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1 Yeki Hast - Morteza Pashaei

Perfect singer of the pop

He has a magical voice

Morteza pashaei was a great inspiration. He sang when he was suffering from stomach cancer and chemotherapy. No artist in the world has done that. He is a an inspiration for young artist every where. - Arto

Even James Hetfield had a Greta inspiration than Morteza Pashaei. Arabic punk. - DynastiNoble

God bless him

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2 Mosafer - Majid Kharatha

Majid kharatha king of emotion

King of emotion just Majid Kharatha, best song: Mosafer

King of emotion majid kharatha

King of emotion

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3 Problem - Ariana Grande

I love the fact that a couple of non-western singers are crushing Ariana Grande; is she really the best we have to offer?

This song possesses a four octave vocal range which is highly impressive!

The best song of these years is break free but this is of course 2nd

Ariana has such an amazing voice!

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4 Fancy - Iggy Azalea

This song sucks. Iggy has no creativity. It has quite a few cusses, annoying rap parts, and annoying lyrics. How can anyone consider this annoying popstar "fancy". I'm so fancy, you already know. Lyrics? Well a cow on steroids might think so. Also, Iggy is dumb. She copies Niki Minaj and Miley Cirius (I don't give a crud if I misspelled Miley' s last name) Anyhow, who would want to copy anyone who swings naked on a wrecking ball? Or has a song called "stupid hoe". Hmm. Seeing my point? She has a song called "black widow". So does Alice Cooper! Is some noob gonna steal song ideas? Yes, and that noob is Icky Azalea (I said Icky on purpose). I mean, the song says I'll love ya like a black widow. How can anyone love a venomous spider? And Taylor Swift has a song called "I knew you were trouble" and Iggy has "Trouble". I'm aware that it's not exact, but I smell drugs. #IggyIsACopyCat

The soundtrack to the training video for diesel motor tuning sounds better than this drivel.

This song is so trashy... The video isn't even good.

Pretty catchy song, but probably not in the top 10

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5 Go Time - Jackie Evancho

Although usually known as a Classical Crossover singer, this new release from Jackie Evancho is definitely "pop".

Good to see Jackie Evancho just being a teen for a change. Great to hear her sing an upbeat song. She can do it all.

Geez! What can this young lady not do?! Cool tune. This should get radio play. With such a great beat, and Jackie's phenomenal voice, the teens will love it.

When I first heard this song, I thought "Whoa! This is Jackie Evancho? " The tune grows on you.

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6 Really Don't Care - Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato and Cher Lloyd sound amazing together in one song

Wow this is a fun,and strong song to listen too. Me and my cousin Natasha play this song tohether

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7 Rude - Magic!

Should be number 1.

Hate this song. #thissongsucks. #magicsucks

Why you got to be so rrruuude

Y you gottta be so rude awesome song

8 Maps - Maroon 5

Awesome song... Surely deserves higher place...

Love this song so much it should play on the radio more

It actually kind of surprised me. It sounds like something they might have done on IWBSBL or Hands All Over.

The rest of the album though... - SammySpore

Love this song! It's so catchy!

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9 Bad Girl - Avril Lavigne

Simply, she's the Queen.

I hate this song. It's about sex.

Worst pop star ever

10 Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran

Such a sensitive, creative writer! Some of the most meaningful lyrics I have ever heard! Love, Love, LOVE this song! It never gets old, "it's Evergreen"!

This one of the best emotional music I have ever heard - golozar

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11 Can't Hold Us - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

I love this song and its awesome I'm going to listen to it right now that's how much I love it I'm acutely going to listen to it all day please respond back

AWESOME SONG but it's rap/hip hop! Not pop - TopTenListmaker

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12 Work - Iggy Azalea

I hate Iggy. She has no talent whatsoever. I started to hate her when she said "Watch out! It's Iggy time". She and Missy Elliot should meet. The two worst rap music artists in one room... I'd run away screaming. I'd also have proof that they both suck. #IggySucksAtRapping

This is another amazing song by Iggy Azalea, an amazing women. Iggy is perfect and this song is great! - ToptenPizza

Wait A Minute Isn't This A Hip Hop Song

I love this song. She has a lot of talent I love her

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13 Dark Horse - Katy Perry

Much better than some of these - TopMusicPicks

Todd in the Shadows already explained why this song sucks better than I could.

good song!

Well TopMusicPicks Can't Hold Us is way better,this is OK - TopTenListmaker

14 Mmm Yeah - Austin Mahone

Worst pop star ever

This song doesn't deserve to be on the list. It's too unoriginal and mainstream.

Mmm yeah? What? Is this a porno song? - SammySpore

1st)Um...who is this guy?
2nd)This is a song for 9 year olds
3rd)The song plain sucks and is pit-bull in the song? Cool but -> :L

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15 Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson

Seriously, this song gets very old, VERY FAST.

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16 Diamonds - Rihanna
17 Rather Be - Clean Bandit

Proving that you can combine classical and electronic music since whenever this list started

Great beat! Amazing vocals! Fun song!

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18 Blank Space - Taylor Swift

This song is the best

This song is good

19 Happy - Pharrell Williams

I don't care if this song is annoying! It's about being HAPPY! Why should anyone hate it!?

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20 No More Dream - BTS
21 One More Night - Maroon 5

This is supposed to be the first!

Worst pop star ever

Listen up I see "worst pop star ever" on every song and let me just say you suck. People may have special connections to these musicians (they may have saved their lives or helped them through a tough time), so why don't you think before you write something so inconsiderate?

22 7/11 - Beyonce
23 1004 (Angel) - B.A.P
24 Good Feeling - Flo Rida
25 All of Me - John Legend

Great song - FYI really don't care is an ICONapop ripoff of I don't care

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26 Zoomin' Zoomin' - Becky G.

Worst pop star ever

27 Pompeii - Bastille

This song is GREAT! Without a doubt my favorite. Song of 2014 and it's so unique. It's also very complex and the background monks are awesome

28 Girls Girls Girls - GOT7
29 Overdose - Exo

Why 18? I don't agree.

30 Cheerleader - Omi
31 What Are You Waiting For? - The Saturdays

Team Frankie, Rochelle, Una, Mollie and Vanessa. Love the saturdays best girl group in the world. What are you waiting for is the best dance single. listen to this track every day. I love this band so much. the saturdays are better than little mix

One of the best songs the saturdays have done! So glad this song is on the list, if your reading this, make sure you listen to this song! - jaythomo2

Best song in the world! Team Una, Frankie, Rochelle, Mollie and Vanessa

Love this song! The saturdays are the best girl group on the planet

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32 Hello Kitty - Avril Lavigne

Shut up you can't even make music so how about you try to do better

It is not the worst pop star ever you troll

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33 Drunk In Love - Beyonce
34 Sugar - Maroon 5

Song which deserves to be in top 3

35 One Shot - B.A.P

Worst pop star ever

36 Living Without You - Tulisa
37 Bad Blood - Taylor Swift

Love the music video to this, it has taylor swift, zendaya, selena Gomez, Jessica alba, cindy Crawford, ellie goulding, cara delevigne, Hayley Williams and more in the video

38 Shadow - Beast
39 Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
40 We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is a queen

41 Me & My Girls - Fifth Harmony

I love this song

42 Not Giving Up - The Saturdays
43 Flower - Yong Jun Hyung
44 Jadeye Yektarafe - Morteza Pashaei

If you listen it you would get this is the best - 2001d

He is the best singer and eternal

Morteza is the best singer & jadeye yektarafe is the song of his songs

I love this song very very much

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45 Obsession - U-Kiss
46 Flawless - Beyonce
47 Young - Tulisa
48 What About Us - The Saturdays
49 Wake Me Up - Avicii
50 A Sky Full of Stars - Coldplay

You can't beat Coldplay. I happen to be listening to them as I type. - Merilille

Brilliant song with good lyrics

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