Top Ten Most Popular Pokemon Anime Shippings

DISCLAIMER: This is not a list of the best shippings. This is merely a list of the most liked. My personal opinions on whether or not a shipping is good played absolutely no part in the making of this list.

The Top Ten

1 Pokeshipping

By far most popular

Years passed
Characters come & gone
But it never fades
Still exists and makes us happy
It never fades
Literally the best
Not a single one even close to this
Hope it comes true in the end

Shipping is cute and all, but let's be honest: Ash will never get a girlfriend. He doesn't need one right now, because he's happy enough as a Pokemon trainer. And besides, that kid is a dense idiot. - yungstirjoey666

No other ship can beat pokeshipping

2 Amourshipping

It's just what I ship. Don't @ me.

I just like Dandere ships better than Kuudere ships.

How come this is higher than Pokeshipping on the Pokemon page but not on this one?

This ones my second favorite my personal favorite is chessshipping

3 Pearlshipping

This is best shipping

My favourite shipping they look cute together

I like this most

The best ship. It's my OTP. Ash and Dawn are so cute together, from besties to lovers that just makes my heart go-

4 ContestShipping

Both Advance and contest suck in my opinion. May should be with her true love Harley

Bad shipping! Spare Drew from being shipped with a trollop.
Why it can't be DrewXSapphire

They are a match made in heaven


5 RocketShipping


This will happen

Already canon!

Probably the only main cast shipping that will ever happen. - HeavyDonkeyKong

6 Advanceshipping

Yes advanceshipping for life!

Second favorite. - HeavyDonkeyKong

This one is more popular than Contestshipping it's just people overlook this shipping and I personally think this shipping is one of the ones that are more likely too happen.Sure Drew gives May roses but if you think about it if Drew gives roses to multiple people how does is it special how is May any different to those other people he has given roses too it makes no sense.What's also pretty dumb is that the Contestshippers consider Contestshipping "Canon" Why, That's just biased to the extreme.I mean sure there are hints but it's not canon no shipping is canon.I know the Amourshippers will hate me for saying that but it's true because Ash has never shown liking to her in the entire series, only Serena has shown liking to him which means it's completely "One Sided" Which I know it's sad to admit but it's true and that kiss at the end does not prove anything because Ash has been kissed before by other girls too.Not too mention that most Contestshippers are extremely biased and rude ...more

7 GymShipping

I'm not really into it, but whatever. - HeavyDonkeyKong

8 Penguinshipping
9 Ikarishipping

I absolutely despise this ship - guccigangkid69

I love this ship

10 Wishfulshipping

I feel very indifferent towards this one. - HeavyDonkeyKong

The Contenders

11 Lagomorphshipping

Look up dirty the pikachu on twitter and ask him

My favorite

It goes very unnoticed but those who arne't even fans of it, but I still feel that it has a devoted enough fanbase to make this list. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Look up Dirty and Jackster 136. They live this ship.

12 GeekchicShipping

I completely agree with you there.Please tell me why this isn't canon already.Clemont and Serena were meant to be together.

Why wasn't this possible. Serena is completely the OPPOSITE of what you say about her, haters! Just watch some of the XYZ episodes and that Hoopa movie.

13 Aureliashipping
14 Palletshipping

I'm not a homophobic, but for whatever reason, this shipping makes me uncomfortable. - HeavyDonkeyKong

15 Oakshipping (Gary and Professor Oak)

I thought amour was bad but..This one makes me want to kill myself.

Gah! Shipping a teenager with his grandpa?

16 NegaiShipping
17 Lana Shipping
18 Altoshipping

I noticed the lack of this ship

19 Slayershipping
20 MommyShipping

Why society why?

21 Daddyshipping (Ash & Sammy)
22 Lacewoodshipping

Uh... This isn't from the anime. - RedLily

23 Kingsrockshipping
24 MarissonShipping
25 LuckShipping
26 Aloha Shipping
27 Lillie Shipping
28 Krazyshipping
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