Best Poptropica Villains/Antagonists


The Top Ten

1 Black Widow - Counterfeit Island

She is extremely clever, deceiving, smart and bad-ass. in the beginning, we didn't even know she was true curator in disguise! I love her. - coolactress198

2 Binary Bard - Astro-Knight Island

Until the “damsel in distress” beat his butt - lukemcnamara72

It took me a full week just to beat him in the end boss battle

He is the most complex and cool. He has amazing powers. - coolactress198

3 Dr.Hare - 24 Carrot Island

He is the best.

Carrots. you won't ever find a more hilarious villain.

4 Zeus - Mythology Island

He tricked us both in Mythology and in Super Villan! He is too powerful. - coolactress198

5 Mademoiselle Moreau - Mystery Train Island

She may have a pretty face but that doesn't stop her from being completely evil! - coolactress198

6 Director D - Spy Island
7 Betty Jetty - Super Power Island

She has super speed and is super slick. - coolactress198

8 Gretchen Grimlock - Cryptids Island
9 Captain Crawfish - Skullduggery Island
10 Ringmaster Raven - Monster Carnival

The Contenders

11 Myron Van Buren - Survival

Here’s pretty creepy

12 El Mustachio Grande - Wild West Island

Playing this island was amazing! I thought it was awesome how you were going after a gang of villains. Add me on poptropica- popcornaholic

Cool name! means "The Big Mustache" in Spanish!

13 Mr. Silva - Shrink Ray Island
14 Omegon - Poptropicon
15 Medusa - Mythology
16 Zombies - Zomberry
17 Red Baroness - Monkey Wrench
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