Top Ten Most Popular LPS Characters


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1 Brooklyn Hayes

I have Brooklyn but I named her something different. I didn't know she was so popular - SheepBuggy

My dream LPS... I want her!




2 Tom Dawson

I love great danes

Muscle Milk! LOL in one of the First episodes or the second I forget Tom was like Muscle Milk!

He is so funny

HE is the one and only... TOM! Omd I love him.. He MUST BE #1!

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3 Alicia
4 Sage Bond

I for some reason love sage. But sadly I don't have him. But good news is that I've been on Ebay and have found a cheap one yay I'm so happy but I'm also really lazy for using this speech bubble thing LOL I'm hilarious and also Sage bond is awesome I love him so much I can't believe I'm using this speech Google thing but anyways I'm just really lazy yeah goodbye my peeps

5 Angelina


6 Ginnevive

I have her! Why are all the LPS I have so popular? - SheepBuggy

7 Bridgette

Second fave charecter

8 Savannah Reed

Wait wait wait. How is Savannah lower than Brooklyn? This is crazy! I can't believe that Brooklyn is more popular than Savannah. Listen Savannah is way better than Brooklyn. Brooke just is so mean! The only way I like Brooke more than Savannah is how Brooke is a cat and I don't really like Savannah's design as a character but I love Brooklyn's

I have no idea why I'm doing this :I lps popular is all about kissing and girl fights I kinda don't like lps popular

Savannah is really really popular - SheepBuggy

Really why is brooklyn hayes at the top of the list? Shes the one who caused her self to get injured like that and besides, she is a great big jerk. I routfor savannah reed.

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9 Savvy's Mother
10 Savvy's Father

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11 Mimi/Gigi

love her

12 Rachel Rivera
13 Chase
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