Top 10 Most Poppy Disturbed Songs

Disturbed is one of My Favorite bands And while they are know for their heaviness they can also have a poppy side to them so here are the most Poppy songs from them

The Top Ten

1 Darkness

This was the first Disturbed song that didn't have any Heaviness to it as it's a more experimental piece as This song use accoustic guutar and actually makes a pretty sad song - christangrant

2 The Sound of Silence

This is a Cover song and this song is very poppy this was Disturbeds first song they made after coming out of Hiatus and this song was so poppy that it actually reached the Billboard Hot 100 and it peaked at number 42 - christangrant

3 Mistress
4 Breathe
5 Devour
6 The Light
7 Ishfwilf
8 Open Your Eyes
9 You're Mine

Honestly Immortalized was more of a poppy album - jack2244

Yes that is true but whats wired is my Windows Media Player considers it a Pop album when it isn't id consider it Hard Rock but to Believe is also pretty poppy as well. - christangrant

10 Tyrant
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