Top Ten Pop/Rap Fan Stereotypes

If I'm being real, I can not stand pop and rap music, well, the newer stuff of course. Their fanbase is obviously one of the many contributors towards my hate for these genres. I will be listing some common stereotypes thrown around about fans of pop/rap. If I missed anything, feel free to add some of your own stereotypes about pop/rap fans

The Top Ten

They think pop and rap are the only good genres
They are unintelligent
They will attack you for liking certain genres

Such as rock, metal, punk, and even country - IronFist13

They have poor grammar

For example: "your just jellis. U don't no real muzik u emo" - IronFist13

They only like their music because it's mainstream

This is so true! - Userguy44

They can ruin certain songs/artists for you

Prime example: Bruno Mars - IronFist13

They lack inspiration
They get butthurt if you speak negatively about their genre

Metal/Rock fans are the bullies saying horrible things to the fans who don't even say anything and just enjoy pop music. Its pathetic. Using stupid slang like butthurt. Sorry if I can't stand a song about death and doom its not my fault I don't want to listen to misery. I'm not even a teenager my teen days had been the days of Girls Aloud, Westlife, remembering the typo in the mizz magazine for the Now album when it said Justine Timberlake haha instead of Justin Timberlake.

They worship their favorite artists as gods

I'm a fan of Justin Bieber and One Direction but my favourite is Olly Murs but I do not think of my favourite as a god. I also like nostalgia like Spice Girls, Steps, S Club 7 and S Club Juniors/8

No wonder. Artists themselves do it: I Am a God - Kanye West, Rap God - Eminem, and so on. - Metal_Treasure

Looking at you, Beliebers and Directioners - IronFist13

They do. - Userguy44

The only "rock" artists they care about are Imagine Dragons and Twenty One Pilots

Notice how I put quotation marks around the word 'rock'. That's because I don't count either of those artists as rock music. They're more electro indie pop intended for the lowest common denominator - IronFist13

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