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21 Big Nate

This island was very fun and entertaining. I really like going under water and the mini jetski game was really fun. It had a bunch of mini games and challenges. It is one of my favorite islands. 1-100, 000, 000 I'd choice 100, 000, 000. I definitely say others should try it!

How to play as Nate because on the island tour video at the big Nate part the player was actually playing as Nate I tried using the customizer but it did not work so tell me how do you do this

Big nate island was the first ever island that I passed many years ago. It was one of the easier islands at the time, but it was still fun. - simlishgamer

I love this island but I just don't like putting on the scuba gear because my Cap'n Crawfish costume gives me luck.

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22 Shrink Ray

Shrink Ray Isle was epic! Had some of the coolest puzzles, like climbing the T.V. antennae and using the static electricity to stick to the balloons.

It was the BEST. Period. Mythology is fun, but isn't there supposed to be something to actually do with the Sphinx? And the battle with Zeus is super hard. If you know how to beat shrink ray, it is by far the best poptropica island.

I LOVE Shrink Ray Island! I completed it 5 times because I just never get bored with it! Totally one of my favorite islands on Poptropica. Mythology island is also so incredibly fun and entertaining! The battle with Zeus was difficult but so fun! I LOVE POPTROPICA!

I found this island hilarious because I also had a teacher named Mr. Silva who looked almost exactly like the Mr. Silva Character in this island. it was a lot of fun and I've played it about 7 times total and it never gets old!

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23 Skullldugery

I joined Poptropica a few months before Time Tangled was released, back when there wasn't even a second page to the map. Fast forward two to three years and I start to move on to other things. Now, it's 2016. And I still remember my experiences on Poptropica. My favorite island, hands down, has to be Skullduggery. I loved the ship battles and such (obviously, or else I wouldn't even remember it! ).

Was very fun getting ranked up. I liked exploring all of the different islands and getting clues to make the map. I also liked destroying ships and killing sea animals to get money to buy boats.

Awesome island. Deserved more than 27! TIP! Buy and sell rotating right! Buy cheap, go right, sell Expensive!

Loved finding pieces of the maps and having my own ship

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24 Vampire's Curse

This was my most favorite island so far! It is very easy and simple! It takes a while but in the end you actually feel like you accomplishes something! P. S There is a poptropica first (i think it is a first. ) at the end!

For an island I thought was going to be awful, I found this one rather intertwining and challenging. Although there are better islands on poptropica, this one is definitely on my top five.

Vampire's Curse island was so sweet. I personally loved it. It should be higher than S.O.S.. And it actually did have a new ending to it. It was so sad but so sweet.

Great story! Drama, romance, and gothic!

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25 Early Poptropica

Early poptropica was the first poptropica island ever! It was super fun and pretty simple to play. I mostly just like flying around with the jet pack though... - simlishgamer

Come on it the first easy but fun

I really did not like early poptropica that much. But the jet pack was awesome!

Its really easy but fun

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26 Twisted Thicket

I had fun with this island. I love how the creators made this island, their plot, the characters, and the twists!

My favourite island so far! It has beautiful scenery and design, an I love helping the forest people.

Twisted thicket is just so amazing, I don't know where to start!

This one was too hard!

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27 Nabooti

SO SO SO SO FUN! I mean, who wouldn't love exploring Africa, searching for sacred lost jewels! My favorite part was exploring the pyramid and helping that lady getting the chicken, fox and chicken food across the cliff without any of them getting eaten. ITS A MUST DO YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!

It is fun how you travel around Africa to find the lost Jewels! I just can't stop playing it!

Great island! I played it a long time ago when it first came out but I can't anymore because its for members only now. :(

28 24 Carrot

I loved it because it was interesting and it had me on my toes the whole time. Some parts are kinda funny, and Dr. Hare was pretty cute! (Though he was evil... ) The story is really unique, but a challenge.

I love the dystopian feel to the island. Dr. Hare is the best boss ever.

This is one of the original islands! It's simple yet entertaining.

Dr. Hare was pretty cool and it was like so interesting! I think everyone should check it out as it is easy and fun!

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29 Lunar Colony

Lunar colony was one of the games that I played during the holidays. It was so fun being able to float up in the air sometimes. It just so cool!

At first I was expecting this to be boring. But it was SO fun. You end up being an astronaut and have to find someone who's missing. I loved this island and wished that it could have been higher.

Loved Lunar Colony! Once I played it once I played it again, and it is So Fun! It should be way higher than 33. It's in my top three favorite islands!

Lunar colony was my personal favorite! You get to do much more than just jump around and solve mysteries! It was amazing.

30 Monster Carnival

Definitely one of the best islands. the sound track is great and so is the plot. I like the chemistry aspect of it but I think the carnival is the main selling point. I wouldn't enjoy it as much if it were something like, "monster grocery store" or something else lame. I could play this island forever and was sad when it ended.

I think it is the best of the best! The monster transformations, The puppet monster even scared me! Just a magnificent Island

Monster Carnival is really fun and it is the first island I finished because I don't really play poptropica that much. I am going to play more because playing monster carnival got me inspired to play more poptropica. Right now I am working on Srink Ray it is a challenge for me so don't judge me.

I loved this island! I really liked the storyline and the monsters!

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31 Game Show Island

Island full of robots and human slaves

My favorite Game Show is Kerplunk.

Really fun but a little difficult

I just can't explain how much I loved this island!

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32 Wild West

Wild west is a great island since it's quite easy and fun! You get to explore the 'Wild West' of Poptropica and help people out - all that leading to catching a gang. Super fun and, although challenging, quite easy.

Wild West island should be put way higher than Lunar Colony and all them other islands. I LOVED it! But at first it was a bit hard to defeat El Mustachio.

Wild West is REALLY awesome! The island has really cool mini games. The "Train Robbery" game was said to be hard but it was so easy!

I loved the storyline of this island probably one of the most!

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33 Shark Tooth

I completely HATED the heck out of this island. It was the first one I played on Poptropica. I definitely agree that it was way to easy. But wasn't that fun. The only cool part was whenever you went into the shark temple. But that's it. This island shouldn't even be higher than Survival Island.

It was just too simple and easy... It was sorta fun though..
Too short... I don't think that it was very entertaining bbecause it wasnt long or mysterious... Like mystery train island and ghost story.. But ghost story was a bit shorter than mystery train...

This was the first island I tried out on Poptropica and is still my favourite even after playing all the others. Why?
The Backgrounds!
The Temple!
The Coconuts!
The Shark Fin!

Need I any more reasons?

Fun and easy, a great combination. I completed this island in under 10 minutes and loved it.

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34 Survival

I have earned every single medal thus far, and I can honestly say that this island is definitely my favorite. It isn't even a close second. Episodes 4 and 5 are VERY intense, and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time during episode 5. The first time I played the island, I was on Skype with my cousin. He eventually had to ask me if I was okay, because of how I was out during the last two episodes! Yes: it's THAT good.

BEST ISLAND! It is so fun I beat it 7 times!

I love this one! Why isn't this higher on the list?

I was hoping to kick his butt.

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35 Virus Hunter

This is an island I love to come back to and play over and over again. The viruses are great and fun to kill.

It felt so cool to fight virus's on this island I really felt like I saved the day

You can control a ship and fight viruses, what else to say.

36 Arabian Nights

I LOVE this game! Definitely one of my to 5 favorites. My favorite part of the first episode is when you have to trade. But you have to make sure to trade with the right people or you'll have to restart the whole episode!

This island was super-fun! I wanted to do it all day! The finding-the-thieves-thing was cool.

I beat part one and part two. So fun!

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37 Astro Knight Island

I really love this island! It is really challenging and fun to play. The plot is complicated and amazing and you even own a space shuttle! The island is really huge and it is up to us to explore it! Too much fun! Try it!

Astro Knight Island had way too many complications in the beginning of it. Honestly I think that the only cool part was defeating Mordred. And it took way too long to complete. It wasn't my least favorite. But definitely should be less than Arabian Nights.

I honestly didn't like this island much

38 Escape From Pelican Rock

I think that Escape from Pelican Rock is absolutely amazing. I found it a bit more mature which was very cool as well. It's very easy and the whole story line never fails to impress. I played this one over and over again. You should take quick peeks at a guide or watch a Think Noodles walk through because sometimes it can get quiet tricky. I also appreciated that it didn't have a battle or mini game type thing at the end because I always seem to rage quit them like the one on Arabian Nights, Mystery Train, Mythology, and Counterfeit. Lol, I managed to get threw those islands boss levels though and ended up enjoying them quite a lot. I definitely beyond any further examination recommend Escape Pelican Rock Island! Enjoy.

"Escape from Pelican Rock" is my favorite Island, because it is fairly challenging, and since I am 16, I enjoy the more challenging Islands. This Island is different than all of the other islands. You have to think more, and isn't an Island that you can complete in just a day, or a few hours, like most of the other islands. It feels more interactive and more fun!

It's fun eventhough I didn't really get what the mission is but, it's very fun and it makes my heartbeat beats very fast. I like when we escape. It was so challenging and I had caught for many times. I didn't like when it is the time to have some food because whether we want to eat or not we always have to talk to the guard. That is the part when my time have stolen. But, it's still cool, amazing, and fun for the other to play.

Funnest! It was hard but I never looked at a walk-through! Very satisfied with completing it!

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39 Poptropicon

Definitely my favorite because of the fun story line and I feel the graphics are a thousand times better than the other islands

Fun, but when it came to all the costume changes, I got kinda annoyed. I had a cute red dress on and was afraid to lose it. Because I'm not a member, I can't save outfits to closet which is a shame. episode 3 was the best by far due to the weapons. Cool, but not if you have a cool outfit on.

This Island is awesome because of all the dress ups you have to do. The best part is where you get the weapons!

Flawless Island, Amazing Storyline.

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40 Game Show

This island is beast. ITS ALSO VERY FUN. And Mind Stimulating.. And THE ROBOTS are mean at first but remember to go to the museum and steal the costume of the janitor to get into the club.

I think it's super fun to go to all the different islands and do the game shows

The game shows are fun cool even know it is long I still love the island

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