Most Popular Games for Android 2014

Based on top paid, top free, and top grossing. All games ever made for Androids and most popular at 2014. Feel free to add your opinion of these games or correct me if I did not describe it right. Please remember this is not my opinion, this is based on the lists above.

The Top Ten

1 Clash of Clans

The player has to build a village and train troops to battle with other player's armies and villages online. (I have not played this game so I couldn't be very descriptive, sorry for the inconvenience)

The best game I've ever played. I'm at level 90 now. This game's best feature is to make clans and do wars with other clans. This game is super addictive. It takes almost all your time :-P

You will have no social life for 2 years.. LOL

2 Don't Tap the White Tile

There are many versions of playing, but the basic method is to tap the most black tiles without missing any or tapping the white tiles. You are able to share your score through social media.

3 Candy Crush Saga

The player has to match the candies with at least 3 candies in each column, the player can purchase and gain power ups to help them as the levels get harder and harder. You are able to connect to Facebook for help from friends that also play.

4 Minecraft Pocket Edition

This is a phone version of the popular PC and console sandbox game Minecraft. The player can do many things from build giant structures to combat with monsters in a 3D cube world. It costs $6.99 on the Google Play store.

Very fun and good if you have lots of time on your hands

Awesome awesome awesome! Everything in Minecraft is awesome, no matter its pc or pe.
Each thing is awesome every zombie, every villager, every dirt block, every seed even every step is awesome and updates adds more awesomeness to this awesome game.

5 Flappy Bird

The only thing the player has to do is to tap the screen for the bird to go up. They have to try to avoid pipes, if they do it successfully, they gain points. If they hit a pipe they have to start over.

6 Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Its About Time)

The player has to plant plants that they gain through playing levels to defend themselves from the zombies so they wont eat their brains. When you play the screen says "Its about time" because you have to travel time to help Crazy Dave and his time machine Penny to get back to his taco. There are currently 4 worlds as of June 10, 2014. (Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas, Wild West, and Far Future)

I've completed every level and have spent no money so far :P

7 Subway Surfers

This is a fast paced game where the player has to swipe to dodge, jump over, and duck under obstacles, in the process they can gain keys and coins to get power ups and escape from the police officer when they are caught.

8 Castle Clash

This game is almost equal to the description of "Clash of Clans" except it is more medieval based.

9 Bloons TD 5

This game is where the player has monkey soldiers or contraptions that can help pop ballons before they escape. There is also a PC version of this game.

10 Dumb Ways to Die

Based on the viral video, this is a fast paced game where the player has to do multiple things to prevent the person on the screen from dying a stupid way.

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