in your opinion. Opinions vary, so don't take this too seriously.

And if you don't agree, make your own remix!

The Top Ten

1 Babymetal Babymetal Babymetal is a Japanese metal idol band. Their line-up consists of Suzuka Nakamoto as "Su-metal", Yui Mizuno as "Yuimetal", and Moa Kikuchi as "Moametal".

Honestly these bands are the best gateway to introduce pop-lovers to metal - yungstirjoey666

This is Tr00 Kvlt Babymetal


The queens of pop-metal hailing from Japan. - Juli

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2 Amaranthe Amaranthe Amaranthe is a Swedish heavy metal band notable for having three lead vocalists: Elize Ryd, Jake E. Lundberg, and Henrik Englund Wilhemsson, each presenting a different vocal style. Their second album, The Nexus, reached 6th on Swedish charts, 4th on Finnish charts, and reached a peak of 12th on the more.

Amaranthe mixes pop, eurodance, electronic, power metal and death metal elements in their music.

Yes, the vocals (especially elize ryd's vocals) and backing music is really pop sounding. Though some riffs are hard rock/metal riffs. I think that's a good thing. Good metal band to start with. - zxm

3 Within Temptation Within Temptation Within Temptation is a Dutch symphonic metal band founded in April 1996 by vocalist Sharon den Adel and guitarist Robert Westerholt.
4 Ghost Ghost Ghost is a Swedish heavy metal band that was formed in Linköping in 2008. Ghost consists of 5 masked instrumentalists, known as The Nameless Ghouls, and a demonic anti-pope known as Papa Emeritus. They have released 4 studio albums, 1 live album and 2 EPs. Each album brings in a new version of Papa more.
5 Dragonforce Dragonforce DragonForce are a British power metal band based in London, England. Formed in 1999, the group are known for their long and fast guitar solos, fantasy-themed lyrics, and electronic sounds in their music to add to their retro video game-influenced sound.
6 Poison Poison Poison is an American glam and hard rock band that achieved great commercial success in the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s.
7 Five Finger Death Punch Five Finger Death Punch Five Finger Death Punch, often shortened to Five Finger or Death Punch, also abbreviated as 5FDP or FFDP, is an American Heavy Metal band from Las Vegas, Nevada. Formed in 2005, the band's name comes from the kung fu movie The Five Fingers of Death.

It's more like "wannabe tough guy metal", but the choruses are in most cases very pop-like, the gutturals are rather radiofriendly in comparison with extreme metal bands and the instruments are very "easy-listening".

The first 2 albums weren't bad though, just a little simple for metal. - Flav

8 Disturbed Disturbed Disturbed is an American nu metal/ alternative rock/ alternative metal band from Chicago, Illinois. The band comprises vocalist David Draiman, bassist John Moyer, guitarist Dan Donegan, and drummer Mike Wengren. They are known for songs like "Down With the Sickness" and "Stricken" .

Great list!
I personally think disturbed sounds more like an alternative metal, not pop to my ears - ryanrimmel

9 Sonic Syndicate Sonic Syndicate Sonic Syndicate is a heavy metal band from Falkenberg, Sweden. They are influenced by Swedish melodic death metal bands such as In Flames and Soilwork and American metalcore bands like Killswitch Engage and All That Remains.

Seriously... "Melodic Death Metal"!? that's ridiculous, they sound extremely cheesy and soft, the vocal style is mainy clean and pop-alike, and the instrumental work is kept very simple.
This is definitely a Pop-Metal band. - Juli

10 Falling in Reverse Falling in Reverse Falling in Reverse is an American post hardcore band from Las Vegas, Nevada, formed in 2008, signed to Epitaph Records.

The Newcomers

? Slipknot Slipknot Slipknot is an American Heavy Metal band formed in 1995 from Iowa. The band is best known as one of the pioneers of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal during the late 1990s - 2000s and are distinguishable by the band's clothing choices, consisting of black/red jumpsuits and horror inspired masks. more.
? Nightwish Nightwish Nightwish is a symphonic metal band from Kitee, Finland. The band was formed in 1996 by lead songwriter and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen, guitarist Emppu Vuorinen, and lead singer Tarja Turunen. It's currently formed by Tuomas, Emppu, lead vocalist Floor Jansen, bassist and vocalist Marco Hietala, more.

The Contenders

11 Avenged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold is an American alternative metal band, that was formed 1999 in California. Their longest lineup of members was M. Shadows (Vocals), Synyster Gates (Lead Guitar), Zacky Vengeance (Rhythm Guitar), Johnny Christ (Bass Guitar), and The Rev (Drums). more.
12 Alter Bridge Alter Bridge Alter Bridge is an American rock band from Orlando, Florida, formed in 2004. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Myles Kennedy, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall, and drummer Scott Phillips.

It's Alternative Metal not Pop Metal at all. - Soulstealer

They aren't a metal band, just many people believe they are. - Metal_Treasure

13 Korn Korn Korn is an American Nu-Metal band from Bakersfield, California, formed in 1993. The band's current lineup includes founding members Jonathan Davis, James "Munky" Shaffer, Brian "Head" Welch, and Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu, with the addition of Ray Luzier, who replaced the band's original member, David more.
14 Avantasia Avantasia Avantasia is a German supergroup rock opera project created by Tobias Sammet, vocalist of the band Edguy.

Avantasia is a more complicated case and I have mixed opinions about them.
Yes, for some of their songs they deserve to be on this list. These songs are my biggest problem with Avantasia because I'm a massive fan of Tobi's voice but if I wanna hear his voice I have to listen to certain songs. On the other hand, Avantasia also have very complex epic songs with the best vocal performances on this list (vox from Tobi and all great guest singers). - Metal_Treasure

The high school Musical of metal

They got nominated for Germany's ESC-candidate but lost against some weebo girl. I'm not a fan of Avantasia but their Chance of winning would be higher since they sound not THAT dull...

15 Volbeat Volbeat Volbeat are a Danish heavy metal band formed in Copenhagen in 2001. They play a fusion of rock and roll, heavy metal and rockabilly.

They sound more like a hard rock and sometimes groove metal band - ryanrimmel

16 Sevendust Sevendust Sevendust is an American heavy metal quintet from Atlanta, dating back to 1994. more.
17 Stratovarius Stratovarius Stratovarius is a Finnish power metal band that formed in 1984. Since their formation, they have released 16 studio albums, 4 DVD and 3 live albums.
18 Cradle of Filth Cradle of Filth Cradle of Filth are a British extreme metal band that formed in Suffolk in 1991. The band's musical style evolved from black metal to a cleaner and more "produced" amalgam of gothic metal, symphonic black metal and other extreme metal styles.

Who put this band here is full of ignorance... the one should be here is Metallica!

What!? Cradle of Filth and Pop!?
whoever posted this must be deaf

19 Linkin Park Linkin Park Linkin Park is an American rock band formed in Agoura Hills, California, in 1996. The members currently include Mike Shinoda (vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar), Brad Delson (guitar), Dave "Phoenix" Farrell (bass), Joe Hahn (DJ) and Rob Bourdon (drums). Linkin Park are associated with a mixture of Alternative more.
20 Anthrax Anthrax Anthrax is an American thrash metal band from New York City, formed in 1981 by guitarist Scott Ian and bassist Dan Lilker.
21 In Flames In Flames In Flames is a Swedish melodic death metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden, formed in 1990. more.
22 Rammstein Rammstein Rammstein is a German Neue Deutsche Härte and Industrial Metal band consisting of Till Lindemann (vocals), Richard Kruspe (guitar), Paul Landers (guitar), Oliver Riedel (electric bass), Christoph Schneider (drums) and Christian Lorenz (keyboard), that formed in 1994 in Berlin . more.

They're amazing - LightningStrike

Once they were good... now they are indeed "pop-y"

23 Alestorm Alestorm Alestorm is a heavy metal band originally from Perth, Scotland. Their music is characterized by a pirate theme, and as a result they have been dubbed a "pirate metal" band by many critics and their fanbase.
24 Apocalyptica Apocalyptica Apocalyptica is a Finnish metal band from Helsinki, Finland formed in 1993. The band is composed of classically trained cellists Eicca Toppinen, Paavo Lötjönen, and Perttu Kivilaakso and drummer Mikko Sirén.

I really really love "Plays Metallica by Four Cellos", "Inquisition Symphony" and "Cult". "Reflections" was also pretty good, but...
the new albums are some kind of poprock metal with cellos? - Isaax

25 Alice In Chains Alice In Chains Alice in Chains is an American rock band formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1987 by guitarist and songwriter Jerry Cantrell and original lead vocalist Layne Staley.

What is pop about them? - Soulstealer

26 Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails is an American industrial rock band and, founded in 1988 by Trent Reznor in Cleveland, Ohio.

How? - Soulstealer

27 Korpiklaani Korpiklaani
28 Rob Zombie Rob Zombie Rob Zombie (born Robert Bartleh Cummings) is an American heavy metal musician, film director, screenwriter and film producer. His career launched in 1985 when he formed the heavy metal band White Zombie. Following their breakup, he began a successful solo career. Zombie began directing in the early more.
29 A Day To Remember A Day To Remember A Day to Remember (often abbreviated ADTR) is an American rock band from Ocala, Florida, founded in 2003 by guitarist Tom Denney and drummer Bobby Scruggs. They are known for their unusual amalgamation of metalcore and pop punk. The band currently consists of vocalist Jeremy McKinnon, rhythm guitarist more.
30 Parkway Drive Parkway Drive Parkway Drive is an Australian metalcore band from Byron Bay, New South Wales, formed in 2003. As of 2015, Parkway Drive has released five full-length albums, one EP, two DVDs, a split album and one book, titled Ten Years of Parkway Drive.

I don't see the "pop" in there, but that's just my opinion. - Flav

I agree with Flav here. I don't see pop in their songs. - zxm

A detail - Parkway Drive aren't even on Encyclopaedia Metallum (The Metal Archives), meaning the metal content in their songs is not enough to be called a metal band. Need I say more? - Metal_Treasure

Australian metalcore band. - Metal_Treasure

31 Eyes Set To Kill
32 JBO
33 Iron Maiden Iron Maiden Iron Maiden are an English heavy metal band formed in Leyton, East London, in 1975 by bassist and primary songwriter Steve Harris. The most critically acclaimed period for the band was from 1983-1989. With vocalist Bruce Dickinson, bassist Steve Harris, lead guitarist Dave Murray, rhythm guitarist Adrian more.
34 Black Veil Brides Black Veil Brides Black Veil Brides is an American rock band currently consisting of Andy Biersack (vocals), Jinxx (guitar), Jake Pitts (guitar), Christian Coma (drums) and Ashley Purdy (bass), that formed in 2006 in Ohio. more.
35 Motley Crue Motley Crue Mötley Crüe was an American metal band formed in Los Angeles, California on January 17, 1981. The group was founded by bassist Nikki Sixx and drummer Tommy Lee, lead vocalist Vince Neil and lead guitarist Mick Mars.

I expect more glam bands in this list - yungstirjoey666

36 Evanescence Evanescence Evanescence is an American rock band founded in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1995 by singer/pianist Amy Lee and guitarist Ben Moody.

If Falling in Reverse and Linkin Park is here, then we may as well put Evanescence as well - yungstirjoey666

37 Metallica Metallica Metallica is an American Thrash Metal band formed in 1981 . The original lineup was James Hetfield (Vocalist and Rhythm guitarist), Dave Mustaine (Lead Guitar), Lars Ulrich (Drums), Ron McGovney (Bassist). The group came into mainstream from their Self-Titled album and the hit single "Enter Sandman". more.

They don't really have a pop-sound, but they did have Enter Sandman - yungstirjoey666

38 Megadeth Megadeth Megadeth is an American thrash metal band from Los Angeles, California. Megadeth was formed in 1983 by guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist David Ellefson, shortly after Mustaine was fired from Metallica. They have released 15 studio albums to date, and have gone through many lineup changes, with Dave more.

Similar to Metallica - yungstirjoey666

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