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61 High by the Beach - Lana del Rey

Okay, I love Lana and she's a genius. But Honeymoon was a pretty weak album in my opinion, because except for High By The Beach, Art Deco and The Blackest Day there was no song that reeeally sticked to me. And Ultraviolence and Born To Die were mas! ter! pie! ces! But even though many people hate this song, I love it a lot and I still come back to it sometimes. amazing track

62 Budapest - George Ezra

No way man this song is actually pretty decent

I hate this song more than Justin bieber

63 Ex's & Oh's - Elle King
64 Centuries - Fall Out Boy
65 Sugar - Maroon 5
66 Honey I'm Good - Andy Grammer
67 Style - Taylor Swift
68 How Deep is Your Love - Calvin Harris & Disciples
69 Bitch I'm Madonna - Madonna

This is one of the worst things to ever come from Madonna.

This song is horrible and so immature! I wish she would shut up! - D0gLover970

This is the worst song of 2015. How is it even on this list?

Madonna, you are like 56, please stop! Just know that your career is over!

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70 If Only - Dove Cameron

I LOVE THIS! Mal and Evie are my role models! Aurdey is too! I have a crush on Ben! I was Mal for Maloween aka Halloween! MUCH MUCH BETTER than "Cool for the summer" and "Here"The two worst songs of the year! If only and set it off and Evie to the core are the best songs ever!

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71 Pretty Girls - Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea
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