Most Popular K-pop Girl Group Members

Hello! Here's the list of the most popular member or the most biased that usually carries the group's popularity.

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1 Yoona Im (SNSD)

Yoona's beauty doesn't literally depend on her physical appearance but also to her inner goodness. Beauty isn't about pretending, but being natural. Yoona is really beautiful both on the outside and the inside. Even other artist idolizes her. She is so funny and friendly.

When we say Yoona is beautiful, we don't just mean her outer appearance, though she IS very attractive. Her nickname is 'All-round Beauty', which I heartily agree with. If you look at some of the variety shows she took part in, you'll see she's not plastic at all. She's not afraid to embarrass herself and is really honest. She has childlike features, and her innocence is very appealing. She is amazing. I'm Yoona, hwaiting!

No doubt, yoona is cute and beautiful... For me, she is always #1 in terms of beauty...

She is my love #SONE

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2 Sandara Park (2ne1) Sandara Park (2ne1) Sandara Park, also known by her stage name Dara, is a South Korean singer, dancer, actress, model, and host.

Of course we all know her! She's the prettiest visual ever, the most beautiful and the most talented member of 2ne1 (in my opinion) She's my favorite member, she's the most biased and popular based on surveys.
I liked her appearance in their new comeback song "Come Back Home".

Dara is older than these people, and has a disadvantage from age difference them.

The most beautiful idol I've ever seen

She's beautiful just the way she is!

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3 Suzy Bae (Miss A)

You all know this! Suzy carries the image of Miss A, I'm not saying that they are popular only because of Suzy but of course Fei, Min & Jia also contribute to their popularity, but we can't deny it Suzy is the most biased maybe because she's the Face of the Group? I don't know but she's the most popular.

I just love Suzy too much,
She's definitely the prettiest girl in Miss A,
I'm not saying the other members is not pretty or whatever,
And I'm not trying to start a useless fan war,
Because Fei is fabulous, Jia is amazing and Min is adorable.
I'm just saying that Suzy is the prettiest. Of course the others' pretty too
She can sing very well and she can dance (even though Min and Jia's still a better dancer)
I love Miss A, specially after their comeback with Hush.

She is the most beautiful girl I had ever seen... And her voice is great..

She was born a BAE...does I have to explaine more? Okay...i'll add another description... Talent

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4 Hyuna Kim (4 Minute) Hyuna Kim (4 Minute) Kim Hyuna, better known by the mononym Hyuna, stylized as HyunA, is a South Korean singer, dancer, songwriter and model.

Hyuna first rose to fame as the lead rapper of the Korean girl group Wonder Girls, before leaving in 2007 due to issues relating to her health. In 2008, she transferred to Cube Entertainment subsequently joining 4Minute a year later. Their debut single, "Hot Issue", has gone on to become their most successful single yet, selling over 4 million copies. She has also become notable for her solo career outside of her girl group, with her debut single, "Change" reaching sales of over 2 million copies, and her cameo appearance in Psy's "Gangnam Style", later featuring in the women's perspective follow-up, "Oppa Is Just My Style". She describes her own solo career as "performance-oriented music".

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5 Krystal Jung from f(x)

The most Beautiful Girl in the World.

Krystal beauty level is first class

Krystal is the epitome of GODDESS


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6 Tiffany Hwang (SNSD) Tiffany Hwang (SNSD)

I wasn't that into K-Pop, but then I discovered Snsd and Exo. At first glance, I fell in love with Tiffany. Why not? She's beautiful, funny, a great unnie, and she works so hard. Whenever she's sad, she manages to smile for us and works 2 times harder to improve herself. She has sacrificed so much to be where she is and cut her some slack, she's all alone in Korea. Sure, she has her grooup members and whatnot, but it must still be lonely in the dorms. Let's all stop hating, because what's the point? FIGHTING! Please support and cheer on Tiffany, especially right now. She needs to know that she still has loyal fans. Who cares about some instagram or Snapchat fiasco?

She is cute pretty and kind she inspired me As she gets lots of kind comment from the other kpop group member she is talent not just that she takes care of people around her well especially her fans and snsd she always try to learn new stuff and never fails to learn it she has a pure heart

She is just the cutest...

Tiffany is so preety I've never seen someone as preety as her I love fany

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7 Eunji Jung (A Pink)

Do you even know her?
I know that Eunji is not that popular (even the A Pink I supposed) but she carries the popularity of the group together with their visual; Son Naeun.
Eunji is very talented, she has an amazing voice, good acting skills (have you watched her on Reply 1997? She's totally awesome there! ) and she dances very well, in short she can sing, act and dance she's a gifted human being. I'm looking forward to her (and A Pink) new project and promotion =)

She's very talented, friendly and easy-going that's why people recognizes her and adore her

Shes very talented, her voice like angel. She can singing and dancing very well. Shes good at acting too, I watched her drama titled reply me 1997 and cheer up

Eunji is just awsmmm...

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8 Bom Park (2ne1)

She's the best vocalist ever! She is a true goddess, she's so pretty and she can dance well.
I can't say that she's the most biased by I can say that she's one of the most popular member next to Dara.

Her voice is amazingly unique. You can't find that kind of voice in Korea. Even her friends admit that! - Bigbangvip

She is such a cutie pie with a sexy body

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9 Victoria from f(x)

She literally looks like a super model! I was hoping and praying her name would be on this list!

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10 Seolhyun (AOA)

Most of the idols here either have the face or body. She got them all

I love you & very beautiful face & body & seolhyun better suzy

She is really beautiful and sexy...

Baby very pretty & cool & sexy girl

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11 Chou Tzu-yu (Twice)

Definitely the most get-your-attention girl in 2016. Whether you like her or not.

She has a lovely face

She is unique

Cs is the reason I became a Once... too pretty...

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12 Taeyeon Kim (SNSD)

The best leader. Best vocals. She can dance too :) Go Taeyeon.

The cutest leader! My favorite member also!

Prettiest among of them

Taeyeon is most popular SNSD member

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13 Naeun Son (A Pink)

A Pink Fighting... Go Son Naeun go

Gorgeous Son Naeun

So pretty Naeun!


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14 Jessica Jung (Girls' Generation) Jessica Jung (Girls' Generation) Jessica Sooyoun Jung was born on April 18, 1989. Known professionally as Jessica, she is an American singer, actress, and businesswoman currently based in South Korea. She is a former member of South Korean girl group Girls' Generation. In 2014, she established her apparel fashion brand, Blanc & Eclare. more.

Sad she left the group.

She is the first member to capture my attention.

As I typed her"Angel Princess Jessica Jung "She is so popular
And in my school all the kids like her But hate seo~

Jessica unnie is so beautiful... Even without make up... I love jessica unnie so much... Even I'm only 12... Saranghae

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15 Jiyeon Park (T-ara)

Best beautiful women in k pop

I love you jiyeon very very much

I love you veery much jiyeon you are the best

Jiyeon has everything! Hwaiting baby Dino!

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16 Choi Sooyoung (SNSD) Choi Sooyoung (SNSD) Choi Soo-young (born February 10, 1990), better known by the mononym Sooyoung, is a South Korean singer and actress. She was a part of the short-lived Korean-Japanese singing duo, Route θ, during 2002 in Japan. After returning to South Korea in 2004, Sooyoung eventually became a member of girl group more.

Sooyoung is the best actually

Not pretty not a beauty

Sooyoung is so cute.

Fact:she's voted as the prettiest member without make-up
And she's even beautiful with make-up.

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17 SeoHyun (TTS)

Seohyun is not just TTS, Seohyun is in SNSD too

Seohyun isn't just the maknae, she has really good dancing and vocals, and she's the kindest out of all os SNSD!

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18 Yoon Bomi

She's cute and she's the one who lead me to Apink and become pink panda. Cause Bomi is my star

She's cute and funny

What I can say about her?
She is beautiful and cute! And she can dance very well (sheÂ's the main dancer), sing too (she can make high notes and lead sing), she is funny (Bomirilla).
You already see her in Weekly Idol with Ilhoon? ItÂ's funny :D

Well she's multitalented 😍 She's the lead dancer and singer of the group and she's good at variety ❤️ She's crazy and doesn't really care that much about her image 😂😂 hahah along with namjoo 😂.. She's the reason why I'm a kpoper rn ❤️ I love apink ❤️❤️ They're adorable and care a lot about pink pandas 🐼 ❤️❤️

19 Sulli (f(x))

Sulli is so cute, not only outside but inside too, she is such a sweetheart, her natural beauty in unbelievable, she is beautiful even with men clothes and hair

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20 Wendy (Red Velvet)

Wendy is pretty, cute, and has the best vocal range in all of kpop!

Great personality great vocals with a good sense of humor too!

Wendy has beautiful voice

She is the best girl singer in the world of kpop

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