Top 10 Most Popular Cities in the Philippines

The cities below are the well-known cities in the Philippines.

The Top Ten

1 Metro Manila Metro Manila

It might be popular yet very dangerous to live in.


YEAAH of course all cities in metro manila are totally popular especially quezon,manila,makati,taguig,marikina etc...that's why I wrote it metro manila so that other cities can be there too. - valentinecapute

2 Davao City Davao City

I think if we don't have manila, davao will be the leading city in philippines, - valentinecapute

3 Cebu City

Woow cebu, cebu always next to davao I think..known as:queen city of the south.. - valentinecapute

4 Iloilo City

Most Beautiful city of the of the Philippines

I can say iloilo,the most hospitable,cheerful city in the philippines - valentinecapute

5 Baguio City

The creative city in the philippines and one in asia's creative city,baguio is surely a popular city,also summer capital of the philippines. - valentinecapute

6 Bacolod City

Sugar bowl of the philippines,one of the livable city in the philippines. - valentinecapute

7 Puerto Princesa City

The only city in palawan,but so many awards,in terms of caring nature and cleanliness there's no other than puerto princesa,this city is so nature lovable,and so beautiful,the underground river,and so safe city w/out earthquakes.and also it is the greeniest city in is very perfect city.. - valentinecapute

8 Angeles City
9 Tagaytay City
10 Legazpi City

The Contenders

11 Tuguegarao City

The Most Hottest Place In The Philippines

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