Top 10 Most Popular E-Commerce Platforms of 2017

With increasing e-commerce companies there has been a growing demand of customers for convenience. At the same time, companies continue to innovate and provide more customized and sophisticated features to customers. There are many e-commerce platforms available today that businesses are employing for their e-commerce store. Today, we are going to get the top 10 most popular e-commerce platforms in 2017

The Top Ten

1 Magento

Easy-to-use user experience.

Open source platform which facilitates extensive customization.

Over 9000+ plugins/extensions, businesses can take advantage of.

Enabled social commerce so businesses can sell on social media platforms.

Extensive resource library and online community. - sidwilkins

2 Shopify

Over 100 templates and themes to choose from.

1500+ apps plugins/extensions for additional functionality.

Connect online store with a Facebook page and sell directly on Facebook.

Built-in, mobile-friendly shopping cart, and seller mobile app.

24/7 support via live chat, phone, and tutorials as well as the Shopify community forum. - sidwilkins

3 PrestaShop

Compared to other platforms such as Magento, PrestaShop provides an intuitive admin panel, which is easy to master. It is specifically useful for entrepreneurs just starting its internet venture.

It is backed by a large and strong community who are continuously contributing to its growth

The script is based on ‘Smarty’ which makes it one of the easiest platform for designers and programmers to make changes in the graphics and design.

PrestaShop comes with multiple inbuilt functionalities, enough for beginners and intermediate online shop owner to set up and run a business.

It is fast and efficient, which does not put high demands on the server side. - sidwilkins

4 BigCommerce

Comprehensive built-in features such as newsletters, coupons, shipping, analytics and more.

All free and paid themes are responsive and offer a seamless mobile experience.

It features store integration with Facebook, eBay, Google shopping and a range of comparison sites.

It provides powerful support, educational videos, guides with visual representations. - sidwilkins

5 Big Cartel

Simple to set up and manage a store

Access to Facebook shop

Beautiful themes for the store

Comprehensive guides & FAQs, video tutorials, support via email, and Big Cartel's Facebook & Twitter accounts - sidwilkins

6 Zen Cart

Highly reliable platform as it is built by professionals and experts in the field of e-commerce.

It is designed to fulfill the needs of the end users, not all platforms are designed with customers in mind.

It takes only basic programming skills to set up Zen Cart.

Provides an extensive range of features and is highly customizable

It is a free e-commerce platform that anybody can download and set-up - sidwilkins

7 WooCommerce

It is free and open-source yet it provides an extensive range of out of the box features.

It provides huge feature flexibility which professionals can set without knowing too much of the technical side of the e-commerce platform.

WooCommerce is more than just an e-commerce platform. It can be built right alongside a professional website as well as create a blog and other business dimensions.

Vast customization option

Easy Analytics

Availability of WooCommerce extension - sidwilkins

8 OpenCart

It features a simple store setup, which even non-technical merchants can also set-up.

It has got high performance and usability. It is a lightweight solution which uses AJAX to reduce load time and increase store speed.

It offers multi-store functionality which enables merchants to manage several stores from one admin panel.

It provides an extensive range of features and extension.

It is open source hence free. - sidwilkins

9 Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is integrated into Drupal at the deepest level, hence it takes advantage of all the power and functionality of Drupal.

There is no need to develop and maintain two separate systems.

Highly flexible and configurable management tool.

SEO, CRO and web analytics are easier to manage.

Huge support community. - sidwilkins

10 osCommerce

It uses PHP and MySQL and provides a full-featured cart

It supports a wide range of payment methods

It uses an indexed database hence can handle a large number of products

It is easy to install and setup - sidwilkins

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