Most Popular Songs of 2014 That Get Stuck In Your Head

The Top Ten

1 Fancy - Iggy Azalea

First time I watch the music video, I was surprised that the video is like clueless movie and I just excited to listen and watch the video

I'm so fancy, you already know, this is a song for sure stuck in my head all summer! - TheNextBigThing

It's such a catchy song with a great beat and everything. And Iggy Azalea? , she is such a good rapper!

I had an erection after watching the video so I guess that's good

2 Wiggle - Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo Featuring Snoop Dogg - TheNextBigThing

"Damn girl you got a bright future behind you" ;D


3 Happy - Pharrell Williams

I am so happy that your song is called happy

4 Rude - Magic

This song was from 2012 duh

Love it it sounds more reggae and I love it

5 Turn Down for What - DJ Snake & Lil Jon

Get this out of my head! - Alpha101

DJ Snake & Lil Jon - TheNextBigThing

The best song of this lot. All from billboard. Bad songSs! - AlekhyaDas

6 Am I Wrong - Nico & Vinz

This list is obviously based off of the Billboard Hot 100! - NintendoROCK3T

This song one of those song which empowers me to think positive.


7 Problem - Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Featuring Iggy Azalea - TheNextBigThing

I got one less problem without ya

I want you oo o!


8 Stay With Me - Sam Smith

My top 5 songs of 2014
5. Anaconda by Nicki Minaj- I don't know why I love this song. I always like the ending, and the "MAH ANCAONDA DON'T x3 Don't want none unless you got BUNS HUN! " God I love and hate you Nicki.
4-Girls Chase Boys by Ingrid Michaelson- Catchy, smooth, and has a sweet message about sexuality. Ingrid brings another great song.
3-Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj- Sweet tone, awesome singing (I'm looking at you Jessie) and a kick a** beat! Easily one of my favorite pop songs! It's just so good!
2-Fancy by Iggy Azalea Featuring Charlie XCX- AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO ACTUALLY KNEW WHO CHARLIE XCX WAS BEFORE THIS SONG?! Well, I don't know. But anyway, this has to be one of my favorite rap songs and please don't judge me XC. Charlie XCX's part was my favorite, the little beats to the song is a party for my ears!
Before I show my top pick, here are a few, honorable mentions-
Black Widow-It's a catchy song and its ...more - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

9 All of Me - John Legend
10 Summer - Calvin Harris

The Contenders

11 Rather Be - Clean Bandit

I love that this song is stuck in my head. I love everything about this song and clean bandit.

I like the instrumental. - RiverClanRocks

12 Guts Over Fear - Eminem

The Best Song by The Best Rapper

13 Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo
14 Come Alive - Paris Hilton
15 Magic Hotel - Karl Wolf
16 The Rains of Castamere - Jackie Evancho

Haunting and beautiful, this song from "Game of Thrones" will stay with you for a long time.

17 Bang Bang - Jessie J

Such a catchy song I'm singing it right now

18 Really Don't Care - Demi Lovato
19 Royals - Lorde

This is from 2013, not 2014.

20 #selfie - The Chainsmokers
21 Mission - Lupe Fiasco

Darr. Get this outta my head please. I need help. - SelfDestruct

22 Anaconda - Nicki Minaj
23 I Will Never Let You Down - Rita Ora

I have to admit, this song is stuck in my head - JaysTop10List

24 Let It Go - Demi Lovato

Not sure when this song was brought out...
... Could have been in 2013 and not 2014

25 Girl in a Country Song - Maddie & Tae
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