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41 Game Show

This island is beast. ITS ALSO VERY FUN. And Mind Stimulating.. And THE ROBOTS are mean at first but remember to go to the museum and steal the costume of the janitor to get into the club.

I think it's super fun to go to all the different islands and do the game shows

The game shows are fun cool even know it is long I still love the island

42 Wimpy Wonderland

I feel like this island has a homey and cozy feel to it. It's great!

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43 Mission Atlantis Episode 3

I've never been to this island but it seems REALLY FUN!

Haven't done this island yet but looks amazing!

44 Monkey Wrench

Fun, but not if you've been playing for a long time. I've been playing since Poptropica first came out and most of the stuff covered in this island is stuff you should be able to figure out by your self. it gets kinda boring if you already know what they're teaching you but it is worth playing for the medallion. if you're an experienced player, it takes 5 minutes at the most. a great island for beginners.

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45 Mystery of the Map

So fun, I used to play Poptropica in 2011-2012 but forgot about it later. Now, 2015, I remembered about it. I created a new account and first played the easiest. (didn't play this one yet though)

The newest island in Poptropica! I love this because of the map! It is awesome how you can click on different places!

I love how you dress up as a viking with Mya, Oliver, and Jorge and you have to balance.

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46 Timmy Failure Island

Whoever doesn't like this island has never read the book. If you hate it, go read the first two book, and you'll understand everything about this island, right down to the label on the box.

Why did the creators have to waste everyone's time along with their own? I cried it was so bad

Stupid garbage

This island is complete and utter trash. honestly though, why the heck would anyone waste their time creating / playing this garbage. besides the graphics being rubbish, the story line was equally bad. actually, there isn't even a story line! its just nonsense and advertising for a really bad book. if you name your book series anything with the word failure in it, you can expect the books to be a failure as well. trust me, it can't just be a coincidence.

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47 24 Carrot Beta

24 carrot beta is not even an island

24 Carrot Island was fun but hard kind of. But iy was really cool how they had those bunny ears on. By the way if you are reading this and you haven't played the island yet you can go in the resturant mix colred drinks or just leave it plain and drink it and your hair color changes. Pretty Cool

It sort of is an island, in poptropica world. I just beat it now. I don’t see the story to it, at all.. but the levels were really challenging and cool! It’s like the sequel to 24 carrots. It’s in beta, though.

48 Zomberry Island

This island is very strange but very fun!

I guess Zombies would be fun...

Cool! Epic! One of the best. If it was1 to 1,000 I will give it 1,000!

This was a really great island!

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49 Survival Island

The best island of them all! Easy to complete and super fun! Keeps you on your toes, especially episode 4 and 5, you can use your logic and it makes you feel like you are apart of the game!

Tons of fun! the progression from each episode is amazing I especially love episodes 3 and 4. great!

50 Great Pumpkin

It was intense with the pumpkin rolling but I especially liked how Snoopy was in a war flying on his red dog house. 10-10!

Its amazing! Why is this below timmy failure island when it isn't even out yet? I love the charlie brown show so this is an easy favourite for me.

Although there are some difficult parts, I think this is one of the better islands.

Ever wondered why this is the last one

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51 Survival Episode 3

Awesome how you get kidnapped and you need to escape Van Buren in #4 and #5

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