Top Ten Most Popular Things Kids Bring to School

In school, usually kids in elementary school bring a lot of "toys'' as the principles call it. Here are the most popular.

The Top Ten

1 Pokemon

Some people may have all of them like me but it doesn't mean to through them in the air or they could get lost

You are tight they are so annoying like what do the boys think they are just cards

The 3rd graders who bring their Pokemon cards are annoying. Especially after a rough day in the morning, I hear their screams of "Oh I got Charizard! " or other stuff.

Trading them,Giving them, and battling with them and kids asking there parents to buy them.
If you ask me they are cheap prices.
And the more damage the more they cost on Ebay and amazon.
Like Mega Charzard (by itself,no other card included) cost like $32.00 because it is so strong: has lot of HP and does a lot of damage to an opponent. Basically it is really, really strong. - arushig21

2 Kendama's

They are wooden "hammers" that have a ball connected to a string on it. And you may ask,"Why are they so popular? " Well, because almost every place you see,(like a street corner) middle school or even high school students have. Elementary school students bring them from home and do tricks with them. They even have a kendama shop in the mall (which will get a lot of money). - arushig21

It used to be the craze in school,and around my town during September last year, but now, everyone moved on and I see more people bringing Rubik's cubes instead.

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3 Beanie Boos

My sister is really obsessed with them. She has 3 medium ones and 18 small ones. It's really insane on how she's obsessed with them. And it makes me cringe on how she calls them "family" - JaysTop10List

Girls LOVE them. You can get them in Mcdonald's and there are so many kinds with birth dates and names and there are 3 sizes: small,medium and Jumbo! - arushig21

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4 Animal Erasers

Little erasers that break apart. Food and animals, like an elephant and an ice-cream. Mostly girls like them and the best place to get them is Daiso located on Cotton On Eastridge Mall, 2200 Eastridge Loop
San Jose, CA. - arushig21

5 Fidget Spinner
6 Porn DVDs

What why is this on the list?

7 iPhones
8 Rubik's Cube
9 Takis Takis
10 Condoms

Why would a kid be allowed to bring a condom to school? - Ihateschool

The Contenders

11 Headbands
12 Flamin' Hot Cheetos

I hate these types of Cheetos. I only like the big ones that are all orange. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

The 3rd graders were trying the Hot Cheetos challenge at the allergy free table. They should get their minds straight.

EVERYONE eats these at my school but I don't like spicy food so they think I'm crazy.That is how much they LOVE them!

People bring this like everyday. Someone will have a bag, and as soon as someone sees it they'll ask/beg for some. Like people who ask for some need to CHILL OUT. One time, my friend had a bag and someone she DIDN'T KNOW asked her for a handfull. what

13 Jackets
14 Terra Kendama Pills
15 Penny Boards
16 Special Pens
17 Bouncy Balls
18 Stick Bots

Stick bots are like little robots that just flex boys like them and collect them and get different colors but that's all that just flex that's all



20 Beyblades


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