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1 Marie

This is a SUPER common middle name! My great-grandma and grandma both have it, and I have it. One of my paternal aunts has it. At least one of my cousins have it (there are other cousins, but I don't know them well, so don't know what their middle names are). Three of my five nieces have it too. I have several friends who have it as well.

I totally agree! There are TWO people in my class with the middle name Marie and they are like Best Friends! It's surprisingly so common! Probably because many people in the past generations had the name Marie. It was a very popular name. Although it decreased in the further generations! Right now popular names are like Alexa, Caroline, Mia, Brooke, Makenzie, Sophia, and Ashley. This came from a 10 year old in 5th grade!

This is my middle name and my past three grandmothers have had this for a middle name. This a very common name I my family and it is a very pretty name!

LOL Of course it is: Jacqueline 'Marie" Evancho

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2 Elizabeth

I know a lot of girls that have Elizabeth for a middle name. - omg_its_luena

My aunty, cousin and my baby cousin coming up has her middle name Elizabeth

Yeah so true so many girls have Elizabeth for a middle name - omg_its_luena

That is my middle name

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3 Nicole

Because Nicole is my sister's middle name, we decided to use it for my daughter's middle name as well. We love it!

Three of my friends have this for a middle and my cousin also has this. I love this name and it is a very pretty name!

My middle name is Nicole and 3 other girls in my grade have the same middle name - omg_its_luena

Nicole is great. my best friends middle name is Nicole

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4 Rose

I love rose it is my middle name

I know 7 girls that have the middle name Rose, including my grandmother

Because me and my friend and about 10 other people have this middle name

Rose is an awesome middle name.! It is my middle name I am 10😎😀😍


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5 Lynn

My best friend's name is Jamie and her middle name is Lynn. There was also a girl in my class named Dakota and her middle name was Lynn but she moved. - omg_its_luena

Good for a boy or girl. It runs in the workman side for the middle name "Lyn" - Magenta_Flame

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6 Anne

Pretty popular middle name. There are two girls in my class with the middle name of Anne. Jessica Anne and Victoria Anne. - omg_its_luena

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7 Rosemarie

It combines the middle names Rose and Marie that are both on this list. Haha. - omg_its_luena

8 Jean

My 6 year old next door neighbor's name is Emma Jean Anderson. Jean is a very cute middle name and I think it's getting more popular. It also reminds me of the song Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. - omg_its_luena

Harper Jean Evans? Now that is a pretty cool name for my new book:
The Not-So-Girly Journal - Magenta_Flame

9 Grace

My middle name is Grace and I know at least 7 other people THAT I KNOW in my grade alone with that middle name...

I know at least 4 girls with the middle name Grace

My middle name is Grace, and I know so many people with that middle name.

I know 20 girls in my entire school named grace

10 Catherine

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11 Michelle

My middle name

12 Renee

This is my daughter's middle name...obviously, I love it.

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13 Lee

Not as popular but a very pretty middle name. - omg_its_luena

My middle name, as well as my mother's - Okochama-san675

I spell mine Leigh the girls way.

Penelope Lee Montana?
Perfect for my
"The-Not-So-Perfect-(Quirky) Notebook - Magenta_Flame

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14 Rae

My little sister's middle name is Rae and her first name is Julia. - omg_its_luena

15 Mae

One of my friends in my class last year was named Dana Mae and I thought that was such a pretty name..

This is my Middle name, and I think it is the best Middle name in the world.

16 Lauren
17 Fallon

Whenever I heard this name! Its get my attention! I love it

18 Gia
19 Ivette
20 Isabella
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