Top Ten Most Popular Tsunderes In Hetalia

List of the most popular tsunderes, based on what I've seen

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1 England

Well, I believe that England (Unfortunately) has the largest fan base. His shippings are very widespread, with there even being a WorldxEngland ship. Most fanfictions emphasize the fact that he is a tsundere, therefore he is at the top of my list - SCK

2 South Italy

People find his tendency to swear heavily ridiculously funny. Parents? Not so much, but who cares? Romano's hatred towards Germany makes him all the more funnier, and he is a heavy tsundere, only showing his soft side once in a while. And, well, what can I say about his curl? - SCK

Honestly, it annoys me that england is number one, but then again, this is the most POPULAR tsunderes, because let's face it; if it was BEST tsunderes, roma would be number ome.

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3 Prussia

He is the king of awesomeness, and also not a country. His narcissism is annoying but funny, as he continues to insist that he is "awesome" and that everything he has is "awesome", even his "awesome" journals. That fact that he is no longer a country appeals as a more serious side to him. - SCK

He's so cute, saying he's fine alone when he actually likes being with someone.

4 Norway

Norway seems cool and mysterious at first, then shows that he cares for Iceland. He even tells Iceland to call him big brother when he finds out he is Iceland's brother. - SCK

5 Germany

Germany. The cake loving, machoist, neat freak. Shown to be a strict warrior, with a love for wurst. His buddy, or rather, ally, Japan, has deemed him a tsundere in many fanfictions. Not exactly canon, but what about his song, Einsamkeit, which means loneliness in German. Overall, just misunderstood. - SCK

6 Switzerland

Switzerland. Often depicted as a trigger happy nation that maintains neutrality throughout wars, he is bent on saving money. He acts rough with everyone except his adopted sister, Liechtenstein. Therefore, everyone now knows about his caring side. - SCK

One of the only ACTUAL tsunderes on this list

7 Sweden

Alright. He's quiet and comes off as intimidating at first, but is actually playful and has no idea that everyone else js scared of him. Why is Norway above him? Comments on The Nordic Five's song were mostly about how well Norway sang. - SCK

8 Cuba

Will I be, like, arrested for writing this? No? Ok. Cuba is really rough at first glance, shown to be beating up Canada as he thought Canada was America. He later apologizes to Canada with ice cream - SCK

9 Iceland

Normally, Tsundere is most likely to run through their blood in this case. Because Ice is so... Tsundere at certain parts, but shows a sweet side sometimes..

10 Turkey

Lemme see... Nope, not that... No, why would I talk about Greece?... Nope. OK, we know he hates Greece and is mad protective of Japan. He seems brash, but with Japan, not so much. Plus, the bath scene with Greece?! Come on, that was hilarious. - SCK

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11 Hungary

Yeah. Plus on the Ore-Sama No Blog, she admitted that "You sure were annoying, but if you die I'll probably be lonely..."

I've sorta given up. And I'm trying to not seem gender-biased, so. Yeah. Hungary is shown to be brutal to her enemies, especially Prussia when he's annoying Austria. But, to Chibitalia, she is kind and caring. - SCK

12 Austria
13 China
14 Netherlands
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1. England
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