Top Ten Most Popular Teams In the NBA

The Top Ten

1 Heat

Boo! Heat suck! Go Bulls!

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2 Knicks V 1 Comment
3 Thunder

Most exciting and athletic team in the league when healthy. The games are exciting because it's a lightning fast pace with lots of highlight plays and the games come down the closing minutes almost every night. You have to have nerves of steel when you're a fan of this team and before this last season, they usually came through for the win in exciting fashion way more times than not. The next step... More team discipline to truly show they're truly above any other teams. They should be killing teams a lot more often than they do and it starts with defense... But the defensive woes aren't due to a lack of ability. It has more to do with consistent effort, discipline, and better scheming for today's game.

4 Lakers
5 Celtics
6 Bulls

I am a huge Illinois team fan. I like the Bears, Cubs, Bulls, Blackhawks, Fire, Fighting Illini and Huskies. Honestly, there would be no NBA without the Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan is the icon.

7 76ers
8 Magic
9 Rockets
10 Spurs

The Contenders

11 Warriors

The are the best team to ever come the have curry and he is one of the best players of all time

12 Pistons

The history in this team is better than quite a lot of teams above Pistons in the list

13 Clippers
14 Hornets
15 Cavaliers

Curry suck it

16 New Orleans Pelicans New Orleans Pelicans
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