Reality T.V.


I agree with everyone who commented and about the island... It's an awesome island and I like the way everybody had to participate in it and even villains were on the show. And it also had little fun activities you could do with your Poptropican. Some were easy, some were hard. It's challenging and you have to try a lot of times but it's still quite good fun! And the great thing is you can keep playing the seasons of the show!

The only negative thing I find on every island is when you go left or right and there are usually all these ads in between (though none on mystery train island) and it wastes a lot of time.

Reality T.V. Island is incredibly fun! It is very challenging, but in the end, it makes you feel like you've actually accomplished something! It is fun, because you work hard to win the show, and even if you don't, you can try as many times as you want! I love the story, it actually feels like it could be happening in real life! Thanks for making this awesome island, Poptropica! I highly suggest those of you who haven't done Reality T.V. Island to try it. It is definitely not a time-waster!

This island is the best! Me and my friends will have duels to see who can beat this island the most. If you don't like it watch Survivor on the ABC channel. The object of this is too not get voted off and you can get "immunity" ( you can't be voted off for one round) by winning the game. A hint that helps a lot of people, after you've filled out the form you may start wondering how you'll get the postage stamp what you do is the number for Pete's pizza call it on the motel phone and send it too Buckys room (4b) hope
This helps and lets you see how awesome of an island this is

Its just so fun and you always know what you have to do so you aren't always having to go look up cheats on the internet but it is fun and challenging. Having the Island being a reality T. V show makes it so much fun being able to vote people off and things like that.

Haven't played all the islands but I love the way you can go back and do the really interesting part in Reality T.V. over and over again. The challenges are great, though in real life I reckon Reality T.V. is a a load of rubbish that isn't even that real

I think that Reality T. V island is great! You do the regular poptropica stuff but then you make it on Reality T.V. and you do fun challenges. You beat the island by being the last person left on the show. And you can always try again!

It is an amazing island because you get to go against other people in a reality show like competition and the games in it are so fun! The best part is the voting after each game but it also sort of hard.

This is literally the best island ever! If you have ever seen the T.V. show Big Brother, then this will remind you so much of it! I love this island and I love how you can keep playing in the reality show even if you win!

Reality T.V. is a really fun Island. It is pretty easy to do and with all of the challenges, It's extra fun! I think this Island is the BEST! Thumbs up for this Island.

Its really easy and fun to play the game I play the game over and over again just for fun I wouldn't say its the best with all the new ones comeing out but its one of my favorites to play!

I found this island to be very entertaining. It was all competition which is what I live for. This island is amazing. I recommend everyone play it. It like Survivor:The Game.

This island is really great and it has great competition so you could be proud when you win. I love this island in my opinion it is the best island in Poptropica.

I think that Reality T.V. is most fun only if you win the reality game show. I think everyone should play it and see what it's like because I liked it.

This Poptropica Island is Very Awesome because of Eliminating People and you get to play it Over and Over without having to do all the stuff at the begining I am good at Hangliding and the Shuffle board and bad at the Water Pitcher on your head game and the one where the Tiki's Fall

I love this island because of the mini games and overall it's the easiest. Now you may not agree but this is my opinion and I also love the funny creative names for you're the other finalists so everyone share your thoughts about this island and vote with me! This island sure is number 1

The best island because its pretty fun to figure out the like challenge, but then you get to try to win the show over and over

I think reality T.V. is too short to be #3 anyways, just my opinion, don't get the wrong idea though, I still enjoyed playing

I hope I enjoy this island... it sounds like a lot of fun... thanks to all the players who are currently in Poptropica...

First island I started. It is a great island to play. It is fun. I believe this should be everyone's first island

Pretty much the best, with excellent mini-games. It's very similar to Poptropolis, which I also like.

I think it's a great island. It may take a few times to master the game show but that's the fun of it!

Its great because there are so many things you can do and you get a different set every time

I LOVE This island - It is a fun way to just relax and have fun doing all the little mini games

It's my favorite island in all of poptropica even though it takes some time to win!

I really like this game! It has many fun games, your on T. V, there's cool characters from other islands like Betty Jetty, Directer D, and dr. Hare, and many other fun aspects. However, I Would't consider it the 2nd best game for several reasons. For one thing it's much too easy too pass. All you have to do is buy pizza, mail an application, and win a few games. Another flaw is it doesn't take long to pass and there's really nothing you have to fix. All your doing is winning a bunch of games on T. V as opposed to solving a problem and becoming a hero.