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21 The Vampire Diaries

Honestly this show really did change me life, it's a world I can escape to. Every episode is intertwined and every person the I introduced this show to became hooked instantly anyone who gave the show a chance became obsessed just like I did!

This is actually my life, I know every episode word for word whilst watching it because I have re-watched each series more times than I could count. I do not know where I would be without this, the best fandom on earth!

I've watched it 7 times on Netflix my favorite show ever

I am officially living in tvd… I am addicted to it and am happy to say so. Delena is my entire life and them receiving the choice award for bet chemistry so made sense. It is such an amazing show. Most shows or movies that don't go along with the
books are total rubbish but the directors and crew have done such an amazing job with TVD

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22 Swifties Swifties

Taylor has such meaningful lyrics, especially in her more obscure songs. She's beautiful inside and out, and has one of the most powerful voices I've ever heard. Her flawless transition from country to pop is just proof that she's incredibly talented and I'll never stop listening to her

Taylor Swift has not only talent and beauty, but she is also an amazing person and role model. She's so so wonderful to her Swifties and she will do anything for them. Thank you Taylor Swift for everything.

Taylor Swift's voice is breathtakingly beautiful. She is such a angel. Her songs are absolutely amazing. You just can't get enough of it. Long live Taylor Alison Swift and Swifties

Best fandom and best star ever...

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23 Kpop

I just love kpop! Kpop songs are really very addicting. The songs are really great along with great dance choreography and special rapping skills. And I think kpop fandom is one of the best fandoms in the world.

What I like about kpop is the music and the shows. Mostly variety shows. Like running man, Infinity challenge, Happy together and etc. The songs are also really catchy and nice!

I find it really nice that more kpop fandoms are growing! It just shows that our idols' music is reaching more people and they're appreciating it.

Kpop has helped me shape my personality

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24 Marvel Fandom

I mean come on guys marvel fandom should be number one. Their characters are suited for fandoms, their ships are amazing and the movies are AWESOME! I need to calm down.

The Marvel fandom deserves to be in the top five! It's the perfect fandom! So much diversity, fan respect, individual thought, it has everything!

If anyone doubts the power of the marvel fandom, I will gladly point out that we revived a character simply by denying he died.

The marvel fandom is totally my favourite! Me and my dad love it, we see the movies, but I'm the one who knows everything :)
marvel should be one of the first because we are truly a family! I made incredible friends because of it!
the heroes are so cool and so beautiful and I can't choose only one!

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25 Beyhive
26 Little Monsters

Paws up, Little Monsters!

Lady Gaga is not only an inspiration, but she's one of the most talented artist of all times, she sings, write and co-produces all of her songs and she's also a talented actress (won a golden globe for her starring role in AHS) and a fashion icon, she's a complete artist, a living legend.

We are one of the nicest fandoms ever😊

27 RihannaNavy

Rihanna is the most underrated person out there she is the baddest rebel and makes you feel comfortable in your on skin

A dedicated fanbase for such an amazing pop star and icon of today.

28 Mad Men Mad Men
29 Steven Universe Steven Universe Steven Universe is an American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network. The show's based around a young boy by the name of Steven Universe, who is a hybrid of a gem and a human. He lives with his gem friends, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl.

The fact that they put so much detail in plot, character relationships and development, and songs makes me want to hug the crap out of everything in this show. I'm a fan fiction writer, and the plots that Rebecca Sugar and the story writers put out are better than whatever I'll write in the future. It's so delicate and complex to the point that when you think something is going to happen, and it totally comes out as different makes you gasp. It's amazing and I love it and I recommend this show to anyone.

The show offers complex relationships between characters and a storyline that, while entertaining to a child in some ways, is seen in a completely different light to an older audience. It can be enjoyed by everyone!

Sure, the fandom has made some stupid choices (Zamii incident and Keystone Motel Google reviews), but if you think about it, it's only a small portion of the huge fandom we have now. Steven Universe is a really good show, with a really great fandom.

This show has made me laugh, cry, scream all the big emotions. I live the show and I love and thank Rebecca Sugar for creating it

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30 Disney Fandom

Disney is actually my life I'm obsessed

I love Disney.I love it's history and it's movies.


31 Katycats

Katy perry is the queeenn

32 Adventure Time Fandom

I absolutely love this precious cartoon but unfortunately someone ruined it with disgusting fanworks... Have a look at "most annoying fan bases", my comment is the one where I mentioned some titles and authors. My marcy is like a delicate flower I have to protect.

The only place I've seen This fandom is like the fandom home *clears throat* I meant hot topic

The only place I see this on is on Instagram.

33 Attack on Titan Attack on Titan Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama, is one of the most popular Japanese anime series to be released. It was first watched in Japan during 2013 and was dubbed in English to be watched in America in 2014. It is best known for its emotional moments, more.

Obsessed. By far the best anime I've ever watched. Nothing seems impossible with the characters' secrets, but it's never obvious

Attack on Titan was one of the first animes that I've seen. Can't wait for season 2! - Pegasister12

It should totally be higher on the rank! I mean...look at the tumblr posts!

The best anime I've ever watched, watch until the end of season 2 and remember the word Eremika, even if you don't like anime you'd like it, it's how I got into anime.

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34 Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Also called "Miraculous", "Miraculous Ladybug", "Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir", "Ladybug and Cat Noir" or simply "Ladybug" . It's a French show created by Thomas Astruc and Jeremy Zag, produced by Method Animation (by Zag) and SAMG Animation (in Korean version). The theme song singed by Cash Callaway more.

I really happy to meet a visitors who gave a positive comments on this fandom. Danny Phantom fans are immature unlike this one. Miraculers can be annoying, however, they are fun and nice unlike Danny Phantom fans who always bashing and send death threats to people who hate Danny Phantom. - ChatNoirFan18

The fandom here is the best I have ever been in. The ML fandom cares for each other, and we have some really talented artists and writers and this has brought so many people together.

Seems pretty juvenile at first but by the end of the season you really get addicted.


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35 Yandere Simulator

I've been playing this game for such a long time and I've never gotten bored. There is a plethora of things to do in this game.

This fandom is cancer. I regret joining it!

I swear when I play this, Its no difference to my crazed stalker senpai life...

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36 Downtown Abbey

Not in this fandom, but I believe the name is spelled "Downton" without another W.

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37 Britney Army


38 Creepypasta Fandom

Without this fandom I wouldn't have met most of my friends I have now and they got me into another fandom *cough * Homestuck*cough* but if this wasn't a fandom I wouldn't be where I am today :')

One fandom that got into my life by accident

My friend likes this fandom and she is starting to get me into it.

YAS! This fandom has loveable physic killers... That's what I like in a fandom...

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39 Barbz
40 Furry

Furries are by far the friendliest and most welcoming fandom. Saying that we're sex and porn obsessed is like saying that people get off from watching their favorite football team play. Everybody in the fandom couldn't care the less about your (human) race, gender, gender identity, religion and sexuality. All that matters is who you are to the fandom!

The reason this fandom isn't that popular is because of the hateful false stereotype that we are sex crazed. This is not true! The fandom is very beautiful with very friendly people everywhere you go!

It's an amazing fandom to participate in. Majority of the fandom is not in it for the sex ( a rotten apple spoils the bunch). It's about appreciating the art, music, literature, and role play (fursuits). Ever since Zootopia came out, it has impacted the furry fandom both positive and negatively. More people decided to join the fandom while there's still others who assume explicit things. I'm a huge lover for Foxes!

They are really good creatures that can join each other and make art.

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