Top Ten The Most Popular Girls In School Characters

I love that YouTube channel. But these are my favorites!

The Top Ten

1 Brittnay Matthews

She is so loud and bossy and very funny when she throws a fit - AzaleanGirl

Every time she swears it's hilarious!

2 Deandra

She is a celebrity she performed with Meghan Trainor in all about that bass - AzaleanGirl

3 Mackenzie Zales

Most of the popular girls I know have similar qualities to her... So.. I don't know, she seems like the most realistic.

I look forward to a Mackenzie tamtrum every episode. She is very crazy and quiet evil but so is everyone else in that show. - AzaleanGirl

4 Shay Van Buren

Her rivalry with the cheerleaders was so intense while it lasted because then she joined the squad, but quit. Unfourtanetly she will probably be a minor charecter now. - AzaleanGirl

5 Trisha Cappelletti

Ashley... you were supposed to be watching the DOOR! Do you know what I am holding? A young girl's arms! A young girl with dreams! And now you can use her as a pool noodle! She has legs, and a head, but no arms! And it's all because of you! Live with that! - AzaleanGirl

So iconic

6 Blaine

He has a hilarious voice no matter what he says I will laugh. - AzaleanGirl

7 Tristian

For some reason I just really like him. - AzaleanGirl

8 Tanner Christiansen
9 Trisha 2

She is definitely the nicest. - AzaleanGirl

I personally love her!

10 Saison Marguerite

The Contenders

11 Cameron Van Buren

She's hilarious, and loves dating men twice as old as her

12 Jenna Dapananian
13 Johnathan/Than

It's so funny how weird he is and very... Strange - AzaleanGirl

14 Lunch Lady Belinda

I don't understand how she is not on this list. She is definitely the funniest character.

15 Bridget Tice

She's my favorite!

16 Connor Devarnan
17 Tanya Berkowitz
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