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1 Music Lists

Definitely the mnst popular - except my jazz ones haha
Hey, great list! - Britgirl

2 Britgirl's Lists

As everybody here knows, Britgirl Username doesn't pop out below her list, at the newest lists column. So all we can do is guess. - Kiteretsunu

3 PositronWildhawk's Lists


4 "Dumbest" Lists
5 "Worst" Lists
6 Science Lists

I adore science lists because, well, I'm a nerd. But I think they deserve more votes. Many more! - PositronWildhawk

I love lists which are somehow related to science. - Kiteretsunu

7 Blue_Devereaux's Lists

Yes, Blue_Deveraux's lists are really good and she doesn't seem superficial. I can't imagine her make lists such as 'Best Users of the TheTopTens'. I have already expressed my point of view about such lists, but some persistent people keep on making those foolish and meaningless comparisons. By the way, you don't fool anybody. You are less than ten people and you want to create the false idea about you being the best or close to the best user in TheTopTens. I also suspect that some people have two accounts here and they keep on praising themselves. Is that really necessary? Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is not how really cool and nice people act and behave in real life. Stop twisting it and stop using so many excuses for being this way. You are very provocative and insensitive inside your bubble. At least, be more discreet. If you want to be real friends with some people, prove your friendship by doing something more than telling them that you are the best for them. Stop being ...more

8 "Funny" Lists
9 List of TheTopTens Users

Like best users of TheTopTens! - Kiteretsunu

10 Unique Lists

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11 Lists With Long Titles

Who put this? You're genius! 'Cause you got attracted to this list because of this reason! - Kiteretsunu

Hi, K. I couldn't NOT add this one. The length of the title attracted me! - Britgirl

12 Lists About the Most Current Holidays
13 List With Long, Funny, Absurd Titles
14 "Top Ten People/Characters Who Should Date *Insert Username Here*" Lists
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