Top Ten Poptropica Islands

Poptropica is an online virtual world that is played by over 75 million people. What do you think the best islands are on this popular game?

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1 Reality T.V.

A great island in my opinion. You got to do the usual poptropica stuff and then all of a sudden you make it on a reality T.V. show! Its sort of challenging to win it all but very very fun to try! And the best part is you can always go back and play another season of the show!

I had lots of fun with reality t.v. its like bomb and I love game shows

Reality T.V. is so easy! Here r some tips on how to pass.
1. Hanglider game- move your mouse to the top of the screen until your person disappears. Then, when everyone loses, you'll win!
2. Shuffleboard- Keep inching toward the win point. Very easy, I always win this! Also, watch out for Grandma Gracey & Grandpa Grump. They'll try to knock you off.
3. Coconut Turtle Shell Toss- Keep aiming for the 20. Keep the mouse in the middle, and stretch it as long as it'll go.
4. Cocunut Catch w/ the Monkey- So really. Stay. In. The. Middle. And. Also. The. Front. When in doubt, go to the back. Also, lastly, grab the bunches of 3 as often as you can.
5. Vote off these people: Grandma Gracy and Grandpa Grump, Director D. ( me & my friend say the D is 4 diva but he says its for dangerous ) Magic Mervin, Lassie Lasso, Betty Brownie, and also Brett Batter & Slim Slam.

Good Luck if your just starting the level!
P.S. the phone number for the pizza place is 555-7383

Its fun because you have to work hard to win immunity or you could lose the game. My favorite is the one where you have to get coconuts

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2 Mythology

I totally agree! Mythology is the BEST island. Its really long, but its a lot of fun... Everyone should play it! I hope everybody finds it fun and easy(even though the riddle in the labyrinth is hard! )

Perfect Star

I liked the island because it was completely flawless. There was nothing wrong with it what so ever. People should really play this game more often.

The best island made by poptropica... The storyline is entertaining then each place has a mystery to be solved

Of course it's number one it takes you to the underworld and under the sea!

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3 Counterfeit

Counterfeit is so much fun! I love the mystery in this one and how everything is slowly uncovered! I also LOVE the part where you have to go to Early Poptropica island as a part of Counterfeit island, it's just so cool! - pershian

Very interesting how you capture the theif and all of the secrets and things you discover. It is also fun how you study the paintings and chemicals. Although I wish you could save poor old balloon boy!

I love how you get to uncover the mysteries and use the different gadgets to see if the paintings were real or not. I also really liked the battle at the end where you go against Black Widow! Anyone who hasn't tried this island yet should, it's loads of fun!

Counterfeit island is one of my favorite islands! You get to learn and figure out if a painting is the real one or counterfeit by using chemicals and magnifying glasses, You get to actually travel to early poptropica to meet someone so it can be confidential, You have to think logically and really feel like your actually in the game as your find the heart pounding clues. So if you haven't played this yet I think you should :) Try doing it with a tutorial/walkthrough because I gotta say,... Its worth it!

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4 Time Tangled

I loved Time Tangled Island! It was very well thought out, and very much fun to play. This island required thought and knowledge of historical events. Speaking from the point of view of an older student, this island was intelligently crafted.

Fun, informative, requires thought and lets you travel to a ton of different time periods- definitely awesome

Time Tangled is a really fun experience, and this is coming from a fourth grader, so a kid who's meant to be playing poptropica. I think that Time Tangled definitely deserves a spot up here because of its creativity and overall fun with learning!

Time Tangled is so much fun and I love traveling from different time periods! It really teaches you a lot and is so fun to play!

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5 Spy

Spy island is awesome it's challenging but you feel like you really accomplished something! When you finish the island I suggest you try it!

Usually I would say Mythology was the best island, but this one was dead on a winner. I used to be scared of this island because I thought I'd be bald forever but haha that didn't happen at all. The lasers and the robots were challenging and I have to admit: it was hilarious when Director D ripped off his toupee only to reveal a bald head. Plus all the cool gadgets are fun to use, even if I'm terrible at using the grappling hook bowtie :) And like the last person said, I really felt like accomplishing something when I finished.

Trick fun and challenging finding cues to solve the mystery!

My absolute FAVORITE island!

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6 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Just like the movie! :D

Very challenging but fun. Who doesn't love almost drowning in a river of chocolate?


I really liked this island. It is just like the movie. It's very fun and very interesting. Not necessarily my favorite island but definitely one of the best.

I don't know never played this because it is only for members the demo is for non members

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7 S.O.S.

This was the first island I did and I loved it! It was fun doing all of the little games to rescue the people, and the problem solving too. I really enjoyed it, more people should play it!

What? Why is everyone SO crazy about this island?! You hate the person who made this island? Well that's extreme, rude, and WHY THE JUICE WOULD U SAY THAT! >! >! >!

This island was not bad. Tricky but interesting. You get to save all the passengers and have fun along the way.

I did not like this island

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8 Cryptids

I like how there is different variety of mysterious animal myths, how you had to travel around different areas to find them and also how each of the myths had their own different journey.

Cryptids is so fun! Yes, Mythology is entertaining, but the Boss fight is so hard! I really like the islands that have an equally challenging story plot, too. And I kinda suck at boss fights, so easy ones are great! Really really love this island mainly because of all the different scenarios you have to get through.

I love how you have to find all the monsters such a good game

I really like it

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9 Ghost Story

I loved it truly. The setting is perfect, with a heart warming storyline. I felt it was a beautiful love story... Perhaps asides from the twinge of sadness in it. :)
I most definitely recommend it.

I really enjoyed playing this island. It had a bit of suspense in it which made it even more fun! It was an awesome love story and I loved the ending!

I recommend it!

I loved Ghost Story. It had so many twists and turns and things you didn't expect. It had suspense that made everything very fun and exciting. And the romantic twist to it! It totally caught me off guard. I highly recommend this island and it should be put higher than Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I LOVED Ghost Story Island. It is DEFINITELY one of my favorites! The ending is sad but very heart warming. It definitely has an unexpected twist to it. I think this island is WAY better than Spy Island. Anyways, I highly recommend this island if your looking for something fun to do in your free time!

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10 Wimpy Boardwalk

This was funniest island I've ever played

If you love diary of a wimpy kid you'll love this island!

Eh, Wimpy Boardwalk wasn't truly my favorite... I didn't like it that much, and I rather prefer Classic Poptropica islands besides the copying of a book. I know that the creator of Poptropica is Jeff Kinney (author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid).

It is way to easy

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11 Mystery Train

This one was FANTASTIC! It took me three days but it was really outstanding because of all the little hints YOU had to find! 10/10 stars

I loved the Mystery Train! Although I had to look up a guide because it was confusing at some parts. Great storyline though :) It isn't too hard if you know what you're doing. I actually dressed my character to blend in with the time period (1900s)

I loved this island! It was so different than all of the other Poptropica islands!

As a person who loves a good detective/mystery story, this island is right up my alley, and did not disappoint! The mystery is great and is actually surprisingly difficult for a children's game (they are usually pretty obvious). I also thought the ending was great. A good twist!

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12 Astro-Knights

Hands down, the most fun Poptropica island. Not only was it one of the original 9 islands, but the story is great, and the exploration of the planets and the different environments is definitely worth it. Plus the BOSS fights are really entertaining and the island provides a challenge that is both fun and exciting. It's like the best feeling in the world, when you figure out the next step in the game, and it's even better when you beat the level and defeat Mordred.

This was the most entertaining game in Poptropica so far! I love traveling into outer space to explore different planets, and the big games in the end were very entertaining. It was hard, but it really makes you feel like you accomplished something great!

I also agree that Poptropica should be played more often. Astro knights in particular could pretty much be a game in its own right.

I relly like it

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13 Super Power

SO SO fun! You get to become a super hero and save the town! And... I can't tell you anything else! Its for you to find out! It is one of my favorite islands to do and is just a blast!

I like islands that don't need a walkthrough and can figure out on my own. Super Power island is like that and it more requires skills rather than brains. People who likes excitement and less brain work (though there r still some I mean come on people its poptropica), this island is for you!

Its awesome! When you get your super power you can fly cool huh. You also catch all the villans ok not all but still! I'm just saying its cool and awesome both! That's why so play!

This was the first island I played, AMAZING

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14 Poptropolis Games

This island is totally flawless. You get to walk around playing very fun olympic games. So fun! In my opinion the best island there is.

I like how this island is like not really an island. I just like how it's so different to the rest of them.

Really fun game! In my opinion it's way better than reality T.V. However, I think it would be a bit more accurate if you had to be naked, being that's how it was in ancient times. But, I guess that would also mean that girls wouldn't be able to participate which wouldn't be fair.

This island reminded me of the Olympics as it came around the time of the 2012 Olympics. It's fun and the bonus quest will make you say, "WHA?! "

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15 Nabooti

Best cause it's in sections plus it's good for all ages

SO SO SO SO FUN! I mean, who wouldn't love exploring Africa, searching for sacred lost jewels! My favorite part was exploring the pyramid and helping that lady getting the chicken, fox and chicken food across the cliff without any of them getting eaten. ITS A MUST DO YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!

It is fun how you travel around Africa to find the lost Jewels! I just can't stop playing it!

Great island! I played it a long time ago when it first came out but I can't anymore because its for members only now. :(

16 Back Lot

Back Lot is such a great island. Nothing too difficult to stress you out, but also unpredictable. Very entertaining! Definitely recommend for any level player.

This island is awesome I love it so much I just is fun I could just play it over and over and over again my favorite part is when you can relax and watch the movie

It is a great and entertaining island, you even get to do a bit of acting!

Back Lot island was super fun. It had my attention the whole time, I found it extremely entertaining. Ha! I found back lot island, which is about entertainment television, to be very entertaining. Pun. Anyways, Back Lot island is very fun, and I highly recommend it.

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17 Shrink Ray

It's pretty good.

Shrink Ray Isle was epic! Had some of the coolest puzzles, like climbing the T.V. antennae and using the static electricity to stick to the balloons.

It was the BEST. Period. Mythology is fun, but isn't there supposed to be something to actually do with the Sphinx? And the battle with Zeus is super hard. If you know how to beat shrink ray, it is by far the best poptropica island.

I LOVE Shrink Ray Island! I completed it 5 times because I just never get bored with it! Totally one of my favorite islands on Poptropica. Mythology island is also so incredibly fun and entertaining! The battle with Zeus was difficult but so fun! I LOVE POPTROPICA!

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18 Early Poptropica

Early poptropica was the first poptropica island ever! It was super fun and pretty simple to play. I mostly just like flying around with the jet pack though... - simlishgamer

Come on it the first easy but fun

I really did not like early poptropica that much. But the jet pack was awesome!

Pretty easy but hey you get a jetpack

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19 Steamworks

Fells good after completing the game at the end.
Since it's a mass island, it gives you it a challenge, but the plant monsters make it fun when defeated
Especially the plant core one of the toughest games ever created in poptropica history right now it's
Only 2012 so there may be more.

This island deserves to be ranked number one. It's story line is interesting where some of the other island's story lines are completely predicted. Other than Astro knights and Skullyduggery, this is in fact one of poptropica's hardest islands. Unlike some of the others, it uses actual combat. It deserves more credit!

If you go into zack's room you see balloon boy flying through the sky and sprocket is laughing

Very challenging island and very visually interesting. Probably the darkest scenery of any island.

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20 Skullldugery

I loved all the different aspects added to it

This island is clearly the most thought out and carefully coded! It's not a typical Poptropica island because along with solving puzzles and riddles, you get to earn money, hire people, trade objects, and rank up to defeat the evil pirate. It's the most intense and difficult island by far and it took me days to finish, but it has so many characters, places, objects, and mini games that I'm surprised and mad that it isn't in the top 10. This is the best Poptropica island!

BEst one

I joined Poptropica a few months before Time Tangled was released, back when there wasn't even a second page to the map. Fast forward two to three years and I start to move on to other things. Now, it's 2016. And I still remember my experiences on Poptropica. My favorite island, hands down, has to be Skullduggery. I loved the ship battles and such (obviously, or else I wouldn't even remember it! ).

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21 Red Dragon

It was too awesome being a ninja! I kept failing the ninja paths because I wanted to to it over and over again. It's amazing quality and obviously well though out. Also since it's based on the magic tree house books made it even more amazing, It's also original and the details are so cool... BEST ISLAND EVER!

I like this island because it has a story in its and its cool being a ninja
I just love it so much and its good at the end when you complete the island so I give this amazing island 10/10 so I hope this gets too top

Red Dragon's story plot and well developed story characters made this island one of a kind. The story really came to life and was never a time when you weren't doing something exciting and challenging. Not to forget the beautiful scenery and detail that resembled the book in Japan so clearly. One of my favorite islands by far...

I love Red Dragon even if it was a bit hard but it adventurous!

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22 24 Carrot

I loved it because it was interesting and it had me on my toes the whole time. Some parts are kinda funny, and Dr. Hare was pretty cute! (Though he was evil... ) The story is really unique, but a challenge.

I love the dystopian feel to the island. Dr. Hare is the best boss ever.

This is one of the original islands! It's simple yet entertaining.

Really fun my favorite island �' so far

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23 Super Villain Island

It is such a fun island, my favorite part about this island is that you can go into the villain's dreams and the most challenging part for me was Black widow and Binary bard's dreams. I definitely recommend it!

So easy and really fun

Who here does not like entering and messing up bad guys dreams? And what about Zeus? And the lightning entrance? Who can hate that? Love it!

I really did love this island! The super villain and super hero islands are SO interesting. I mean, my personal favorite out of super hero and super villain island... Well, there isn't one! My favorite in the experience would probably just be super villain island. Since super hero had flying powers in it, I loved it! But I really did Love Super Villain island and I highly recommend it.

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24 Big Nate

This island was very fun and entertaining. I really like going under water and the mini jetski game was really fun. It had a bunch of mini games and challenges. It is one of my favorite islands. 1-100, 000, 000 I'd choice 100, 000, 000. I definitely say others should try it!

How to play as Nate because on the island tour video at the big Nate part the player was actually playing as Nate I tried using the customizer but it did not work so tell me how do you do this

Big nate island was the first ever island that I passed many years ago. It was one of the easier islands at the time, but it was still fun. - simlishgamer

I love this one - Selfiefan68

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25 Night Watch

This is a really awesome island.

I am not a member, but I just completed this island yesterday, in 2 days. It keeps you on your toes and includes tons of thrilling things you can do. I take back what I said about Spy Island. This totally rules! It's open to anyone now, so I reccomend you try it. I also liked how you could visit these different stores. The best parts were the air vent chase at the end and the scooter. The smartphone was extremely cool, too.

This island is the best. I finished it ages ago, but I still play it heaps. Trying to capture the bandit is so fun for me, I just never want to stop playing.

I LOVED THIS ISLAND! Night Watch was so much fun! I think it should be in at least the top 10. I HIGHLY recommend it!

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26 Vampire's Curse

This is my favorite island. They should of made this had sound in it besides the thunder. Count Bram is probably my favorite villain all time... I also like how they put references from the Dracula Novel. Very creative! I wish Poptropica will make Vampires Curse come to life just like Mythology.

This was my most favorite island so far! It is very easy and simple! It takes a while but in the end you actually feel like you accomplishes something! P. S There is a poptropica first (i think it is a first. ) at the end!

For an island I thought was going to be awful, I found this one rather intertwining and challenging. Although there are better islands on poptropica, this one is definitely on my top five.

Vampire's Curse island was so sweet. I personally loved it. It should be higher than S.O.S.. And it actually did have a new ending to it. It was so sad but so sweet.

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27 Survival

Incredible play on "The Most Dangerous Game". Definitely should get more attention!

I have earned every single medal thus far, and I can honestly say that this island is definitely my favorite. It isn't even a close second. Episodes 4 and 5 are VERY intense, and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time during episode 5. The first time I played the island, I was on Skype with my cousin. He eventually had to ask me if I was okay, because of how I was out during the last two episodes! Yes: it's THAT good.

I was hoping to kick his butt.

BEST ISLAND! It is so fun I beat it 7 times!

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28 Mocktropica

FUN FUN FUN! I have played this island many times and have loved to do it again. It's cool how you're the one who needs to save all of Poptropica. First you need to get the staff back. And many people mention 'MEGA BOTS' in the island. The boss battle is unexpected. Like all Poptropica islands there's that twist which you don't see coming. Then someone's unplugged the server lines which makes Poptropica realyyy slow! And now way could Neat Flame (my character) let that happen.

This Island is different to all the Islands, (and I can say because I have done all the islands! ) This island is one of my favourite islands, the only reason its not at number 1 is because of those STUPID GLITCHES!

Even thought not a lot of people who play poptropica are members it will be fun to complete the island over and over again

This is the best island and it's even more amazing if you love forth wall breaking games/shows/movies!

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29 Escape From Pelican Rock

I think that this is the most fun and it is still challenging! I have beat it 12 times!

I think that Escape from Pelican Rock is absolutely amazing. I found it a bit more mature which was very cool as well. It's very easy and the whole story line never fails to impress. I played this one over and over again. You should take quick peeks at a guide or watch a Think Noodles walk through because sometimes it can get quiet tricky. I also appreciated that it didn't have a battle or mini game type thing at the end because I always seem to rage quit them like the one on Arabian Nights, Mystery Train, Mythology, and Counterfeit. Lol, I managed to get threw those islands boss levels though and ended up enjoying them quite a lot. I definitely beyond any further examination recommend Escape Pelican Rock Island! Enjoy.

"Escape from Pelican Rock" is my favorite Island, because it is fairly challenging, and since I am 16, I enjoy the more challenging Islands. This Island is different than all of the other islands. You have to think more, and isn't an Island that you can complete in just a day, or a few hours, like most of the other islands. It feels more interactive and more fun!

It's fun eventhough I didn't really get what the mission is but, it's very fun and it makes my heartbeat beats very fast. I like when we escape. It was so challenging and I had caught for many times. I didn't like when it is the time to have some food because whether we want to eat or not we always have to talk to the guard. That is the part when my time have stolen. But, it's still cool, amazing, and fun for the other to play.

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30 Twisted Thicket

so boring

I had fun with this island. I love how the creators made this island, their plot, the characters, and the twists!

My favourite island so far! It has beautiful scenery and design, an I love helping the forest people.

Twisted thicket is just so amazing, I don't know where to start!

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31 Wild West

Wild west is a great island since it's quite easy and fun! You get to explore the 'Wild West' of Poptropica and help people out - all that leading to catching a gang. Super fun and, although challenging, quite easy.

Wild West island should be put way higher than Lunar Colony and all them other islands. I LOVED it! But at first it was a bit hard to defeat El Mustachio.

Wild West is REALLY awesome! The island has really cool mini games. The "Train Robbery" game was said to be hard but it was so easy!

My favorite out of them all

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32 Shark Tooth

I completely HATED the heck out of this island. It was the first one I played on Poptropica. I definitely agree that it was way to easy. But wasn't that fun. The only cool part was whenever you went into the shark temple. But that's it. This island shouldn't even be higher than Survival Island.

It was just too simple and easy... It was sorta fun though..
Too short... I don't think that it was very entertaining bbecause it wasnt long or mysterious... Like mystery train island and ghost story.. But ghost story was a bit shorter than mystery train...

This was the first island I tried out on Poptropica and is still my favourite even after playing all the others. Why?
The Backgrounds!
The Temple!
The Coconuts!
The Shark Fin!

Need I any more reasons?

The first island I played and why do people hate it? It’s a work of art. It’s fun and easy and great for a kid like was. Highly recommend this one.

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33 Game Show Island


Island full of robots and human slaves

My favorite Game Show is Kerplunk.

Really fun but a little difficult

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34 Monster Carnival

My favorite island! Has one of my favorite villains, too. I loved the designs of all of the monsters, the puppet monster being my favorite. I love everything about this island, from the music to the characters.

Love it!

Definitely one of the best islands. the sound track is great and so is the plot. I like the chemistry aspect of it but I think the carnival is the main selling point. I wouldn't enjoy it as much if it were something like, "monster grocery store" or something else lame. I could play this island forever and was sad when it ended.

I think it is the best of the best! The monster transformations, The puppet monster even scared me! Just a magnificent Island

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35 Poptropicon

I love this one is just so cool I love all the costumes it’s so fun that ally one of my favorites

Definitely my favorite because of the fun story line and I feel the graphics are a thousand times better than the other islands

Fun, but when it came to all the costume changes, I got kinda annoyed. I had a cute red dress on and was afraid to lose it. Because I'm not a member, I can't save outfits to closet which is a shame. episode 3 was the best by far due to the weapons. Cool, but not if you have a cool outfit on.

This Island is awesome because of all the dress ups you have to do. The best part is where you get the weapons!

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36 Game Show

The spin for riches game is so easy

This island is beast. ITS ALSO VERY FUN. And Mind Stimulating.. And THE ROBOTS are mean at first but remember to go to the museum and steal the costume of the janitor to get into the club.

I think it's super fun to go to all the different islands and do the game shows

The game shows are fun cool even know it is long I still love the island

37 Wimpy Wonderland

I really like this one!

I feel like this island has a homey and cozy feel to it. It's great!

It's so fun I beat it 3 times

I love the books!

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38 Lunar Colony

Lunar colony was one of the games that I played during the holidays. It was so fun being able to float up in the air sometimes. It just so cool!

At first I was expecting this to be boring. But it was SO fun. You end up being an astronaut and have to find someone who's missing. I loved this island and wished that it could have been higher.

Loved Lunar Colony! Once I played it once I played it again, and it is So Fun! It should be way higher than 33. It's in my top three favorite islands!

Lunar colony was my personal favorite! You get to do much more than just jump around and solve mysteries! It was amazing.

39 Timmy Failure Island

The things in timmy failure island are in the books!

So fun I really recommend it

Whoever doesn't like this island has never read the book. If you hate it, go read the first two book, and you'll understand everything about this island, right down to the label on the box.

Why did the creators have to waste everyone's time along with their own? I cried it was so bad

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40 Virus Hunter


This is an island I love to come back to and play over and over again. The viruses are great and fun to kill.

It felt so cool to fight virus's on this island I really felt like I saved the day

You can control a ship and fight viruses, what else to say.

41 Monkey Wrench

Fun, but not if you've been playing for a long time. I've been playing since Poptropica first came out and most of the stuff covered in this island is stuff you should be able to figure out by your self. it gets kinda boring if you already know what they're teaching you but it is worth playing for the medallion. if you're an experienced player, it takes 5 minutes at the most. a great island for beginners.

It's kind of boring and no challenges at all. But still like it. '^^'

42 Survival Island

This game is amazing. Finding food, to shelter; its about surviving in forest after a plane crash. And then you get rescued. Right? Wrong! You have to send a radio signal so someone can find you, and this animal hunter comes and rescues you and takes you to his house. Then you find a note telling you to escape, so you do and realise the hunter is hunting you!
It has so much adventure and tells an amazing story as well.

The best island of them all! Easy to complete and super fun! Keeps you on your toes, especially episode 4 and 5, you can use your logic and it makes you feel like you are apart of the game!

Tons of fun! the progression from each episode is amazing I especially love episodes 3 and 4. great!

43 24 Carrot Beta

24 carrot beta is not even an island

24 Carrot Island was fun but hard kind of. But iy was really cool how they had those bunny ears on. By the way if you are reading this and you haven't played the island yet you can go in the resturant mix colred drinks or just leave it plain and drink it and your hair color changes. Pretty Cool

It sort of is an island, in poptropica world. I just beat it now. I don’t see the story to it, at all.. but the levels were really challenging and cool! It’s like the sequel to 24 carrots. It’s in beta, though.

44 Astro Knight Island

I really love this island! It is really challenging and fun to play. The plot is complicated and amazing and you even own a space shuttle! The island is really huge and it is up to us to explore it! Too much fun! Try it!

Astro Knight Island had way too many complications in the beginning of it. Honestly I think that the only cool part was defeating Mordred. And it took way too long to complete. It wasn't my least favorite. But definitely should be less than Arabian Nights.

I honestly didn't like this island much

45 Arabian Nights

I LOVE this game! Definitely one of my to 5 favorites. My favorite part of the first episode is when you have to trade. But you have to make sure to trade with the right people or you'll have to restart the whole episode!

This island was super-fun! I wanted to do it all day! The finding-the-thieves-thing was cool.

I beat part one and part two. So fun!

Really liked how they incorporated the folktales. Really wish they made a bit better explaination on the soul stealing part. Will be playing it again!
Perfect Flame.

46 Mission Atlantis Episode 3

I've never been to this island but it seems REALLY FUN!

Haven't done this island yet but looks amazing!

47 Galactic Hot Dogs

This island was just... I don't even have any good things to describe about it. It was completely boring as heck. Only people who have read all these stupid books are going to enjoy this island. I honestly didn't like it. I personally think the only reason why the creators put this stupid island in Poptropica was to make a quick buck from advertisement of this lame series. I WISH Poptropica would stop advertising and keep creating the classic style islands.

I have actually tried it and it's really fun because you have to look for all the scattered friends in space!

BORRINGG! I just played it yesterday and I honestly can't remember most of it, yes, it was that lame. I'll admit that it had a cool concept but all the poop jokes got really old really fast. I wouldn't play it more than once. while playing, it felt like I was playing an ad, and not a good one. This island isn't doing a good job of advertising though because it makes me NOT want any of the galactic Hot dogs merchandise.

I don't know about it yet but its really new!

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48 Survival Episode 3

Awesome how you get kidnapped and you need to escape Van Buren in #4 and #5

49 Great Pumpkin

This was one of my most favorite islands as a kid.

So fun


It was intense with the pumpkin rolling but I especially liked how Snoopy was in a war flying on his red dog house. 10-10!

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50 Zomberry Island

This island is very strange but very fun!

I guess Zombies would be fun...

Cool! Epic! One of the best. If it was1 to 1,000 I will give it 1,000!

I love the darkness and creepiness in this island. I also love the survivors personality!

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