Top 10 Poppiest Def Leppard Songs

We all know Def Leppard becasue of their Hysteria album but did you know that Def Leppard was once a Metal Band? Yup they were and have metal songs on their first two albums On Through the Night and High n Dry Pyromania is more Hard Rock and then Hysteria is when they started playing more poppier songs so here are Def Leppards most Poppiest songs

The Top Ten

1 Hysteria

This song is practically a Pop rock song - christangrant

Interesting the Sample is a 2013 Re-Record of the song - christangrant

2 Two Steps Behind

This is beautiful. Just...argh! Please don't use the "P" word to describe it. - Britgirl

3 Love Bites

Its no wonder that this was Def Leppards only number 1 hit - christangrant

4 Rocket
5 Let's Get Rocked

This is my favorite song on this list - neither too poppy nor too heavy. - Metal_Treasure

6 Love and Affection
7 Excitable
8 Armageddon It
9 Animal
10 Pour Some Sugar on Me
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