Most Popular Types of Entertainment

This is a type of list that I have been more interested in, I always thought that the most popular type of entertainment was music but as it turns out things are changing half of this list is also with celebrities and their popularity status.

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1 Video Games

I am not interested at games but interactivity is an another example of entertainment type that controls the story. Board games can control the story to see what happens next when you make a move by dice.

Movies and T.V., in the other hand, does'nt need to get controlled unlike games but the fourth wall will help you with that.

Books can control the story by flipping the pages like you can rewind or go forward like your controlling a "scrub".

Music can hear only with or without storylines depends on the lyrics. Scat-singing have no plots or lyrics but you can listen music anyways.

Well I'm not interested at games IF I can see something more interesting about the plots.
Sadly, for nowadays, entertainment gets down the drains when some garbage tried to take over the industry but sometimes it will be good to find something "good" and "interesting".

Let me explain why video games are the best.

A book allows you to hear a story.
A movie allows you to see a story.
A game allows you to experience and control a story.

You see, in a video game, YOU are the main character whether it be Mario, Link, Red etc. In a game, YOU are the one experiencing a whole new world. YOU get to do what you want without many limitations. In a video game, the experience is yours, and that is something a book or a movie can never do. Due to this, they are a lot more meaningful too. For example, a book or movie can tell me meaningful things. But a game can let you figure that out for yourself. It's a huge gaming world out there, so why not dive into it and start a brand new adventure!

PS: I would suggest Pokemon or Zelda.

It has everything: stories, levels, plenty of action, and great music soundtracks. You can pick whatever genre of gaming you like: sports, adventure, role-playing, and so many more. My favorite game is Minecraft.

Yeah they are probably the most popular, with mobile games now. Not to mention almost everyone has a gaming console now whether it be a playstation or a 3DS. Also in my opinion games are the best medium of entertainment because it is the only one that can shape experiences unique to the player, which can make for some really fun gameplay or meaningful stories.

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2 Music

Music can be understand as a universal entertainment. It can be found almost in every type of entertainment on this list and without music almost nothing would be the same - MatrixGuy

With the artists over the years like the Beatles the stones to creed and the backstreet boys selling over 130 million records worldwide it's a lot of people to imagine dragons performing at the vmas - DragonJason90

3 Movies

Movies are the best passive way to consume and to experience a story. A film can make you cry or smile with no need of interaction or control on the story. Movies is the best way to sit your butt on the coach and live a universe

Movies make the world of reality realise there's no point in living without a little creativity

Movies show the lives of others

Adult entertainment

4 Writing

A form of expressions another way to get into a new world - DragonJason90

Reading is better.

5 Dining

A delicious plate that's why - DragonJason90

6 Travel

Because in peoples mind they want to go everywhere - DragonJason90

7 Reading

A very good way to enter a new world - DragonJason90

8 Sports

Sports are the best b/c they challenge you on the physical and mental level. Who doesn't want to win or be on the winning team? Second place means you are 1st loser.

9 TV
10 Computer

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11 Plays in Theatres

Plays are a good way of entertainment

12 Board Games
13 Toys
14 MAGIC! MAGIC! Magic!, originally stylized as MAGIC!, is a Canadian reggae fusion band based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
15 Social Media

I don't even have many social media. BUT EVERYONE I KNOW DOES. DA HECK.
You can chat with your friends... people you don't even know... you can share your life, interact etc!

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