Most Popular Teams of the 2014 FIFA World Cup


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1 Brazil

5 time winners Brazil are the favorites with huge home support and expectations - MatrixGuy

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2 Germany V 4 Comments
3 Argentina

If we divide a gap into 2 parts attack and defense, Argentina has the stongest attacking trio among all the teams and a very strong defense.
Can't think of anything else than seeing the golden trophy in the hands of Argentina.

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4 Spain

Spain gonna win this again and create history... Casillas will get ua home:-) wow...

5 Italy
6 Portugal
7 England

I love the England team but with risk of being spat at in the street, it's unlikely they'll make the final. If they do though, I really hope it's against Argentina... - Britgirl

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8 Netherlands

They totally won that game against Spain. Wait and see what happens next!

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9 France

France will obviously win this worldcup because of the young and talented players. I hope that France will be in final with Germany or netherland.

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10 Belgium

Belgium will shine this time

The Contenders

11 United States

Dempsey rules soccer clint Dempsey can not be blocked from a goal Clint Dempsey makes it every time he shoots pretty much. Dempsey is in the top 3 players in the FIFA World Cup tied with Neymar on Brazil and Robin Van Persie on Netherlands

I don't think USA will win, because Brazil has won the World cup 5 times

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12 Mexico

Why because the really play so great that's means that they might have a chance to win

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13 Costa Rica

Beat Uruguay 3-1, Costa Rica deserves to win this thing!

With the heart of a giant.

14 Ghana
15 South Korea
16 Colombia
17 Algeria
18 China

China will not win world cup

19 Ivory Coast
20 Russia
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