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1 Sungjae Yook

I really LOVE BTOB, I really have fun every time I'm watching their mv's and their reality shows, they are THE BEST KPOP GROUP! They can all sing well, they are talented and they are the real entertainers because they can make all the people laugh, that's why we Melodies keep loving them for infinity and beyond, no matter what! BORN TO BEAT is - purplenote

Sungjae was ALWAYS my bias in BTOB, not after his acting in School 2015, but from the beginning. I always knew that he's very talented and so handsome... He's just PERFECT!

He's just so hot and perfect

the best

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2 Ilhoon Jung

He's just so cute and I think he's the best looking one

I just like Ilhoon very much

Weird face but I don't know why I adore him so muchhh

I don't know why but I just like the way he is and ilhoon is my bias wrecker ><

3 Minhyuk Lee

He is the most athletics idol! Please support and give him a lot of love! Oh and watch lets go dream team

He is so cute and handsome especially when he rap

He is so charismatic and cute at the same time! Superr good looking!

He is the best

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4 Peniel Shin

The most down to earth and HANDSOME member of BtoB. The way I see it, he gets the least spotlight among the members. It's kind of sad how underrated he is. Nonetheless, he's still the best and my bias!

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5 Changsub Lee

Changsub is really cute and talented... I always like him especially when he do weirdo actions... He may be one of the weirdest idol but he really makes me happy every time I saw him do that... So talented and cute... Love you Changsub oppa..

Changsub is very good at singing, not saying other members are not good but yeah. If you look carefully, he may be attractive... But out of all let's just say everyone in btob is perfect...

He's just perfect. He's my happy virus!

I love his voice, his gesture, his face and his personality so much ~~. I hope that he'll get more attention because he's very wonderful

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6 Hyunsik Lim

I love when he smile he looks a cute child but he is sexy too

He looks sexy and when he smile he is so handsome., :-)

I love his voice and cute eye smile

Why is he down here

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7 Eunkwang Seo

The kindest leader ever. other member said that he never angry even when they do something bad. he is such a lovely leader ever! And his voice is really great

The dorkiest leader
By the way, he got an amazing voice!
If you guys never heard he's singing, you guys are ought to! LOL

Love him

Eunkwang oppa gave me a big laugh and hope from his always bright side and I hope he continues his big smile and bright personality because he would always make his fans laugh their hearts oppa saranghae ❤️❤️ thanks for giving me hope to continue life ☺️☺️

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1. Sungjae Yook
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