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Harry Potter is the best. It made me brave. And gave me friends that I'm never gonna forget, it sorta pulled me towards people who were made to be my best friends. I spent all my pastime in it, and it gave me loads of pleasure. It brought me to an amazing world, and made me see dreams that I didn't want to come out of. It sorta was this dumbledore quote for me: Happiness can be found even in d darkest of times only if one remembers to turn on the light. It was the light.

I am a really big bookworm but no book has been as special to me as the Harry Potter series. These books may be full of peculiar magic, but you can still relate to may situation throughout the series. This franchise is so popular that it has two studio tour/attractions worldwide, shops and of course a play on the West End. Harry Potter, thank you for giving me life.

If I could marry Harry Potter, I would with no hesitation. These books made me change the way I look at everything. I don't know why some people don't like it. I honestly don't. I watched the characters grow and change. Everyone says they never got their Hogwarts letter. We all did. We went there together.

Oh, my bae's fandom. Well, this is a book series that is shaping generation after generation. There has to be a dedicated group of awesome people behind it to keep it going, and there is. So this is definitely the best fandom - TheWiseOne

Harry Potter is honestly the most amazing thing to exist! Even though I only read it a couple of years ago, I still love it! I have so much Harry Potter things and it has taught me so much and I've experienced emotions I never knew I could feel. (That feelings when EVERYONE dies).

Harry potter is the main fandom there is no denying. All the other fandoms revolve around it. There isn't any other fandom with a theme park AND official website AND Wikipedia AND New movie series AND a dozen of extra books to buy... There is no hoping that

At first, I loved Percy Jackson more. Then I realized: Harry Potter is perfect for any age, and it's dark, like I like it. It was so deep, and so nice, it's definitely going to be one of the classics of the 21st century. And in Harry Potter, when someone died, I cried. That only happened in the Hunger Games, which is my 2nd favorite series, by the way. But Harry Potter is the best, no matter what you argue with. Harry Potter got me through 3rd grade. It is dark, deep, happy, sad, magical, and awesome, all in ONE!

Harry Potter is something to be cherished. Beautifully written. The movies (although ridden with a lot of discrepancies) are outstanding. This series connects people from opposite sides of the world through its humane characters and fantasy world. First time readers and re-readers alike find themselves pulled in; wanting to be a part of this fantastical dimension. I remember the first time JKR 'Expelliarmus-ed' my heart. I didn't even want her to give it back. Harry Potter will always be MY number one fandom.

Harry Potter is my first fandom and the first to introduce to the other fandoms

Harry Potter literally changes peoples lives in a good way and for me it's the best fandom ever!

Harry Potter has changed my life in so many ways! It is the thing that keeps me up from day to day, and it has given me something to smile about. Harry Potter is more than a fandom to me, it is my life

I absolutely love Harry Potter, I can just get lost in the stories and the magic. They're the best books I've ever read and so magical I couldn't ask for a better series.

The Potterheads have literally saved my life. I have made so many friends in this fandom, and I finally feel accepted. Also, the fandom does not have any major ships that they force into people, or any conflicting opinions that clash and push us apart. Super welcoming, kind, and diverse fandom.

When people say potter heads don't exist anymore... We are still here lurking around plotting to take over the Internet.

Harry Potter opened the door of a new world and possibilities for me. Frankly, I don't know what I would be doing right now if I never read it.

Harry Potter is the ruler of the universe. Since read the first book in March 2016, I've been in love with. Words cannot describe my obsession.

Harry Potter has become my lifeline ever since I've read it. It has changed my opinion about everything. I could write pages and pages about my love for it but apparently that will never end so ill just say that the world JK Rowling introduced us to has made me a happy person in life

FINALLY! A fandom that doesn't have a dark side! Harry Potter is one of my favourite franchise ever and I'm glad to be one of the fandom!

Although it is popular, the fans don't talk about anything else. My best friend became a potter head. She isn't my best friend anymore.

Harry Potter is just literally awesome that's why it's the best series out there. It has great characters and a great story overall

I say Harry potter fandom is the biggest in the world because it actually is a total different world, like another Earth, with full history, full culture, school, sports, food, citizens, places, creatures, and full backgrounds of everything, except that the people living in this Earth are wizards (actually we also have Muggles and Squib, too). J.K.Rowling did a fine job of creating a world, she designed from the history of the wizarding world of many countries, that even dated back to Medieval times, to the modern life of wizarding families, how they live, go to school, their magical hobbies, their magical pets, what they eat,... For every characters in the book, even the minor ones, she all provide them with a full background since their birth, she tells us all how she chose their name, what their hobbies, allies, enemies, talents, abilities are, and even a bit about their childhood and their parents and how those affected them when they grow up. J. K. Rowling created many details, ...more

Harry Potter introduced me to the world of real magic. I've gotten behind most of these fandoms (Draw a circle, that's the earth...) but Harry Potter was the first that I really threw my weight behind. I wish JK hadn't written the 19 years later though, it seemed really hasty.

Harry has become my first fandom and helped me find my best friends. He really is magical.

Why be addicted to weed when you can be addicted to something just as good

One of the world's most welcoming, diverse, multi-generational fandoms!