Most Popular Twice Members In Korea of 2015

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1 Tzuyu (Choi Tzuyu)

Her charm and personality that can be seen in sixteen program shows us that she not only beautiful but have also high moral and attitude. That why in my opinion even though she is very pretty it also has that innocent and kind face that make us feel blissful when seeing her face. That why in my opinion even though she been selected as 13 most beautiful person after just debuted, nobody will deny her beautiful appearance. If TC candler decide she is no. 1 people might also agreed with it. Her personality that very dorky and lovable has that enormous attraction that make us want to be her friend, and also she has the best teamwork spirit as show that after they (sixteen) start to perform in group, the group that has her has never once got pick to be eliminated.

Although she may seem quiet, she is a total troll and loves to bully and joke around with her members. She doesn't want to be center of attention in everything and she will step back in order for others to shine. She is sweet and lovable, and that is why she is my bias.

Tzuyu's popularity landed her at #13 on TC Candler's 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2015, making her the second-highest ranking Korean on the list (after Orange Caramel's Nana at #1) despite only having debuted three months ago. Tzuyu's fanbase is by far the largest due to her cute, cheeky personality and absolutely stunning beauty. - KPopCritic

She is beautiful, talented, charming and great friend, and know the perfect way to make us laugh, and get a fan every day that goes by because it is charismatic and so my vote is it

2 Dahyun (Kim Da Hyun)

Since before debut, Dahyun has constantly been winning popularity polls. Her adorkable personality and her viral "eagle dance" has made Dahyun the girl with the largest fanbase after Tzuyu. Her rapping skills, rainbow-colored hair and cute, sweet, down-to-earth personality make Dahyun stand out and beloved to all who set eyes on her. - KPopCritic

She is very cute and charismatic with her bubbly and variety like actions I believe she could be the one from twice going to variety shows

Recently discovered TWICE, Dahyun caught my eye. This cutie pie cannot be contained!

Dahyun should be the leader of the group, because she's very energetic, pretty, talented, sweet, kind, great dancer, and great singer.

3 Momo (Hirai Momo)

Momo is easily the most popular member internationally. She is tied with Sana and Mina for popularity since the Japanese members are wildly popular. Her insanely talented dancing makes her one of the best dancers in kpop and her natural, cute but striking beauty makes her stand out. Coupled with a shy, sweet, cute and clingy towards her friends, loving, touchy-feely personality, makes for Momo's enormous fanbase. - KPopCritic

She has all personality that I love most. Food loving, dancing machine, cute and shy at a loving way and her way of thinking out of the box always amused me. Too bad she won't talk a lot during showcase since she can't follow most of the conversation. Momo fighting!

She's cute, like eating and exercise, dance well, and is a very determined and inspiring person, it has the power to make you feel happy, even sad, angry or discouraged so I am very grateful to be able to be fan her with all my strength and my vote is it

Hot and sexy when she is on stage but behind on it, she is an eating machine, kind, funny and probably the sweetest among the members. She's cute too. Haha

4 Nayeon (Im Na Yeon)

As the face of the group, Nayeon's natural, cute beauty has gained lots of praise, attention and fans since before debut. Being the center means representing the group and thus gaining lots of attention. With her cute, pretty face, powerful and sweet singing voice, and cute personality, Nayeon has the second largest fanbase after Dahyun, and is the most publicly recognized after Tzuyu. - KPopCritic

Nayeon has to be the prettiest member of Twice. She has the perfect eyes, nose and lips. To be honest, she looks like a goddess. There is nothing more that can be said of her.

Cute with the rabbit-style teeth, smiles that will directly melt your heart, makes you wanna fall in love

She caught my eye in one of the episode of twice that I watched with my friend. She is so pretty. And she is so good at dancing and singing

5 Sana (Minatozaki Sana)

Very bubbly, charming, and sweet. Approachable personality. Very sweet and sugary voice. She stands out for her very idol-like personality of being super friendly.

At first I found her strange, But the more I look at her. The more her charming personality gets me.

She is really adorable and cute. She has a very charming personality. Her voice is very sweet.

Sana is my bias! I love her personality, singing, and visual. She is honestly perfect! Shy shy shy

6 Jihyo (Park Ji Soo)

I don't know why, but when I first watched their live performance (without watching the music video yet), my eyes are attached to her. I watched her moves, especially when she is singing her part and hit the high note that made me have goosebumps. Gosh! I found her pretty, with her round eyes (that is often seen to a Korean girl. Because almost all of them had small eyes) And her smiles, gosh she kills me! Her leadership is cool. She may be not that serious as the other leaders from other groups, but she run the group very well. I mean, she is playing around with her other members, not being too strict. That's why I loved her. And her dance moves! Not as good as Momo, but she really dance well. She dance gracefully and that made me proud of her.

She is talented as hell, very determined, cute, beautiful, and protective she is the mother of the group are proud to be able to take care of your beautiful daughters, and that's why she bangs in everything you do, even your mistakes are beautiful and every step the same as she earns thousands of fans like me I'm just a nothing compared to it, and my vote is hers, Park Ji so.

Jihyo's powerful voice is easily the best in Twice. Despite this, her more unconventional beauty and slightly larger body give her a lower visual ranking and make her struggle with popularity, leavingher the member with the least fan sites and poll votes. Still, she has a strong following and is loved by Once for her amazing vocals, strong leadership, and exotic face. - KPopCritic

Jihyo stands out from the rest, with different visuals and the best voice. Even before I knew who she was in "Like Ooh Ahh" I could tell she was a leader type. She leads TWICE well, and has a stunning personality to match.

7 Jungyeon (Yoo Jung Yeon)

She was the first member to catch my eye for a long time. She has a unique voice and appearance, not to mention how kind and cute she is. I think if she had more lines in the songs she would be waaay more popular- like she deserves.

Unfortunately, Jungyeon didn't get to show off her strong singing and chic, cool, adorkable personality during Twice's debut- fortunately, she still has a great fanbase and a lot of devoted fansites and lovers. While she isn't the most popular member, she is high on everyone's favorite list and is disliked by few. - KPopCritic

Jungyeon is very unique partly because of her short hair. She is like a mother figure of Twice because she always helps out. When I first saw TT, she stands out the most and the cutest in my opinion. Apart from that, she is a very talented individual. She is great at many things including singing, dancing, and playing the saxophone. and I'm sure there are a lot of things she is good at that I don't know that's gonna surprise me and I'm looking forward to it.

She is very beautiful and cute

8 Mina

Mina is my bias wrecker. I never thought that I would like Mina. Mina is quite but once she opens up. I'm pretty sure she is crazy. Her singing is getting better. She's becoming more stable. Mina is really pretty. I think she should gain more love. Hope her and Twice succeed again and again!

Mina is my bias! But she is so quite that I believe she can get overlooked and powered by the other members but she still had this vibe around her that could make anyone fall for her! I believe in the future she'll have many male idols falling for her too!

Mina is great in ballet, singing and dancing, why underrate her? Well, it's your opinion though. I think Mina didn't just get the chance to show off more her skill when it comes to performing, it can still be develop, love you Mina unnieee

She's honestly the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen and her personality is quite endearing. She has a good voice and great dancing, and according to the members she's a genius so that's a plus.

9 Chaeyoung (Son Chae Young)

Despite her large amount of fan sites, Chaeyoung's individual fancams and poll views and votes are lower than ever other member's. Her quiet personality makes some fans have a hard time getting to know her, and her rapping gives her a cool but unapproachable, at times, feeling. Still, Chaeyoung has a large amount of fans and her fan sites cannot be ignored. - KPopCritic

I really like her because of her cute and innocent face

I likes her when raping, she has unique voice

She's not only adorable, but an incredibly talented rapper, especially for her age.

10 Sana

Sana is so cute she's my bias!

Most beautiful

Sana shyshyshy


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11 Somi

Very charming

12 Tzuyu (TWICE)

I only recently found out about Twice, and I was immediately drawn to Yzuyu, she just has the look, and is gorgeous and stunning. I love her and she has been my bias since TT came out.

I discovered twice this last december and I was immediatly drawn to tzuyu her beauty seemed so exotic and special while they all just seemed just like asian stereotypes but I loved them nonetheless.
i consider tzuyu as a godess with the best visuals in not only twice but all kpop because she is really that beautiful when I saw that nana and irene and yoona and a couple of other idols ranking better than her I couldn't believe it and trust me I'm not being biased because I don't even stan twice.

but if we put all of them to beauty standards she wins easily by far even when I showed my sisters and my friends twice MVs they said that tzuyu is the prettiest asian girl they've ever seen and I don't blame them I mean she's gorgeous and I repeat I pretty much think that she's the prettiest of all twice members and if you say that nayeon or mina are more pretty then you need to get an eye check because nayeon with those bunny teeth are NOT making her cuter and if you say that you ...more

13 Soldier: 76
14 Park Jin-young
15 Park Jihyo

Park Jihyo, she is beautiful and the great leader in twice, she take care of the other member and even protect them.


16 11 Dara (Sandara Park)
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